Creation, in a Nutshell

Creation, in a Nutshell

Recently, someone asked me to describe Narayana in creation. This is a level that is difficult to describe. It is seeing prior to form, in a space prior to space. It is beyond eternity, beyond any sense of being or non-being. In more developed stages of creation (it’s a very big place), things have relationships or geometry. Prior, they are merely impressions or smriti. We could say the impressions arose prior to creation but what does that mean beyond eternity? It’s more they exist because all episodes of time are contained within That.

To put this in context, That has 2 fundamental aspects: Alertness and Liveliness. When liveliness stirs alertness it becomes aware. Awareness becomes aware of itself, recognizes itself and everything arises.  This happens both globally and at every point within itself. In 1972, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described this as Existence becomes conscious and intelligence becomes intelligent.

Quiet alert awareness is the Shiva or Father aspect, what we experience locally as the witness or observer. Quiet alert liveliness is the Divine Mother side. We could say She is the embodiment of Love, arising from recognition of That by Itself. Alertness and liveliness become observation and intention, consciousness and intelligence.

Keep in mind creation is not linear steps but rather layered concurrent flowering that can be seen a number of ways.

This is the arena of Smriti where the Veda (knowledge) is stored. These impressions store the primary experiences that guide and structure all creations that have ever arisen. By creations, I don’t mean universes, but distinct creations with completely unique realities and laws. Many are much simpler than ours, such as embodying a principle. One, for example, embodies only time. Much easier to explore and understand then.

Awareness aware of itself creates a kind of bubble within Brahman or That (God seen in the impersonal). This bubble is the event horizon in which a creation occurs. Its inner surface is cosmic mind, stirred by liveliness. The mechanism of our creation is described in the opening lines of the Rk Ved and Genesis of the Bible.

Prior to that, the “idea” arises in God called Narayana, the first-born. As it is prior to cosmic mind, this isn’t an idea in the sense we’re familiar with, more it’s an enlivened memory. Narayana gives rise to the cosmic body and via the medium of the Divine Mother, creation “begins”. Father, Mother, Son.

As above, so below: our form is structured based on the cosmic body which is based on Narayana. The mechanism of the cosmic body is another seeming layer, the devata body, the body made of devata (light beings). Gazillions of them. Whole “cities” in a finger. In one perspective, there is only this one body and we all share the same chakras and devata. This perspective can also be seen from the past lives view when all bodies are seen as one, acting concurrently. This is also related to the form of God described in Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita (song of God), where Krishna displays his entire form to Arjuna, overwhelming him.

Creation can be seen to arise in the space in Brahman (as above) or in the cosmic body. This is another place where there’s different ways of seeing.

Creation steps down in a few stages – the Agnim that opens the Rk Veda, then what Dante called the Primum Mobile, then a division into 7, and then we get to the universes, bubbles (nested space) within the creation bubble that contain hiranya garbha or the golden egg. This is the universe from the outside, found in the lower belly of the cosmic body. (note that these are distinct universes, not parallel or alternate)

The event horizon of the universe bubble or universe mind is the ocean where the field of action arises, the 3 gunas, the elements, and so forth. In science, this is the field of quantum fluctuations of the vacuum.

Note that these layers are typically experienced in reverse order.
Aham Vishvam: I am the Universe
Devo Hum: I am the devata
Aham Shrivhir: (sp?) I am the Cosmic Body
Veda Hum: I am the Veda

The “I am” wording is because in the unity process, one experiences then becomes.

The best option to show this would be to create a film using special effects and visualize it. Much easier to relate to then. Show how the vibrations of the gunas in the universe ocean become subtle form, geometry, fields, and our physical world. Though even on that level, the egg interacts with the ocean, creating outside of itself while it is concurrently within itself. Kind of like how we are with the world.


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