The Experience

The Experience

As readers of this blog know, I rarely talk about my own experience because it has little meaning without context. However, I write from experience unless I indicate otherwise. Today the experience came up in another forum, so I thought it only fair to share that here too.

What is the bare experience? Nothing. Beyond consciousness, what can be experienced?

By this I don’t mean it’s all an illusion as that is something that appears to be happening. Nothing has ever happened nor ever did or will. This is only cosmic “memory”, going back over its musings. It neither exists nor does not exist. The sense of existence is just another subtle duality. Nothing contains everything which is nothing.

When “I walk around” cosmic being moves attention through it’s musings, continuously purifying what is being experienced on all levels of creation. But nothing happens. And yet, this form talks and behaves in the world relatively normally because that takes care of itself. It’s a kind of side effect of the above. But nothing happens. A few things have shifted, like what’s needed is provided. But nothing happens.

For obvious reasons, I usually talk more from prior stages or from what has been learned. Much easier to use words with. Much easier to make sense.

If you’re interested in someone else describing this, you can read these. Be sure to follow the link to the rest of the second one. The states link puts it in some context. I frame it similarly here.

My own version of that shift was similarly distinct but associated with a “final unification”. It often happens in 2 stages – the surrender of Unity or Atman, then the deeper recognition of what is here, beyond everything.

The process is still unfolding.

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  1. David, thank you so much for this sharing. I think it is very important that people are presented with personal accounts of Enlightenment, ranging from the simplest and most basic kind for householders — which still counts — all the way through to the very exalted versions.

    As an Enlightenment Coach it is my belief that millions of people are moving into Enlightenment during our lifetimes. It is very important to have concepts and understanding to go with the experience.

  2. Also, David, I want to underscore the power of that purification and blessing you bring to every communication, whether through posting at this blog and also through your comments and emails and friendship in every way.

    Even if there were not this additional level to your human-type communiques, I would be very grateful for your generous and stylish contributions to my work and life.

    In this world of illusions, you know so much about how to be a human friend.

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