The 3 Am-egos

The 3 Am-egos

Recently, it has become apparent that the ego functions in as if 3 parts. And those 3 parts are reflected by the Triune structure of the brain. (just Google Triune Brain for more)

The first ego aspect is the idea that we are separate. The mental construct that identifies us and tells our stories about who we are and how the world is. We lose this idea when we first wake up but it can take some time for the “shrapnel” to dissolve. This is the loss of the first Maya, the illusion that we are separate.

The second ego aspect is the emotional attachments. The heart identifications that underly the stories and tell us we need this or that to be satisfied.  Our cravings.  These become more conscious and can be resolved once the ego is lost but many do a great deal of heart work long before this.

The third value is completely unconscious and becomes apparent as the other 2 screens are lost. This is the root identity. The sense of I am. It is rooted in the fear of death or loss of existence, although there is also often other root resistances gripping us there, like in our relationships with food, money, sex, and other fundamental fears. With this level of awareness, the core issues can be released in earnest. The entire sense of identity or “person” is then dissolved.

Then the doorway to the second awakening is revealed. We wake up from the second Maya, the illusion of the world. We wake up from the dream of God to reality. Only now, we discover the Maya has revealed its third aspect. We have transcended its aspects of illusion and of covering. And now it becomes the ladder of truth, the expression of knowing.

Only then can the highest truths be know. And the reality of our existence. But this is not the goal. The path remains a process. When we graduate to truth, we find ourselves again in kindergarten. Beginning the journey forward in more and more expansion and ever increasing refinement of perception.

My becomes I, then I am becomes All.

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