The Healing Algorithm

The Healing Algorithm

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I often get questions about energy healing as I regularly mention its importance. My process is largely self-learned and informal, adapting to what is arising. I’ve not developed a specific formula.

Essentially, I notice a sensation or emotion arising in day-to-day life that has a flavour of resistance, allow it to be expressed and it resolves. With a little practice, this becomes mostly automatic. We shift from repressing to releasing. I don’t go looking for contraction, I just notice them when life events bring them up.

If you have not yet woken, you may also notice a flavour of grasping or trying to control. That falls away post-awakening leaving just old resistance to surface.

Either flavour requires we be willing to experience what arises. You notice reactivity? What is behind that? What is the feeling driving it? How do you feel right now? Can you identify those feelings? If not, it means there’s some repression. If you’re unwilling to go there, you won’t be able to identify the emotion that’s arising and to discriminate it from other internal noise. And thus the emotion can’t be experienced and resolved. Sometimes, it’s just recognizing a sensation and allowing the attention to go there. We may even find pain but as the charge eases off, you’ll find anger, fear, shame, and other heavier emotions rumbling beneath it.

This isn’t about going into the emotions. It’s simply allowing them to be there and witnessing them.  Stop resisting their experience. Then they can arise in awareness and be “digested” or resolved. Some may wash over us in a wave but then they’re done. They are seen and completed.

The bigger suppressions will have layers, including something of an emotional shadow that’s been keeping them hidden. A theme may repeat as the layers peel or you’ll notice it doesn’t feel completed. This can unfold over time. At some point, the core comes to the surface with a stronger charge and then it can be completed. You may find some dust has been kicked up, and some rest is needed afterwards to complete the processing.

For example, you may find a contraction with several layers of shame hiding a core betrayal. Or you may find layers of anger and frustration around a core fear.

These big ones are our major life lessons. Resolving them energetically means we don’t have to live those out in life events anymore. It’s a much faster and easier process even if you find it challenging.

My exploration lead into perceiving these “storage places” of repression, initially following the threads of past lives. Dorothy Rowe has pointed out some ancestral stuff I’d not noticed and have been clearing recently.

This may sound unfamiliar and complex but it’s really simple. It’s about allowing whatever arises in experience to be experienced. Whatever is arising now and whatever that triggers from our past. All emotion is OK, a natural expression of our being. If we resist, it will reduce clarity and create reactivity. Noticing while it is arising allows us to resolve it energetically, avoiding it playing out in life events. When we become an open vessel, what is unresolved will come forward to complete.

Healing is not complex, but it takes some time and patience to shift our habits of resistance and resolve the backlog in a healthy and balanced way. We don’t want to take down the house in the process of cleaning it.

Dorothy Rowe offers a more formalized process that is simple but is also more sophisticated. Notice offering it to silence. You gain both the power of wholeness to support the process and solutions for more complex issues.

Her Healing Algorithm in short:
1 – feel the symptom
2 – find its seed
3 – offer it to silence
4 – from silence, the answer returns
5 – what is given from silence is offered back

And in a little more detail:
1 – feel the sensation or emotion
2 – look behind or beyond the symptom for the source
3 – offer it to silence (being, awareness, presence)
4 – from silence, the answer or antidote returns, quickly or soon. This can be a knowingness, pictures, intuition, or other forms. You may get more information about it or recognize a deeper seed further in.
5 – whatever arises is offered back to silence. This amplifies it, helps purify, and deepens further.
It becomes more defined & precise. Offer that back too until it expands to infinity.

As we become more experienced at it, we get faster. The process also makes us better at letting go and makes our connection to source a more active, interactive relationship.
This process does require a sense of being, of inner silence. You can’t fall back into silence if you have no experiential reference point for it. Developing this comes from samadhi (transcendence) for which I recommend effortless meditation.

However, we don’t have to be perfect here. If we’re less clear, we’ll get foggier signals and may not clear as deeply. But it’s still a very helpful process for clearing emotions, stories, and so forth. The healing develops more clarity which increases our skill.

Dorothy goes into the process in more detail in this video and demonstrates:

On Youtube

Healing in all aspects of being allows us to live a fuller, richer life. It takes time and patience to move beyond the behemoth of our past but the rewards are worth it.

