BATGAP Interview Live

BATGAP Interview Live

The Buddha at the Gas Pump interview is live on Youtube now and will be live on the BATGAP site shortly. If you didn’t see it, here’s a little context for where the interview is taking place. Considering how rarely I speak of some of this, it came out reasonably well – even if I did look at the floor too much. (laughs)–suYFhw

Audio version:

Links to related articles on some of the discussed subjects:
Each has links to more.

How to Listen and the Value of a Story

I often mention the value of an effortless meditation.

What is Witnessing, stages of witnessing, witnessing vs awakening

Shakti, kundalini, Makara

Pancha Devata, the 5 primary forms of God

The 3 Am-Egos

Cognition, inc Hiranya Garbha, the golden egg

Mind of God, knowing God, Personal and Impersonal God

Subtle beings

7 Koshas or Sheaths, our Energy bodies

Creation, Foundations

The Yugas

The Stages of Consciousness awakening to itself

5 styles of awakening in Gradations

Empath and Unity

Unity – 10 stages, Mahavakyas

What is Non-duality

Illustrating Consciousness

Unite with God or God Realization, a Western perspective

Why does Creation repeat?, Bhusunda the crow

Unity into Brahman, Brahman Unfolds, Three Stages of Brahman

Body as Cosmic

Lorne & Lucia

See the Key Posts tab above for links to more.

[Update:] I did a second BATGAP interview in 2018

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  1. Michael

    Hi David!

    …finished watching!
    I am really deeply impressed what advanced being you are!!!! There are not many who have a “field” like you. Your energy is strong through the video and i have literally felt blessed after watching it…..the divine worked a lot and i had a lot of clearing and opening in the night.

    Yes, the floor seemed to be very interesting in the first hour ๐Ÿ˜‰
    To me it felt as if there was some fear/insecurity (which i can totally understand, would have been nervous too) in the first hour (body language) as you talked very quickly, looking to the floor, not locking at Rick, seldom laughing but then that changed and you talked slower, laughed more, looked Rick in the Eyes much more often etc..

    Will you be talking about the 5 different forms of awakening to Selfrealization in your book?

    with love

  2. Hi Michael
    (laughs) Thanks. Keep in mind it’s not the person who wakes up, etc. Much of what was described is what unfolded post-person. It’s not David who has these qualities.

    And yes, the person was not inclined to tell this story. Being visual, I have an inclination to talk to the sky. I overcompensated a bit. And yes, nervous too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been adding links to the subjects above that I missed in the first go. You’ll see a link to the 5 styles above now. And yes, i go into it in a lot more detail in the book.

  3. Michael

    Hi David!

    Interesting what your friend observed!
    Thanks for adding the 5 Styles!

    I can so understand you!
    Sometimes when “it” wants to speak something through (which happens once or twice a year) me i do not feel inclined to talk about these things. Then i let go and it just flows but i allways feel uneasy talking about these things.

    Will watch the video with Clare but have to say from the first few minutes….she is really a beautiful women…very graceful ๐Ÿ™‚

    Since watching your video my “state” fluctuates (has increased in intensity) more i have much more instances every day where “something” becomes aware of itself….as if “something” wakes up from being Michael but then forgots, then wakes up a bit, then forgots. live mostly feels like a stage where MIchael runs around with others and no one really being there but “it” is not fully aware of itself. But a constant presence of divinity is there……i will see where this leads ๐Ÿ™‚
    It is not in my hands anyway as i feel to just let it be.

    Thanks for your support through the months!

  4. Hi Michael
    You’re taking the right approach. Just allow it to unfold and continue being in the world.

    You describe the analogy of dying the cloth. First we soak the cloth in the dye. Then we hang it up to bleach in the sun. Repeat until the colour is fast.

    And yes, it’s not about you. It’s more happening through you. Have fun!

  5. Suz

    How thrilling this is! Great to see and hear you. Well done.

    (By the way, the longer you talked, the younger and more alive you looked.)

    You have beautifully explained a lot of things I needed to understand. You have described states of being that made me nod in recognition. Thanks for taking the time to dig deep and bring some clarity.

  6. Geoff Toane

    I wanted to let you know that about 15 people in the last 2 days have requested information to listen to the call with

    It is interesting to hear your experience/existence in greater detail. I do know that it is difficult to explain experience which is beyond the mind.

  7. Geoff Toane

    You have probably been on around 40 retreats.

    The benefits I have experienced on these retreats is the profound effect of the group consciousness in the deepening of “my” experience.

    “My” being the infinite my, who I really am.

  8. Hi Geoff
    Nice to see some people are checking out Lorne & Lucia.

    Thanks. I don’t think it’s quite that many because I was away for a bit at grad school in there. Probably a couple of dozen though. And we did some day retreats some years ago too. And yes, certainly a great deal of benefit and often another layer opens. Always look forward to them.

