Illustrating Consciousness

Illustrating Consciousness

Last year, I finally got around to posting an illustration of the dynamics of consciousness that takes place both locally and globally.
Awareness becomes self-aware

I wanted to take this a bit further and illustrate more. I mentioned that this process takes place both globally and at every point within itself.

Here is an illustration of “at every point within itself”
space-stars1 (Mobile)Essentially, life fills consciousness. Liveliness stirs every point into a unique perspective of the whole.

Interestingly, our own body is similarly made of up large numbers of devata or light beings that manage the same function in all bodies in our creation. This is a subset of the cosmic body and can be experienced directly. (Devo Hum)

Similarly, people sometimes experience themselves as containing the universe in consciousness, and later, the universe is experienced as inside the body. (Aham Vishvam) These are all the same functionality of “at every point”, each from a different layer of creation.

How does the point relate to the whole? It is non-separate. I have described it here as like a wave on the ocean but more specifically, as a point or focus of attention rising out of the ocean. This is one way it an be seen.

Here is an illustration of “a wave rising to a point”
peak (Custom)Your experience is typically the point value, but occasionally you settle deeper into the wave (more expanded) and sometimes settle into the calm ocean itself (boundless). Stages of spiritual development shift our vantage point as our relationship with consciousness shifts. But the wave remains as the point from which there is experiencing.

Similarly, the ocean in the space of the golden egg rises in peaked waves due to the 3 gunas. The effect of the egg-ocean interaction is what we experience as “the universe”.

These images are not precise representations of what these functions look like. That will also vary by the point from which it is being experienced. The idea here is just to offer a clearer sense of the functionality and perhaps trigger the experience or “remembering” for some readers.

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  4. Null

    Incredible how this is similar, although my vision of dots of liveness is within the sphere , within the sphere, infinite until no more sphere, and yes
    “and later, the universe is experienced as inside the body”

    As for the wave , its more like the horizontal wave sounds of om/aum from center dots/sphere to outside, although sometimes i saw lights like thunder from above too.
    Thank you, david.

    1. Right, Null. There are various ways of trying to represent it. I refer to the sphere within the spheres as nested spaces. There’s a few articles on that.
      Here, sound arises in the first space where space actually manifests, on the level where our universe arises too. In other nested spaces, the appearances can vary.

  5. Clarice

    Upon waking up from a night’s sleep I glimpsed the pregnant void which seemed close to your picture or image. The bubbles seemed a bit larger and it was like a silent energy field. I used your tip about catching this experience before completely awakening in the morning.

    1. Hi Clarice
      Yes, space is nested, so there are bubbles within bubbles of space. At source, consciousness is just points. But when enlivened those points become self-interacting and create a bubble of subtle space. Attention on something enlivens it’s space, and so forth.
      It depends on our perspective of all this as to what we see.

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