Update: Dorothy published a March webinar that explores the Healing Algorithm along with related healings on YouTube.

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  1. Amaryllis

    Thanks David, Dorothy has such a sweet presence and I enjoyed her Batgap interview a while back. Really enjoyed your post too. Thanks for the great companionship on the pathless path!

  2. David

    This is so neat. I’ve been going through learning a big, big, life lesson for the past 2-3 weeks and part of that was my last correspondence to you. And during this time the Universe, God, has given me lots of answers to this life lesson…you, this video you sent, another guru sent to me. It’s so true when you need answers God provides…abundantly. So, I learned this huge life lesson of starting to practice ahimsa. I noticed it started with insects many months ago (some not all and it depends on the situation, lol) and from there it has expanded to people…some intentionally, some as a, ‘Father forgive him for he knows not what he does’ type scenario. So, now I am aware that every action whether good or bad has a boomerang effect. And it can take a long time to process an action that is not favorable or lovable…so it’s best not to do something you may regret later… think before you act! And this is not about being a perfect person. It’s just about being more aware on another level…and I know that this sounds so simple right, it does as I write it out, but to really be aware of it, and learn it, is huge and not so simple. Thanks David!

    1. Hi David
      Yes, what you need and what you put your attention on replies. 🙂

      On Ahimsa, understand this is about intent. We can’t totally avoid harm. Our body destroys bacteria. We consume life to sustain the physical body. But it is good to be conscious of how our attention is and how we’re acting. Careful not to try and second-guess yourself. Just have the intent to be of benefit to those around you. We can bless the food we consume, for example.

      And yes, it is a new way of seeing. That is a big deal.

      I have an article coming up for the end of the month thats an on steroids version of your comment.

  3. Phil

    Thanks David. Clearly written. Francis Lucille describes something similar, in that you investigate the arising sensation first with a detailed focus but then says afterwards it is important to let the focus be wider and open as the narrower focus can hold the sensation in place, when of course you then want it to be free to resolve in the field in which it arises.

    What is detailed above is more involved in that in renouncing the more complex issues to the silence, you trust respective support will be given, and then offering that back in continual renouncement. This is a whole life path in and of itself I suppose, in regards to whatever challenges arise. 🙂

    1. Hi Phil
      Sounds a little like Sanyama. Focused attention within broad awareness. Much easier if some presence has been developed.

      The advantage of renouncing the hard ones is calling on higher support. This allows us to heal things we may not yet be clear about or that are beyond our perception.

      And yes, that can become a life approach. In a sense, this is what the Unity stage is like. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing.

  4. k

    I like this expression “behemoth of our past” – ha ha – I do have some large baggage – this is kind of more amusing than sad to think about all the stuff I have been toting about. One reason it is not too sad is that at this point I don’t think I have a choice about the baggage. Just have to deal with it. If I knew better I would have avoided accumulating the difficult baggage. But I did not know better. One question I have is about witnessing. Sometimes, the major portion of an emotion is a physical sensation (like a heaviness in the chest). It is related to sadness or fear or regret or something but the major sensation is not the actual label of the emotion but the feeling of something sitting on your chest. I have finally learned to just be with it – but don’t try too hard to label it or trace it. My sense is that this will heal as well? It is almost as though all emotions / moods are arising to dwell a while in your thorax and then they move on. Sometimes they recur and sometimes not.

    1. Hi K
      (laughs) Ironically, the large baggage we have is said to be just a suitcase of the mountains we carry. Happily the latter is roasted by awakening. Then we just have to deal with the sprouted seeds.

      Yes, if we knew what we know now. But we didn’t so there it is. We have been in a rising cycle so we are becoming more conscious of things that we once were not – in all kinds of ways.

      Right. There is the unresolved emotion but it’s stored somewhere in the energy physiology. So we experience the sensations of the release along with the contents of the container. Sometimes, the suppression is greater than the stored emotion, so there’s more sensation. Sometimes the inverse.

      But yeah, just allow it. Trying to label it is just mind. Sometimes, understanding comes with it too but it doesn’t much matter if it does or doesn’t.

      If they seem to recur, thats telling you layers are peeling off. That continues until the core is cleared.