  9. When I was in grad school, part of the program was “research in consciousness”. We meditated twice a day with a group of between 1200 and 2000 people. The effect of that group was palpable. You could feel it as you approached town.

    And yet, I’ve found the simple weekend retreats with Lorne & Lucia, with a couple of dozen people, more potent.

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  12. Bartosz

    finally we have oportunity to look at the subject of consiousness and awareness deeper.
    i have been going through Kundalini process and i had some experience with “subtle bodies” i am still trying to sort it out but the knowledge you share is one of the most valuable i found. i had a little bit different concept of conciousness and awarenes. when i was in this “different states” of consiousnes i was able to jump from one “subtle body” to another like etheric physical emotional (astral? ) mental then higher ( 2 meters above physical body) somehow they were linked to chakras… i wasnt able to puzzle out all of them probably because consiousness wasnt stable enough to sense it. i had noticed that awarenes of self and everything around was related to “location” or focus of consiousness and i came to the conclusion that awarenes is equal to comprehention sth like AHA , eureka. when i “was” in the highest body possible at that time understanding and awareness hightened accordingly to “size” “expanded stated” and knowledge understanding was available and is still there. you mentioned that consiousness and clarity takes time and i agree with that because i felt overwhelmed and experience wasnt stable. when we look closer at non dual teachers we will see that somehow they looks like “drunk teachers” overwhelmed by experience they have and thats gave me a lot to think about. thank you David for all you share its really helpfull to understand self deeper

    1. Hi Bartosz
      It’s good to remember that the mind doesn’t really sort it out. What happens is consciousness gets more clear and stable. Then mind “gets it.” The Aha.

      Yes, each chakra has an association with each kosha or layer. They supply that quality of energy.

      Later, the layers become more integrated as one body that contains all the others. Then you don’t travel from one to another but just move within the one.

      It is useful to be aware of our subtler bodies but it’s more important to be aware of awareness itself, consciousness, as that is our source and what leads to awakening.

      And yes, people still have raptures and massive openings far down the path. But by then they’ve learned to get out of the way so there is no resistance and it just flows.

      Thanks for commenting.

  13. Bartosz

    By the way i am reading chapter “God consciousness” you mentioned about different types of kundalini. What you think about top-down. K, i know there is many people claiming there is not such thing but in my case in the first shift crown blow opened caused by massive surge of stress and panic. At the same time i felt energy movements in grains not directly in root chakra then flow through ida and pingala along spine but not directly in sushumna it was felt like movements or vibrations going through hoses which causes of feeling of fight or flight . I remember that i was woken up by sound of loud snap in heart. i spent at home 2.5 month in state of open crown and rain sinking down the head and movements of energy in the body. By the way it looked like mental bagade was released in huge amount through crown. Fortunately i had some experience of different states of consciousness so it helped to go through it but it could be freghtening for many people. Few years later it started to move gradually through sushumna causing this “jumping” between subtle bodies and it took around 3 weeks to settle down.
    Thank you for any advice

    1. Hi Bartosz
      Here the kundalini process was relatively quiet until the lights came on at makara. Thus I don’t have a lot of expertise on the topic. You may find the Kundalini Vidya book linked on the Recommended tab to be useful. They go into quite a bit more detail.

      But I can note a few points. Kundalini means coiled. It starts coiled in the root chakra and rises but can go up and down quite a bit until it reaches makara. It can also flow through other channels, as you mention.

      When new channels open up more, it can create a surge, purification, flashy experiences, and other things. But remember that purification (such as the emotions), the surges and the experiences are side-effects, they are not the opening itself.

      Becoming aware of it up top, then watching it fall is not the same thing as it starting at the top. Just the awareness of it started then, as here.

      It’s also worth noting that we pick up where we left off. If we had the rise in a prior life, we don’t have to do it again.

      Light activity and simple effortless asana can be very useful for facilitating the release and stabilizing the changes. But again, the book has more expertise there.

      Such openings are markers of progress but I do recommend an effortless meditation practice to culture samadhi and a smoother, more integrated unfolding. Of course, everyone is built a bit differently and will have their own process. But you don’t want to stop with some flashy experiences. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Bartosz

    Thx David i will look closer at this books. I was quite confused how i felt K and it didn’t match general description but after years i realize that many things in the past were an preparation otherwise i wouldn’t be able to cope it and as you mentioned it could be continuity from past lives. For sure i am not going to stop with flashy things only ๐Ÿ™‚ i was always interested what is happening with perception consciousness in different states so there is oportunity to dig deeper. One more time thank you for all and hope you are preparing new book ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You’re welcome. A lot of the talk around kundalini is dumbed down or based only on one persons interpretation of their experience.

      And yes, it’s all organized and arises when we’re ready even though we can be oblivious to that.

      And yes, I have started on another book. Not much progress recently as it’s been busy but it comes when it comes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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