The Three Stages of Brahman

The Three Stages of Brahman

There are a lot of three’s in this process of awakening.
There is the observer, the process of observation and the observed.
There is the purification, the refinement and the embodiment.
There is the 3 stages of consciousness awakening to Itself. (Cosmic, Unity and Brahman, although Cosmic, Refined Cosmic, and Unity align better with the above patterns)
There is the rise of kundalini, the descent in higher stages, and the final rise of embodiment.

The Brahman (third) stage itself has three aspects:
The initial Brahman shift, often in 2 main steps.
The refined version of Brahman, as with other stages.
And the third, ParaBrahman. Like the phrase “Brahman Consciousness”, this one is a little ironic. Para means beyond, ultimate or transcending. Another name Lorne Hoff used for Brahman is Beyond Consciousness, a good literal name. ParaBrahman could thus be defined as beyond the beyond. Some of the old texts use exactly this phrasing.

Chatting with a friend of mine, he made an interesting observation. He suggested the initial 3 stages were repeated within Brahman. In other words, CC, GC (refined CC), and Unity are repeated within Brahman as Brahman, Refined Brahman, and ParaBrahman.

There is that standard principle – as above, so below – that creates common, repeated patterns. But a pattern alone is not necessarily the truth of the matter. The idea resonates but I’ll have to test this over time to confirm it. Perhaps, for example, ParaBrahman is more Brahman-Brahman.

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