I wanted to clarify our understanding from the foundational structure of the form of our personal existence – the foundations of our mind, emotions and body. Our energetic DNA we might say. Consider this a first draft while the understanding deepens.

Note that this perspective assumes consciousness is the foundation of everything: the person who is experiencing, the process of experience, and the objects of experience all arise in the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness. This can be verified by direct personal experience*.

The foundational stages of both us as alive beings and the world around us are the same. The difference is that life has an incredibly intelligent sub-structure that is not present in rocks and buildings.

Being made within consciousness, buildings have a very rudimentary form of awareness. But without the more advanced mechanisms to structure life and perception, they remain inert objects unless enlivened by beings.

As I’ve mentioned here before, the fundamental stages of our universe are sound/vibration, direction/geometry, subtle fields, gross fields and form. Consider fields as structured energy following geometry.

Awareness concentrates upon itself and begins to vibrate. (the liveliness within awareness is enlivened) Subjectively, this is bliss. Essentially vibration takes a direction or vector in expressing intelligence. From that you find “sacred geometry” described by Plato, Buckminster Fuller and others. That geometry structures fields (energy) which in turn structures form. We could of course go into vastly more detail.

It’s worth noting these are not distinct steps that unfold over time but rather are instant, ever outflowing expressions. They are basically simultaneous. There is a wholeness to the totality of it rather than a bunch of distinct layers or dimensions. When you’re in the building, it may seem like there are other floors but there is actually only one space with many resolutions.

As I outlined over on Understanding Shakti, these stages correspond with the 5 elements, 5 senses, 5 koshas (aura sheaths), and our subjective layers. And there are actually 7 of all of them.

What turns the liveliness or vibration (pranava mantra, Aum) into life is a little extra, what we call the chakras. Our universe has one set of 7 chakras which express themselves through the myriad of beings throughout our universe. The set arises from cosmic being.

As a point of focus of awareness, we structure a form around us, a vehicle for living. Our body is initially structured from those chakras into sub-chakras and nadis or energy tubes that run between them and to all parts of the body-idea. This underlies the form of the nervous, circulatory and limbic systems that follow. Note that nadis are finer than a hair. Very fine energy flows through them but equally, they can be easily gunked.

Why are nadis tubes? When self-referencing energy flows, it does so in a fine spiral. It curves back on itself continuously, just as consciousness does, for it is the flow of attention itself at these fine levels. We can see this expressing on many layers. The brain synapses are tubes. Blood vessels are tubes. DNA is in a spiral. Planets orbit the sun but the sun is moving rapidly through space so we actually spiral through space with the sun (while we spin out the days). Nassim Haramein is introducing spin into quantum physics. This solves Einsteins field equations and derives a much simpler Unified Field theory. Spiral flow or spin is a fundamental quality of nature.

Broadly we become unique species by the expression of the chakras through the memory of the cosmic body as an expressed idea-form. In humans, we find the chakras most expressed (potentially). And from there, we have the overall state of the chakra and it’s status as open or closed through a given form/person.

The detailed differences between various people is due to what Rose Rosetree calls the chakra databanks. These are sutras (threads) or tubes of intelligence of various size in each chakra that express uniquely by individual. Rather than flowing to other nodes, they project out in an array like antenna. They vary by intensity, size, alertness, and qualities and include our gifts, baggage, and numerous details. Like a Christmas ornament, they form quite the little light show with a remarkable degree of nuance.

These are very much like the nadis of the energetic nervous system. They also arise from the chakras. Only the databanks are open-ended and broadcasting rather than being an internal network like other nadis. They cross communicate but have distinct functions.

The databanks or sutras are not only broadcasting energetically but seeking to connect energetically with others. They are vibrating tones and light with detailed information. Information readable by any of the senses. Think of a big church organ with 50 tubes. Now 5 more such organs. And now some smaller organs who join in chorus. And each of those tubes is a light show too. And taste, smell, and touch machine. This song and sense show is what structures our individuality. Obviously, they must also have a relationship with our biological DNA but that is not yet apparent to me.

This gives you a more detailed sense of why reading the chakra databanks is much superior to just reading the general state and feel of the chakra as a whole. You may be able to hear the song but can you correct the false note? It is 50 times more precise to read one databank, but most people read only the overall chakra at best. Plus, there is astonishing detail in these sutras. Our personal Vedas.

Rose indicates each major chakra has 50 databanks. The sub-chakras like the hands have others. In Kundalini traditions the 6 lower chakras together have 50 petals. And there are 50 letters in a standard Sanskrit alphabet of natures sounds** or bija (seed) mantras which Kundalini Vidya associates with the petals and corresponding abilities. Dr. Frawley makes the same mantra associations. The thousand petals of the crown chakra are said to manage the lower centres and the petal openings but it’s the lower centres we experience the shifts in. I don’t think this specific number is a coincidence but much more depth will be required before I can verify this. It’s a huge clue as to how the data is structured and what the “carrier wave” tone of each databank might be. It would not surprise me if the entire 1,000 petals of the crown each have corresponding databanks and petals across all chakras and sub-chakras.

I look forward to seeing how it unfolds.

* note that this is not a perspective of Self Realization but rather developing Unity. In the first, the world is seen as illusion not consciousness.

**Shiksha v.5 (on Sanskrit) indicates Nature uses 63 sounds to build everything relative to a full Sanskrit alphabet of 64 letters. But the difference between this alphabet and 50 is some punctuation (ayogavaha) and the triple count vowels. The vast majority of the Vedas use only this 50, including Ayurveda, Jyotish, and the Bhagavad Gita.

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  1. Davidya, what a fascinating, erudite, and un-self-consciously brilliant “First draft.”

    Ever since you hung out at my blog and raised the idea that these chakra databanks I have been teaching folks to read for years are related to nadis, well!

    I have searched for articles that make sense out of the concepts of nadis and so far I must say that this article is far and away the most clear and comprehensive — and weirdness-free — I have encountered yet.

    Big thanks to you. You have the mind, and patience, of a true system builder!

  2. Davidya

    Thanks, Rose. I understand entirely. I looked for decent material for years but much of what I found was brief remarks, incomprehensible, or weirdness. The Kundaini Vidya book I mentioned a bit ago covers the major nadis. But there are several things in this article that are probably not found elsewhere. Like how the nadi’s are structured.

    A fascinating little detail. Nadi’s are also called threads or Sutras, just as the verses of the Vedas. This is because the sutras carry a vibratory signal of intelligence/ knowledge. And they are the threads that stitch together wholeness.

    Thus, the databanks are the Rose Veda. 😉

    PS – Yep. In MB I’m an INTJ, the system builder.

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