Types of Vasanas

Plug by Gideon Tsang

I had a recent insight into Vasanas I wanted to share. Let’s define some terms as we go. The “pain body” is our unresolved emotions. The vasana are more subtle than this. After we’ve resolved a lot of old, previously incomplete emotions, we become more conscious of our deeper drivers behind that. Vasana means unresolved desire or driver. These can express as addictions or latent tendencies. This energy can drive much of our behaviour, seeking resolution. For example, we may fall in love with someone who doesn’t reciprocate. If it’s mild, our interest will fade and we’ll move on. If … Continue Reading…

Knots or Granthi

Knot by Blondinrikard Froberg

Granthi is a term from the Vedas that describes contractions in the physiology. These are places where there’s been a trauma, an unwillingness to experience something, or a grasping. They may be stored at the site of the trauma or contraction or may be placed somewhere else. Granthi means knot but these contractions are also called stresses or impurities. They are essentially incomplete experiences yet to be resolved. Another way of framing them? The seeds of karma or action. We carry quite a load. I was reading an article by Kavitha Chinnaiyan. She described the 3 primary knots in Tantric … Continue Reading…

KXCR Interview

Blue feather

My conversation with Craig Holliday led to an interview with Larry Bloomfield on the Spiritual Unity Today show. They broadcast and live-stream this from KXCR Community Radio in Florence, OR. I came into the interview expecting a conversation on spiritual bypassing. Instead, he wanted to talk about this person and how I got started spirituality. The conversation was broad and basic exploring meditation, East and West views of God, what I’m doing now, and what’s unfolding in the world. I tried to avoid the usual terminology in addressing a general audience. It closes with an extended music track. Davidya