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Disclaimer – I don’t endorse everything in these offerings but have found good value there. I know many personally. I discuss specifics on various articles on the blog. You can follow provided links or search them on the upper right.

Support Services:

If you’re looking for Support for your journey, people I know that I can suggest:

If you’re looking for energy healing and clearing out old drivers, I can suggest Dorothy Rowe or Kristin Kirk. Kristin offers healing via group sessions and retreats. Dorothy uses personal sessions and webinars. (based on feedback, I no longer recommend Rosetree students)

If you’re having energy or kundalini challenges, Kundalini Care. I’ve also had Bonnie Greenwell recommended to me several times.

If you’re facing psychological challenges or a spiritual crisis, I can suggest Craig Holliday or Mariana Caplan. They are spiritually oriented therapists.

If you’re looking for support to awaken or post-awakening, I suggest Lorn and Lucia. They offer free weekly webcasts, retreats for awakening, and retreats for the awake.

If you’re looking for a good jyotishi (Vedic astrologer), I can recommend Phyllis Chubb, Prasannan, or Andrew Foss, PhD.

For a Nadi reader, try Green Tara Canada (related article).

Some of the above offer live group calls, books, videos, and other info on their web site. Check the links for details.



Vasistha’s Yoga by Swami Venkatesananda (not the abridged) – is the most accessible translation and captures the essence of the entire text in a single volume. (the full text is 4 volumes) This is the essence of the teachings of the Ramayana, told mostly in example stories.  (related article)

The Ramayana: A New Retelling of Valmiki’s Ancient Epic – Complete and Comprehensive by Linda Egenes and Kumuda Reddy. This is the larger arc of the story of Rama in an abridged form that is clear and comprehensive. (related article)

Bhagavad-Gita, translation and commentary by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The most insightful translation I’ve seen. While he sometimes repeatedly mentions Transcendental Meditation, at the time this book was written he defined this as anything that brings you to transcendental consciousness (samadhi). This is the key to enlightenment, as the text describes. The Gita is the essence of the teachings of the Mahabharata. (related article)

Maharishi Patanjali Yoga Sutra, translated by Thomas Egenes – this is the foundation of Yoga, properly presented in it’s original text with word by word translation and English result. Without the misunderstanding of concentration or the limbs as steps of a ladder. Dr. Egenes is a Sanskrit scholar. No commentary. (related article)

Kundalini Vidya by Joan Harrigan – a decent understanding of kundalini energy and it’s awakening. Joan is both a PhD and the current lineage holder in her tradition. (web site) (related article)

Adyashanti’s books I recommend: The End of Your World (related articles),  Falling Into Grace (related articles), Emptiness Dancing (related article)

Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound, by  Dr. David Frawley – an excellent introduction to  mantra and it’s relationship to Sanskrit. (related article)

The Yugas by Joseph Selbie & David Steinmetz – the cycle of ages based on the correction of Sri Yukteswar (Yogananda’s master). Reframes history in remarkable ways and offers a vision of the future. (related article)

American Veda, by Philip Goldberg – an excellent overview of the history of eastern ideas being brought to the west and the major proponents. And the surprising ways the western worldview has changed as a result. (related article)

Ayurveda, the Science of Self Healing by Dr. Vasant Lad – an excellent introduction to the world’s oldest natural health modality. Doshas, disease, diagnosis, and treatment. (related article)

The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist – an exploration of the myths of scarcity, the truths about Sufficiency, and creating a legacy of enough. (related article)

Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller – a vast vision of Fuller’s perspective on the development and evolution of human civilization, global energy grids, and an original economic model of shared resources. The book is also surprisingly prescient. (related article) (available online)



LuciaLorn  –  on awakening, excellent video calls and retreats (not for the mind)
Adyashanti  – Zen-oriented westerner, excellent books on awakening thru Unity (see Books)
Transcendental Meditation – widely available and very well-researched effortless meditation
Kundalini Care – kundalini healing services and an excellent book (Kundalini Vidya) on kundalini

Buddha at the Gas Pump – interviews with the “Ordinary Awakening” by Rick Archer. Have been on several times.
Science and Nonduality – Interviews and articles by scientists and spiritual teachers. I’ve spoken at several of the conferences (see the Media tab).

Blogs and suchConsciousness blog
For Now  – my other blog, on science and tech
Top 75 Consciousness Blogs – a Feedspot listing of assorted web sites that talk about consciousness, including this one.

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