Empath and Unity

Empath and Unity

In a forum I mentioned the distinction between Empath gifts and Unity Consciousness. I was asked to clarify further. I updated the response here.

An empath will experience one or more ways of what it’s like to be another person, depending on their empath gifts. It may be someone’s physical sensations, their emotions, or their thinking tone, etc. They won’t experience all of what that person experiences – just those aspects they have gifts for. And it will only be to the degree of their skill, intention, clarity, and so forth. Mainly they pick up what the other is broadcasting energetically. Further, the empaths personal filters will be different than the other persons so they won’t relate to it the same way either.

A skilled empath knows how to turn this off so they don’t indiscriminately “read” others and take on their energy. Many however are unskilled and have attempted to adapt by suppressing. They thus mainly read unconsciously and collect energy unintentionally. Typically not useful for either party.

In Unity, for a good while we become whatever we experience or put our attention on. This is the progressive joining of all layers of experience into one wholeness. But unlike the empath, we become in consciousness rather than mind, emotions, etc. And we experience their experience in consciousness from where we are, not where they are. This is quite different from what that being is typically experiencing. Someone awake experiences everything as being similarly awake, whatever their stage. (which is why some teachers tell everyone they’re already awake when they’re actually not)

In other words, we experience how a tree experiences in consciousness but less of the context of the tree’s individuality, their veils, and so forth. We could say we experience them as if they’re liberated. But we also may notice the drama that may be there and so forth. There will be the sense of if the tree is enjoying and if they have health issues, for example. (yep, trees have surprisingly distinct personalities)

This is not mind reading as we’re not their mind. The individual mind is very unique to the pattern of identification of that ego. We’re not caught in that. But we might notice the tone and dominant impulses as above. There would also be considerable caution with going into a humans experience that way due to the hazard of taking on their baggage, like an empath.

You also have empaths in Unity, so they’d have a unique combination of things.

It’s worth noting that in either case, we’re here to live our lives rather than someone else’s. So these things can arise but are typically not cultured. We spend the bulk of our time here, in our own lives.

But in Unity, here becomes more and more. The Vedas mention we come to include even the farthest reaches of the universe, beyond perception. But actually, quite a bit more than that. Atman contains the whole of this creation which includes many distinct universes as one aspect.

Consider that illustrative though. Not everyone in Unity will bother to see how far their perception goes. Not everyone is visual either. But there is a lot to unite at any given point.  😉

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  1. Fascinating and clear enough for someone to read who is NOT in Unity Consciousness at this time.

    You’ve done it again, Davidya, an article full of gems. My favorite is this emerald:

    “It’s worth noting that in either case, we’re here to live our lives rather than someone else’s.”

  2. Suz

    Thanks for filling in some more blanks in my learning. I didn’t think I was crazy for admiring one particular oak tree down the street from home, but … I walk past it every day, and know it as “the happy tree.” It is surrounded by concrete and asphalt, yet it is deeply satisfied to be there, and graciously gives shade, acorns, and shelter to whoever needs it. It is happy doing its job. 🙂

  3. You’re welcome, Suz. It took a little for me to untangle them myself.

    I recall a group of trees on campus in grad school. One had had a large branch removed and a lightening strike. It was rather miserable. Another felt very satisfied with it’s place in the world. Each of them was curiously distinct. And they were very aware of each other.

    They were broadly aware of people but it was much more distinctive when they realized someone was aware of them. Kind of slow motion to us but aware, especially of feelings.

    This was in the US midwest, so the seasons were much higher contrast than here on the coast. This made me much more aware of the energy changes in them through the year. The sleep of winter, the waking spring and growth, etc.

    So often we can be oblivious but we’re surrounded by life.

  4. gayanee

    This is beautiful David! So is your interview with Rick. One of my favorite Batgap interviews. I have been reading your blog for a few days now and just loving it. I am an empath and in first stages of unity. English is not my first language so reading your writing is adding another layer of resonance to my experience.

  5. Reading this article again today, well over a year later, David, what jumped out at me this time?

    “Someone awake experiences everything as being similarly awake, whatever their stage. (which is why some teachers tell everyone they’re already awake when they’re actually not)”

    Oh yes, that sure does happen. Though not with you, Sri Enlightenment Coach.

    Such a sumputuously helpful article you’ve got here. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks, Rose. Not that I’m flawless. I have overestimated progress in others before – it’s not always clear what is an experience and what has really shifted.

      That’s where good aura read skills can help – seeing what Stuff is still there to get in the way of sustaining an opening, for example.

  6. Isabella

    Lovely article! I did have some confusion about this in the past.

    However, now that I have much, much greater clarity with doing Skilled Empath Merges, I understand more what they are. And what they aren’t.

    Also some tastes of ‘unity’ have informed me. (Very small, bite size tastes I’ve had over the years, which have made more and more sense to me and which are very, very different from Skilled Empath Merge.)