      Not sure about the thorax but that will probably become clear in time. Perhaps theres some resistance there or theres an aspect of “swallowing it” in the process of digesting whatever it is.

      Witnessing is different. Thats the observer, being able to sit back and just watch this stuff going on. Not being drawn into the experiences but just allowing them to unfold. As our presence grows, this gets much easier as its no longer personal the same way. Witnessing isn’t just of healing but of all life including sleep and dreams.

  5. Sabrina

    This is a great post. I have joined Dorothy’s webinairs, again thank you for that recommendation via your posts, and i notice a curious thing every time I offer the feeling back to silence. I imagine it will change over time, but so far, I offer the sensation back to silence and then a huge wave moves my body, a kriya I suppose. I then return to the process offering it back to silence again. Another huge wave, fortunately my body is fluid and just moves with the undulation. Usually I am lying down during this process so it is easy and light. Thanks for all your great posts.

    1. Hi Sabrina
      There are 2 things here.
      Kriyas are movements resulting from purification. They tend to have sensations and be more jerky.

      But when things open up there are flows that begin to move in. These are like surges or waves. They don’t have emotional content but may have fine feelings like love, compassion, happiness, etc. The resulting movements are more graceful and flowing although when new, they may be less so or combined with the above.

      This is higher values moving in and becoming available to us. The flows can bring spontaneous asanas, or mudras. This is a form of embodiment.

      Undulation is a good word. 🙂

      And yes, lots of flow during Dorothy webinars here and in others I know too. This is also about acting in the collective.

          1. Christian

            “Flow is actually kind of significant as it illustrates a much deeper level of embodiment. Will write about.”
            Having also experienced massive undulations of energy in the body, I look forward to reading about this.
            For me, this experience lead directly to what seemed like an awakening, the sense of self began to go completely offline. But the fear that came up was incredible and overwhelming, so I prayed and prayed and managed to claw my way back to my “normal” state of consciousness.
            I do feel beckoned to return to that experience, but I’m doing some healing work first. In the mean time, I’m very interested to learn more about the connection between these big undulations in the body, the feeling of something energetically shifting/inverting in the brain, and the perceptual dissolution of the “self”.

            1. Hi Christian

              The article is coming up on the 12th, Waking the Body.

              To be clear, by “flow” I mean flows of consciousness. They can create energy movements and other purification but this movement is quite a bit more subtle than that. It’s a movement towards embodiment.

              As the article outlines, its purification, flow, embodiment, then the spiritual awakening on the level of the body itself.

              Yes, it can feel like things that have been dormant are waking up from a slumber. Things are coming alive that were not before.

              But that opening brought a hidden contraction into awareness, a major fear. A fear we’ve kept suppressed for a long time. A fear we have not wanted to experience. In other words, there’s a fear of the fear.

              The first thing is thus relaxing the fear of the fear. That’s what is making it feel overwhelming. Then we can experience the fear itself. Once we simply experience it, it will wash over us in a wave and be complete. All we need to do is complete the experience.

              Then that shadow on your experience will be gone.

              The above suggests 2 rounds to process it but it can take a few tries when it steps forward to relax into it. It will never be more than we can take if we allow it. If we try to control the process, then there will be a great deal more thrashing.

              This is the challenge of the spiritual process. Being willing to really let go and trust life.

              There’s an article series I wrote on the larger topic of the energy system.

              Essentially, there is some sort of contraction or sludge that clears, there is an opening leading to a surge of energy (like unclogging a pipe), and then the settling in to a new normal.

              This isn’t in itself leading to an awakening. Rather it’s preparing the physiology to be able to support it so it can sustain it when an opportunity arises.

              The sense of personal me is a 3-layer construct. The first layer is the subtle concept of being a separate self. It’s surrounded by a bunch of stories that “define” us, the roles I spoke about in the Unbalanced Masculine.

              When the center falls out of that, we wake up. But this self is well defended as it knows it’s just a construct and tries to hide that from ourselves. (yep – a little convoluted).

              I talk about the first shift more in earlier articles. Like:

              Hope that helps. 🙂

  6. AB

    Many thanks David.
    Not sure how to find the seed. With physical pain in the past I sit with it trying to keep attention and awareness on the symptom, eventually I notice I am trying to get rid of it so I relax some more and allow while keeping awareness. Eventually it feels like a new lesson on letting go or relaxing as it begins to dissolve.

