Darkness vs Evil

Darkness by Goran Has

First, it’s good to remember that the world is structured in layers. The more manifest or physical, the more inertia it has. Inertia has a quality of heaviness and darkness to it. Flow is reduced to a standing vibration. That heaviness is required for physical structure and for it to be sustained in our experience. The key is balance. From a Yuga perspective (the cycles of time), an 80/20 rule holds – 80% light, 20% dark is in balance. You need enough dark for there to be form but not so much that the dark overshadows the light. We’re rising … Continue Reading…

The Big Picture

Totality & Wholeness

I designed the above image to give a little perspective on the stages of growth. 1) When we mature in a human form, if we’ve not been connecting to our source and inner nature, we experience ourselves as an individual person distinct from others. If our identification is stronger, we also identify with our form, role, and possessions. I am Fred the barber who lives in the South Bronx and drive a Chevy. This is who I am. 2) If we take up a decent spiritual practice, we begin to step out of this box here and there. We may … Continue Reading…

Food and Ethics

That Way by Justin Baeder

Yoga and Buddha tell us to do no harm. Gandhi and Martin Luther King spoke of non-violence. But how do we apply this in our daily lives? It can be tricky territory in practice. For example, when we breathe, our body kills the bacteria in the air. When we walk, we step on things we can’t see. Our physical body requires the life-force of other life forms to survive. We might set a standard not to eat mammals, for example. But the line is pretty gray. One of the curious experiences that can arise in Unity stage or a bit … Continue Reading…

Update – Glossary

Blue feather

Recently, I saw a nice glossary and thought it would be a good feature for the site. I got well into it before I realized what I’d gotten my self into. I had not realized how many terms I use on this site. Nor how grumpy WordPress would be.(laughs) Many of the definitions are linked to related articles for further exploration. See the new tab on the top menu. Let me know if you see anything missing or broken. May you find it useful in exploring. Davidya Update: I’ve added a small feature at the bottom of some pages that … Continue Reading…

Redemptive Love – Adyashanti

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During his talk at SAND 2019, Adyashanti shared an experience of redemptive love and went on to talk of the transforming power of deeper values of love. An excellent talk. I wrote about a prior talk he gave on this topic. Also, here’s an article that puts it into some larger context, as a stepping stone to universal, and then Divine love. Davidya on YouTube


Choices by Mafo Souza

One of the curious aspects of being human is the sense of free will. This sense varies over a large range, depending on our life experiences and stage of development. But there is always some value of choice. Higher beings live a life in service to the whole and can easily fulfill desires. Choice isn’t prominent then. Animals experience life more instinctively so again, choice isn’t prominent. Humans sit in a range that can vary quite a bit. Some experience little choice and may feel life is fated or even feel trapped. Others celebrate their self-determination or get overwhelmed by … Continue Reading…

The Skill Set

Gift by Byte Rider

All of us come in with natural gifts. Some we’re born with and some arise over time. They’re natural qualities of the framework we’re born with. Our society places an emphasis on things like smarts, perceived beauty, athletic ability, and extroversion. But our gifts can take many forms – even to be a disrupter. They can be physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, intuitive, empathic, or spiritual. Trouble is, our gifts may seem quite ordinary to us. Often we’ll need feedback from others to recognize their value. They’ll be extraordinary for them, like healing, composing music, or physical stamina. If we don’t … Continue Reading…

The Nature of Our Times


I originally began this article as a longer piece for a university journal but ran out of time. In the last few years, we’ve seen a major shift in world news. Perception has become truth and news stations debate “alternate facts.” Irrational positions seem to be the norm. Is society coming apart at the seams? Turns out these are just symptoms of a collective purification and a preparation for what’s to come. To understand the deeper movement that’s taking place, we need a little background. Most people experience themselves as separate individuals. This is an effect of an inner construct … Continue Reading…



During 2019, I experimented with text-to-voice and podcasting. The first was a fail. The second was reasonable. But the amount of time it’s taking to record, edit, produce and learn to do better is more than doubling the time it’s taking me to post articles. The resulting subscribers and traffic are small and not growing. My apologies if you’re a listener but I’m going to stop producing podcasts of all articles. I will still post audio versions of some content and may occasionally do other conversational podcasts more typical of the style. It feels I should focus on where it … Continue Reading…

Adyashanti on Awakened Consciousness

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In this clip of an Adyashanti talk, he speaks of the changed perspective of awakened consciousness and how that shift impacts the whole. The latter is a very important point because this is how the many awakened are changing the world. They are raising the degree of consciousness expressed in the world. The tide lifts all boats. This is also causing a lot of unresolved junk to come to the surface to be seen and resolved, creating extra drama on the world stage. I’ll be posting more on this topic soon. There is one point I disagree with. That God … Continue Reading…

The Reality of Mind

In My Mind by Hannes Flo

This article is a follow-up to What is Mind, exploring the consequences. We know from physics that the world around us does not look the way we perceive it. Our senses pick up a narrow range of certain spectrum only. We don’t see vibrating fields but solid objects. We hear movements in the air as sound. We feel surface tension as solidity. Our senses take in narrow bands of the available spectrum of information. Yet even within those ranges, our senses take in vastly more information than we “notice.” The mind compares everything to past experiences, filtering heavily for hazard, … Continue Reading…

One Love

One Love by Matthias Rip

In 2018, 1,000 Jews, Muslims and Christians came together at the Tower of David in Jerusalem to sing, each in their language, a version of Bob Marley’s song “One Love”. Happy Holidays, One Love! On YouTube The original song: On YouTube The Playing for Change version: On YouTube