    More experiences of both, clearer and clearer, make the distinction obvious.

    However, I still hang on to a bit of… “but, but!”

    There is some wink of truth in their relation for me. Cousins, perhaps. Distinct people, shared thread.

    Even if I’m totally wrong, it’s interesting how I can’t, or won’t, force myself into believing something I don’t understand yet.

    Or I guess the distinction is between “belief” and “knowing.”

    I’d rather not take on new beliefs now, and for me, that’s all this would be, since I don’t have the knowing. (Not living in Unity,etc.)

    The knowing will come. Beliefs can be so gummy and sticky. Even when they’re outgrown they don’t always fall away so easy. And when they’re not quite true, or not true at all, they make restrict growth and make for blind spots.

    Why bother with that! I’d rather look a little naive and let myself grow free.

    Thanks, David!

    1. Hi Isabella
      Here, some of the empath gifts where largely unconscious until after the Unity shift. So there was a process of making them more conscious, distinguishing them, and learning what Off was. I had no reference point in experience for Off. (laughs)

      They are indeed quite distinct but until we discriminate, it can all seem much the same.

      But of course, if all arises in and of consciousness, any gift is a way consciousness is experiencing. Empath gifts are a specific channel and kosha as are the clairs or intuition. Consciousness, on the other hand, is the experiencing itself. Less bound but also more general.

      Yes- it’s good to have a working framework but keep things loose so it can grow as you do. Investing in “the way” just leads to getting stuck in a box.

  7. Lindsey L

    Hi David,
    This was what I reply posted on Rose’s blog, but she thought it more appropriate I post it here and I definitely agree that it was a post made in the spur of the moment and fits better here…but before my other reply and your post…I do really feel to post in public too much, but here it goes…thanks again, here it is:

    Thanks David for your article, just read it. It appears to be that in my case layers of consciousness revealing more in the wholeness sense and perceptionally from the point of individuality I am experiencing much more finer nuances in my immediate awareness. It’s been a gradual unveiling and not a “psychic” kind. Just like my field of feeling energies has expanded out more, but feeling variations within my body. Not emotions, more the vibes and intuitive stuff to more whole understanding (chakra clearings)…I am definitely in the need of skills moving into this stage. CC to Unity (or whatever it is called-no expert) has it’s own set of lessons, understanding, clarity and skills as Rose is teaching and you sharing. And I can use all the help I can get and most gratefully! Thanks again. I look forward to the books Rose and having more clarity, etc, with what I am experiencing. I do notice I have used a similar pratice for years that I called walking meditation, basically, it’s inquiry into whatever seems to be taking place in my experience and asking for what is true to come forth in my experience…also, used a process of acknowledging (seeing) experience patterns, deciding I wanted my energy back from the pattern of illusion, then asking it to be reabsorbed back into me, feeling the energy pouring back into me and feeling the expansion happening…quite lovely. I think it is just natural now. Well, it’s been a quite helpful, natural way…thank you again for your clarity. Would love to chat someday. I do have one fellow high up in the charts of refined whole perception I am fortunate to have help me on the journey. He’s been quite helpful too with a different part of these enlightening stages, just as you and Rose both are as well. Thank you again for all your sharing. I have some Rosetree reading, practicing,integrating, opening, expanding and living to do…and repeat, until the very last breath. Right? Or Maybe? And not at all too! lol

    1. Hi Lindsey
      Yes, I read your comments on her site but it can help readers here for context.

      I experience and describe the clearing process a bit differently but understand what you mean. I would say seeing the resistance, allowing it to process and release, and that freeing the energy.

      But it’s not uncommon at all for people to find their own variation that’s effective for them. We each have a unique perspective and set of clearing to process.

      (laughs) Well – processes continue but the dominant ones will vary over time. And sometimes, we’ll get a little break. 🙂

  8. Lindsey L

    Yes, David…thank you. This is much clearer in my understanding of my experience as of late. Unity with some empath stuff…yup. Thanks so much again for all you post. You are really helping me leaps and bounds in every aspect! I replied more intensively on Rose Rosetree’s blog a few hours ago and this is my 2nd read of this. Perfect sense. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lindsey

      Yes- getting to know the difference is useful. Unity merges, for example, are part of the process of becoming wholeness. Unskilled empath merges on the other hand tend to lead to taking on others garbage and can make it harder to be present as our own boundaries can be unclear.

      There is also a big difference between unintentionally taking on stuff and being a presence that is purifying the environment and those around us. In the second case, we’re not taking it on, just observing the process. But if we confuse the 2, we can unintentionally make it more personal.

      Glad it’s helpful. This is why I write. 🙂

  9. Lindsey L

    Added note…have had a lot of help within the asking for truth, i.e. like Rose’s Get Big…I am truly grateful to all of Divinity and its forms it appears as…truly amazing!
    Thank you~

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