How Big is the Mind of God?

How Big is the Mind of God?

It’s an interesting question to consider. Can we even comprehend the size of the mind of God? Certainly, we can say infinite, but infinity is usually associated with something like space. What of that which is beyond space and the awareness of it?

Perhaps it would be useful to consider the scale of it a bit.

We live on a planet that’s about 6,370 km around. That means that if you fly a small plane going at 60 km per hour, it would take you about four and a half days to make it all the way around, flying non-stop. But that only covers one narrow strip of it.

It’s a big place, with over 510 million sq km, although a good part of that is covered by our second atmosphere, the ocean. It’s also rotating at 1,600 km per hour at the equator.
(it varies by latitude) So even when you’re standing still, you’re actually moving faster than Mach 1, the speed of sound.

We tend to have been shown images of the earth orbiting the sun but that’s a little misleading. The sun itself is moving at about 83,685 kph. So we’re actually spirally through space after it. And we’re in a galaxy moving at about 2 million kph. Even Superman couldn’t move that fast. But you are, all the time. There are various ways to get a perspective on the scale of things, like this one from Nikon. Our galaxy is also full of a vast array of life.

They now describe our galaxy as out on a tip of the Laniakea supercluster and we live in a Universe who’s size continues to expand as our measuring devices improve. We still don’t really know how big it is.

Our universe is described in the old texts as hiranya garbha, the golden egg. This is not just poetic expression but describes the universe as seen from the outside. Space does indeed slowly curve back on itself, following the pattern set by consciousness.

While it may seem ridiculous to consider experiencing the universe from the outside, if you understand that all arises within consciousness – both subjective experience and objects of form – and that consciousness arises well prior to the universe, it begins to make a bit more sense. If you settle deeper into your own conscious nature, you can look well beyond even the universe.

Our universe, our golden egg, exists in its own sub- or nested space, a function of self-aware consciousness. That nested space is one of many such nested spaces containing universes in this creation. So yes, there are other universes but they are not parallel or alternate. Rather they are each distinct entities with their own slightly unique laws of nature. This allows for an astonishing variety of unique experiences, vastly more than the dense variety of life on our planet or in our galaxy.

Within our creation, universes are a relatively small object. Relative to the cosmic body, the one body that expresses all bodies in all universes, a universe is about the size of a pea and exists at about the hip level.

Our creation with our form of universes is unique as far as I’ve seen. Most are simpler and all are wildly different from ours with totally different natural laws and principles.

Each creation arises as a musing or impression in the mind of God, when attention falls upon it. Like a single one of your zillion thoughts a day. And from that small musing comes the vastness of life that is beyond comprehension – even just in our own galaxy. But from the perspective of the mind of God, no creation actually becomes anything. Nothing has every happened or ever will. Creations are simply a musing in the mind of God, a means of experiencing, a daydream.

That nothing happens further tells us the mind of God is the lowest aspect of the divine. But none of this should in any way give you the impression it’s all meaningless. It is so dense with meaning, it is beyond our capacity. And we are an intimate part of it.

This is nothing to believe. It is not “truth”. It is simply one perspective offered to give you a broad idea of the profundity of the divine.

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