BatGap Second Interview Live

BatGap Second Interview Live

after the interview
Vaidhi and Anoo Nathan (our hosts), Rick Archer, myself,
Swami R. A. Saraswati, Ishtar Ishaya, and Siva Kumar.

Rick Archer and I sat down for a second Buddha at the Gas Pump interview shortly after I arrived in California for the SAND18 Conference.

In the first part, I shared updates since the first interview in 2015. But that required an extended preamble to review the prior stages in consciousness so the updates had some context. Then we explored ParaBrahman and how that is activating influences that are supporting and accelerating global awakening. (Update: Changes since the interview are mentioned in comments below. The aspects are waking up in their universal nature now.)

If you haven’t already, you can watch the prior BATGAP interview first as it gives more background to this story.

The Nathan's and I
The Nathan’s and I

In the second part, we talked about the book Our Natural Potential and quite a few related topics including the gunas in awakening, if there is still a person after awakening, the 5 ways awakening is experienced, kaivalya, cognitions, mahamarmas, kundalini, the resolute intellect, the bhavas, karma, and so forth.

Thanks to the Nathan’s for hosting us. Thanks also to Ralph Preston for the video work and Larry Kelly for cleaning up the audio.

On YouTube

Audio version:

BatGap interview page

Update 22/6: Rick has been getting past interviews transcribed so the Closed Captions (subs) are accurate, especially with terminology like Sanskrit. This interview has been done. The transcript is also available here.

Topic Links:

Part 1:
Stages of Witnessing

The Three Parts of Awakening

Experience vs Being
Stages of Development in Consciousness

3-way Dynamics of Consciousness

Understanding Unity

The Appearance of the Doers (Devata)
The Koshas or sheathes

The Levels talk @ SAND18
Free Will and Determinism
Unity into Brahman or Beyond Consciousness

Subtle Perception

The 16 Kalas


Pure Divinity

Laws of Nature Waking Up (from dormancy)

Being Cosmic (body)

Awakening the Body (laws becoming enlightened)

Inherent Intelligence

Devata and Geometry


Lorne and Lucia Hoff. (They do not advertise The Divine Sutras. They are only available for the clearly awake who have been on their retreats and are approved.)

Part 2:  (about 53 minutes in)
Our Natural Potential book that explores the stages in more detail.

What is Nonduality?

The Gunas in Awakening
Knowing God

Gradations of Awakening and 5 subjective styles

Kaivalya, the Enlightenment of Yoga

Cognition, forms of

The Chakras

Understanding Your Energy System, Part 1


The Awakening Intellect (Resolute )

Styles of Teachers

Styles of Enlightenment

Atman and Sattva  (Bhavas)

Karma and the Awake

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  1. Since the BatGap interview, evidence and experiences are arising that indicate the deva awakening is progressing into the universal value now.

    During the November Dorothy Rowe webinars, she said the causal field (bliss body) is becoming self aware. Essentially, that means waking up. The entire causal field! The causal field is a stage larger than our universe and contains it.

    We mutually experienced the heart expanding out the back. Most nagas (sutras, nadis) are very ancient. Here we witnessed new ones being created so the heart could be mirrored by the Divine. That will be a remarkable upgrade when it completes.

    I can add that such shifts take time to integrate. More purification will be on the agenda too.

    I have no idea how long a deva awakening takes. The ones I’m aware of vary quite a bit already.

    I explore Waking the Body more here:

    1. Jean

      Hi David,
      Loved your interview, fascinating as always.
      One idea came to mind regarding the waking up of devas.
      Could this be related to the many reports of yellow/orange glowing plasma balls people seeing these days?
      I’ve also witnessed one myself.
      I woke up because my whole room was lit up and outside of the window I saw this yellow/orange glowing ball hovering over the garden.
      Pretty amazing to see such thing.

      1. Ah, interesting Jean. Plasma is a 4th state of matter that doesn’t typically occur on earth as we don’t generally have the right conditions, unlike the Sun, for example.

        What you describe sounds most like ball lightning. This is somewhat rare but more prone in areas that get regular lightning. It may or may not have bolts from it and come in various colours. Science doesn’t understand it’s source.

        There are also forms of subtle perception where the world seems lit up by golden light. But this doesn’t have a specific light source but is more everything glows.

        It is possible devas waking from dormancy will cause new phenomena but I couldn’t say if this is related as it’s not been experienced here. We’re just getting a lot of wind storms this winter. (laughs)

        1. Jean

          A better description might be “glowing orange orb” since you say it’s unlikely plasma.
          The thing is I can remember the day pretty well.
          I was in a very hightned state at this particular day, blissed out you could say like never before.
          I looked at my watch to see what time it is and to check that it was not a dream.
          I don’t check the time in dreams since it doesn’t really work there
          Very interesting day I won’t forget for sure.

          1. Ah yes, orbs. These seem to be pre-physical/ etheric objects that some cameras pick up more than human eyes though they are occasionally bright enough to spill into physical light.

            I wonder if this is related to reports of ball lightning inside buildings and in related places that are not very lightning-like.

            They seem to be more common in peaceful and spiritual places but it varies.

            Some people also produce energetic phenomena. I know someone that has to put a pad on the back of his watch or it will short out. Others report discharges and light phenomena around them.

            There also may not be a direct causality. It may be that your blissful state attracted an energetic phenomena.

            Yes, it doesn’t sound at all like dream state.

            A memorable day but don’t try to hold on to it. Allow experiences to come and go as they do naturally.

  2. Sabrina

    Dear Davidya, I listened to this interview yesterday and want to thank you for all the work you have done with your clarity of seeing. Your emphasis on how we each awaken uniquely is very helpful, to accept that the Divine is experiencing through one’s unique perspective seems to me essential. It is most heartening to hear your perspective that the laws of nature are waking up as that seems to me part of my piece of all this, to communicate with the devas – as you did with the wind – and I have done, with the trees and water and the devas that work within our bodies. I am so happy that you are talking about all this, as well as the the subtle and sublime descent of Shiva/Shakti. For me you add the words to what I feel/know intuitively through my body.
    All blessings,

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