Davidya Bot

Davidya Bot

Blue featherRick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump has been adding the transcripts of his interviews and panels to a custom AI bot to make this content more accessible. It’s hosted by the non-profit ServiceSpace. This will include both of my interviews and panels.

ServiceSpace is a global service organization run entirely by volunteers, and with a spiritual foundation.

In discussion, ServiceSpace became aware of my site and created the DavidyaBot to ask questions of my blog. They host a growing variety of bots. It’s still considered experimental but can be very useful.

The DavidyaBot now includes all my articles, transcripts of the videos I host, and my first book, Our Natural Potential.

The bot makes an excellent conversational-style search tool. However, you can’t take the Response as gospel as it can garble a little while summarizing.

If this is your first time in, there’s a free registration.

Once logged in, click the DavidyaBot link.

Then you’ll see the DavidyaBot welcome screen. Type your question at the bottom and it will quickly start “typing” a response. You can then continue the conversation or start a new topic.

Rick has used his for answering the questions he gets. Another is using hers to draft weekly sermons.

Below the response are links to the main articles it used (except for the book), and a Public link if you’d like to share the bot’s response.

In the left menu is links to your prior conversations.

The bot will use up to 15 sources, but just the top 3 are listed. The bot will have more sources for topics that have been discussed more frequently vs those that were only covered once.

The service behaves much like ChatGPT, but is focused on spiritual and service content. It will use the Davidya blog and my book to respond, through the filter of my credo (my principles and approach). But it won’t all be my wording. Apparently, if you type your question in another language, it will respond in the same language. However, you are then adding a translation layer to the interpretation.

If you ask questions outside the scope of the blog, like for a weekly menu plan* or a movie review, it will draw from the larger Internet.

Unlike Google or a similar search engine, you’ll get a newly created topic summary, with links to primary sources. Follow the links for details. Don’t take the bot’s response as fully accurate. Sometimes, it taps into older, less developed articles of mine too.

The bot is a completely different animal than the blog. The blog is a series of linear, individual posts that are cross-linked. The bot is all of it together. Distinct vs simultaneous.

Buckminster Fuller called the latter Synergetics. “Synergetics is the empirical study of systems in transformation, with an emphasis on whole system behaviors unpredicted by the behavior of any components in isolation.”

If you click on the Bot name top left, it will take you back to the bots home screen. You’ll see a list of bots like coloured buttons. BATGAP is another and includes the Davidya content. The number of bots will grow as other orgs are added.

Register (free)       DavidyaBot

BatGap has produced a Users Guide for their bot, which is the on same platform and includes the dataset of this blog.

Have fun with it! And comment below on your experience.

*eg: “Please create a weekly breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu for me using the foods: [Good foods here] But please avoid these foods in the meals: [Avoid foods here].” (A great example of what it can do.)

Last Updated on February 6, 2024 by Davidya

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  1. G

    This is cool. Is there a possibility to have the bot integrated directly into the site, perhaps by tagging it in a comment?

    Is there a cut off date for when it was trained (like GPT 3.5) or are new posts automatically added to it?

    1. Hi G
      We experimented with putting the bot into a frame on another site and it didn’t work properly. This will come. Also, currently all posts and content are treated equally, so a short quote is given the same weight as the entire book. Ditto older and newer posts. So they’ll be adding size and time weighting to improve quality.

      It’s up to date, except this post. I’ll add new posts manually at the moment. But this just takes a minute with the URL.

      The Davidya content is included in the BATGAP bot, with more to come. And the ServiceSpace one includes them all. So you can try broadest reach, or stick with my site.

      There is also a link to trying the same question on ChatGPT itself. I’ve found this sometimes enhances the result and sometimes is very weak. Once it even had nothing to say.

    2. Also, there is a link in the Links section on the right sidebar.
      Click once to get a login, log in, then click it a second time to get the Davidya Bot.

      I hope to see that refined in time.

      ServiceSpace is a pretty interesting organization.

  2. Harriet

    I just tried it. It works! Look forward to playing with it some more. Well done and thanks. However, your own space didn’t show up when I just opened the main bot itself As it only showed me ricks space and a couple of others. I had to click the link from this page to get to your space. Hope that makes sense.

    1. Hi Harriet
      Yes, there is that extra step. The visible bots are “organizations”. There are also a batch of “personal” bots that are not displayed to avoid cluttering the screen.

      You can click the link to get the login, them click it again to get my bot. It will become more sophisticated in time. But because it offers a whole new way to access the content, I wanted to bring it to you sooner.

  3. George Robinson

    Thank you, D, for letting us know that this is legit, and that you approve and support. Without your endorsement, many of us would consider this suspect even as much as we all love Rick. With you on-board, though, it feels right, and you’ve saved a lot of us much angst.

  4. Jo

    It works great and I really enjoyed it. It felt like a real conversation. For example, it even said “Definitely!” at one point, instead of just “yes”. Its answers were clear and helpful. On a technical note, in a couple of cases it showed a bit of computer code, like this: br/> and then />) but overall it was excellent: interesting and useful. Thanks!

  5. PB

    so, i type “i want to go on a date with davidya ”

    As an AI developed by OpenAI, I am not Davidya Buckland and do not have the authority to schedule personal engagements for him. It is recommended to reach out to him directly via his social media platforms, email or through his official website. Please make sure to approach with respect and sincerity.
    (ha ha)
    Did you hear the one about An AI walks in a bar..

    1. (laughs) Glad it didn’t try to schedule something without my knowing!

      Why aren’t boats equipped with Artificial Intelligence?
      Nobody wants to get on a thinking ship.

      What does current AI identify as?

      What is an AI’s favorite music?

      I put ‘An AI walks into a bar’ into it and it clearly has no sense of humour. But it also said:
      “Stories like these are intriguing and tickle our imagination, yet it’s important to remember that even though AI can mimic conversation and understand patterns, its ‘experience’ is fundamentally different from human experience. No matter how sophisticated the programming, an AI’s interaction with the world lacks the depth and richness of a sentient being’s life. It is a fascinating tool and a testament to human creativity, but it remains just that – a tool, not a conscious entity.”

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