As an author, I’m focused mostly on research and writing. But there have been some talks and conversations that have been recorded. Links are below. (During 2019, many articles were also podcasted. See the list here.) You can subscribe to the audio feed here for future recordings.

Disclaimer: my participation in conversations and interviews is to help deepen understanding of the spiritual process. It is not an endorsement of the host or other participants.

lineA Conversation with Gareth and Eva on the Endless Possibilities podcast (January, 2024)

A followup “unplugged” conversation a week later.

lineA Conversation with Malika (March, 2023)
Malika and I talked about source, from the perspective of the stages of awakening.

lineConversations with Andrew Hewson (2019-21)
Andrew and I have had a series of conversations on healing, the stages of enlightenment, Divinity, and more. Follow the link for a listing of them.

lineIn March 2021, I gave a talk to a University philosophy class on the Vedic Perspective.

lineIn February 2021, I was interviewed on Suma’s show.

lineIn October 2020, I gave a talk on the Yoga Sutra to a University class on awakening.

The Talk The Q&A





A Conversation with Georgette Star on the Awakening process. (Spring 2020)


lineConversations with Craig Holliday on ethics in spiritual teaching (2019):

A Conversation on Bypassing (audio only) A Second Conversation

lineUtah Satsang
I was invited to give satsang in Utah in April, 2019. This included 2 longer talks that were audio recorded.

Intro First talk (with topic links) Second talk (with topic links)

lineChitheads interview podcast (2019)

Interview on the Embodied Philosophy Chitheads podcast show


lineThe Faces of Reality talk @ SAND18

In this talk, I explore the Kosha model to illustrate the stages consciousness goes through from self-awareness into form and experiences. A short overview of the foundations of our world experience.

Background for the talk On YouTube  Some SAND Stories


Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP) Second Interview, October 2018

In this followup interview, Rick Archer and I discuss changes since the first interview and the book Our Natural Potential, along with topics related to the stages of enlightenment.

Background for the talk On YouTube


The Reality of Nonduality talk @ SAND17
This is my talk on the nature of nonduality in the context of the 7 stages of enlightenment.

on YouTube

Background for the talk, the slides, and an audio version. Poster


Panel Discussion – Sudden or Gradual @ SAND17
Rick Archer’s Panel with Michael A. Rodriguez, Isa Gucciardi, and myself.

Video and article on BATGAP.com on YouTube


Our Natural Potential talk @ SAND15
This is my talk on the stages of development at the Science and Nonduality conference in October 2015.

On YouTube

some background, the slides, and links to related articles the poster
the abstract about the conference

Sofia Panel Discussion

Early at the SAND15 conference, I spoke on a large panel discussion at Sofia University on various topics around awakening, healing, embodiment and teaching.
Sophia Panel

Videos (2 parts), some background and a topics summary Part 1 on BATGAP Part 1 on YouTube
Some Conference stories Part 2 on BATGAP Part 2 on YouTube

Buddha at the Gas Pump (BATGAP) Interview, fall 2015

Unlike most of the blog, this interview is a personal story of the unfolding here. Recorded in person at a lodge on Vancouver Island in September 2015, shortly before a retreat.

On YouTube

Links to some of the topics discussed Some background
Why tell the story? A few post-interview details

Deep Forgiveness Podcast

In 2009, a half dozen of us all published on the same topic, Forgiveness, on the same day. I added a spoken word version (podcast) that later fell away when some hosting ended. I’ve restored that. (The blog was called In2Deep until 2014) 6:24 [link fixed July 21]


linePDF files:
What is Consciousness? (PDF, 3MB, 16 pgs) – magazine article in Science to Sage magazine, May, 2013.
Also posted as a 3 part article starting here.

Sanskrit Devanagari (PDF, 113KB, 5 pgs) – the Sanskrit alphabet, foundation of mantra. (*This is the most popular link on the site.) From the article Mantra Use. See also Sanskrit Keyboard.

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