    Never knew I could also bring awareness to the stories. I tried ho’oponopono technique but only with the thank you statement to the stories especially to the negative story loops that come up. An interesting way to remind to come back to awareness and the gratitude for helping me see and release the story is amazing. I understand now your old article on gratitude. Amazing it actually works and the heart does begin to open.

    I will try to practice the Healing Algorithm on some resistance and stuff I have been avoiding.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi AB
      Yes, this takes a bit of practice. At first, you simply become aware of some resistance or reactivity. This is the symptom. It may be a sensation or an emotion or one that becomes another.

      Having that in your attention without judgement allows it to be seen and resolved. You have addressed the seed.

      But as you get more experienced, you’ll run into bigger stuff that doesn’t release quite so easily. Then you can offer that to source. A response will come back quickly or slowly. But thats also something you may have to learn to hear. Harder to notice sometimes if the mind is babbling away too loudly. 🙂

      And yes, we get new lessons in letting go and allowing whatever arises.

      Ah, wonderful.

      Don’t be hard on yourself about getting it right. There is a kind of fluidity called for with energy healing. Different things may need slightly different approaches.

      But with so much of this, just making it conscious is all it needs. To complete, to resolve, to be seen through, whatever.

  7. Phil

    Hi David,

    Do you have any experience trying to heal something like tinnitus, and other more ‘mundane’ physical complaints?

    I’ve placed attention on the ringing with various width of focus to no avail.

    I did hear once that tinnitus sufferers should not put sustained attention on the ringing as that can intensify the neurological pathways involved and thus make the condition worse – and indeed it does seem louder after an attempt at healing – giving it attention and allowing as opposed to attempts at distraction from it, as is the usual advice with tinnitus.

    I’ve had the condition for a while now, but has just recently become more aggravated. It feels very physical, louder in the left ear than right, rather than a causation of any ‘mystical’ tone.

    Was just wondering if you know from experience if such conditions can be healed, and is it a gamble, as such attempts at a healing could potentially make it worse?


    1. Hi Phil
      I’m not a healer but have experimented on myself. Healing comes down to repairing the source of the issue. Things can have a physical source or an emotional or an energy or a mental or can even have a blueprint/ karmic source. They then express forward into the other layers.

      You may find some relief from healing on the level of symptoms but the issues return if the source isn’t addressed. Sometimes, the source is obvious but sometimes you need help as it’s anything but.

      It also helps to have understanding about an issue. Tinnitus is a good example. If it’s actual tinnitus it can be due to ear damage and physical healing is required. But there are also forms of purification that can bring ringing. In that case, attention can help facilitate healing. And then there is refined perception that brings a ringing in the ears. Essentially, you’re hearing the world becoming. In that case, you don’t give it attention nor try to repress it, you just allow it to be there. Then it tends to fade away.

      All of them can feel physical.

      As long as force isn’t used, healing experiments are very unlikely to make it worse. Everything can be healed but the more physical it is, the slower that will tend to be. And the more karmic, the more time it may take.

      But you should consult with experts. I’m not one of them, nor is this an appropriate forum for diagnosis.

  8. “If you have not yet woken, you may also notice a flavour of grasping or trying to control. That falls away post-awakening leaving just old resistance to surface. ”

    This may actually depend on your style of entanglement. For some, control has more threads than resistance. This leads to more control habits to wind down post-awakening. For others it will be as described. And still others a blend.

  9. Daniel

    Hi Davidya,
    I know that you wrote a lot about gratitude.
    What do you think of Loving-kindness (metta) meditation?
    It helps me to clear the heart and it works perfectly in combination with gratitude.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Daniel
      Certainly there is value in culturing the heart – both in opening and healing. However, I’ve found it key to have an effortless mantra meditation as the foundation. This connects you to source and cultures a stable platform. Without that, it can be hard to sustain an open heart when we’re buffeted by the collective.

      As a general note, it’s also important to have balance. We’re here to live a life, not spend our time trying to fix or escape it. Practices are valuable but just as it’s not healthy to eat all day, it’s not good to overdo practices. 🙂

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