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This is a site dedicated to exploring what it means to live life approaching, transitioning, and living in post-personal stages of development. These are commonly called “higher states of consciousness” or “Self Realization” or “enlightenment” but as their actuality has become somewhat more common, it is obvious that they develop in stages and that they build on top of more familiar stages of development studied by psychology and biology.

Articles are written based on current understanding and experience. As such, the content here evolves over time. Older articles don’t become wrong but you’ll see the perspective shift and broaden.┬áThis is particularly true as I’ve shifted stages. The writing here is not correct concepts or “truth” but rather ways of seeing the spiritual journey, ourselves, and the world around us. The observations are shared to support your journey but hold them lightly to avoid becoming bound by them.

Common topics include the experience of the transitions and various stages, answering questions, healing, techniques, the nature of reality, action, sufficiency, and whatever else happens to come up that may be useful. On the right, you can see the most recent articles, browse the archives by month, or pick a subject category. And of course, there is always the Search box up top. If you enjoy the content here, you can subscribe by email or RSS or Twitter to get the latest articles automatically.

The current articles you’ll find on the Blog tab above. For an introduction to many of the ideas here, see the Key Posts tab for articles by subject. The Books tab has links to longer ebooks on some of the primary subjects (coming soon) and recommended books. Links takes you to other web resources and Consult to support resources.

I’ve added a Media tab to compile the talks and interviews that have been recorded.

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Enjoy your explore.

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