Healing Hazards

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Recently, Dorothy Rowe made a video called The Three Greatest Dangers of Energy Healing. I know some of you are following her work but I wanted to point out this insightful video. The issues revolve around correct understanding of the healing process so we don’t mis-credit its source or misunderstand what we’re doing. These misunderstandings can lead to side-effects and problems with healing due to an incorrect relationship with the process. The fix is easy but needs to be conscious. I’ll let her explain. On YouTube Davidya

The Association of Professional Spiritual Teachers

APST Panel

Through the cycle of descending ages, most spiritual traditions came to overemphasize the masculine – both in approach and in domination by men. This has led to drier, more austere forms of spirituality and issues with repression. Those traditions cultured well-prepared teachers though. Teaching did not begin until they were trained and deemed ready by their mentors. Rising consciousness is bringing a gradual restoration of the feminine. This means healing emotions, relationships, and raising women into leadership roles. It also leads to a much richer unfolding when both our masculine and feminine aspects are supported. Today we see many independent … Continue Reading…

The Saptarishi or Seven Seers


The Rig Veda, the oldest existent text, is composed primarily of the cognitions of a small group of rishis or seers. 10 families of rishis account for 95% of the verses in the 10 mandalas or books.   There are 7 key rishis known as the Saptarishi, said to incarnate after the universe is reborn to restore the cognitions in consciousness and thus awaken that knowledge in the collective. They are Brahmarishi – knowers of Brahman. Ancient India named the 7 stars of the Big Dipper constellation after them. However, some understanding about them seems lost. For example, I’ve noticed … Continue Reading…