Malika’s Meditation

Malika’s Meditation

Meditation by World's Direction
Meditation by World’s Direction

Readers of this blog know I recommend an effortless mantra meditation. This is because it is a reliable way to transcend (samadhi). And that is the key to Yoga (union) and awakening.

I suggest Transcendental Meditation (TM) as it’s widely available and taught reliably. I know a few independent teachers that are less expensive but they’re not widely available and I’ve seen some that don’t teach properly.

I also know a couple of websites that offer free instruction, but none I’ve referred there have established a regular practice. Learning meditation is an experiential process. Most Westerners have a mental habit of control, which interferes with effortless. We need the direct experience of effortless practice. It’s the benefits of right practice that lead to regular practice and results. Guidance into the experience of effortless practice is key.


Recently, Dorothy Rowe interviewed Malika [part of a series that’s no longer online]. I felt called to follow up after watching the talk. Malika is a relative of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She learned to teach meditation but then source immediately upgraded her mantra skills.

Malika offers effortless meditation through online instruction via Zoom. It’s taught inexpensively in small groups or for a bit more, privately. I’d recommend the latter, but if funds are tight, the first is an option.

[this section updated to better reflect her instruction and it’s evolution.]

Unlike most meditation teachers, she draws your mantra from source directly. It’s uniquely tailored to your needs.

She then awakens your source frequency within that mantra, activating it. We could say she awakens your flavour of shakti in the sound. It’s not easy to explain this frequency enhancement but it’s very effective. They’re not sounds or mantras, but enhancements to them. They’re an enlivenment of the shakti or source frequencies within the sound.

Think of the pranava or cosmic sound, Aum. The whole Sanskrit alphabet and all form arises from within that one sound. Malika can enliven your qualities within your sound.

Her usual instruction is with a new mantra to establish a new practice. A friend took this path and received a new seed sound. Malika then awakens your shakti in that sound. And then upgrades the frequency. Instruction includes a followup session and a further upgrade.

Occasionally, Maharishi recommends someone with an existing effortless meditation practice keep their current mantra. She can “switch on” qualities of your mantra aka awaken its shakti.

In my case, I felt called to explore this. Maharishi recommended I keep the existing mantra. She activated my source frequency in that. I was astonished by the change. New qualities were lit up and they’ve stayed “on”. The devi of the mantra showed up to bless the instruction too. In my specific instruction, Malika also stepped it up twice more. This shifted the colour of the mantra each time. And she gave me a taste of her Intuitive Healing offering.

Having some refined perception, the changes were directly experienced by both of us. Everyone’s experience will be somewhat different. The importance here is the activation, not the subjective experience during, even if it was fun. The activation is what brings lasting results.

Occasionally, she’s recommended some drop other practices or has adjusted her recommendations to avoid excess purification. You can discuss this with her.

Note that the term “primordial sound” means different things to different groups. For TMers, it refers to a special technique. For the Chopra group, it’s the name of the meditation. Malika uses it to refer to the calculated sound or mantra. Because of this overlap, she’s moving away from this phrasing.

She also offers further deepening in optional later sessions, called Frequency Activation.

Her instruction meets the key criteria I listed on Transcending – The Means. She doesn’t use a traditional Guru Puja for instruction but an invocation to Source. She feels it’s best to connect directly rather than through any intermediary. Key here is she has that connection so can invoke it. It’s not just words being spoken, as you often see in spiritual groups.

Unlike what Maharishi did in “reproducing” meditation teachers, this isn’t an approach she’ll be able to teach to others because it depends on her gifts. I’ve not met anyone else with the ability to charge a mantra like this.

If you’re looking for an effortless meditation teacher or have a long practice that seems a little stagnant or you’d like to speed up the process, I can recommend Malika. She’s based in New Delhi.

She offers a free consult and has a free newsletter. In her latest newsletter, she mentions helping those in a coma and teaching several cats to meditate. 🙂

Update: from the taste of healing during my instruction, I’ve since booked monthly healing sessions with her. They’ve been effective and insightful.
Update 2: Feb ’24: made a few edits above to reflect changes in her offerings. She’s recently rebranded as “Direct God Connection” and renamed Primordial Sound to Direct Source Connection. She’s also added another level of instruction called Source Sound. See her website for more.

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  1. Tyler

    Wow this is very interesting and has definitely captured by interest. I have been working with Michael Speight since Christmas and just recently received my mantra enhancement from my basic Mantra I was first given. Do you think I should wait awhile to let the enhancement sink in before seeking her services or would it be ok to have it awakened now?

    You always have a very timely way of offering posts that seem directly related to things that have been on my mind , ha ha. I cannot even count the amount of times now I have been contemplating a topic for a few weeks or days and then BAM! I get an email notification about your latest post and it is either about that very same topic or regarding a very similar/related area. I cannot thank you enough for these very special moments.

    You have been instrumental in my return to the spiritual path and for a beautiful unfolding that has and continues to take place. I bow to you deeply from the heart . I wish there was some way to give back to you for the wonderous gift. I feel called to open hearted service which is a recent development, haha.

    Ever grateful for your light and wisdom.

    1. Hi Tyler
      If you’ve just had an upgrade, you may want to wait for it to be settled before you change anything else. But a few weeks should be enough – but I’d go by feel, if you feel established.

      That’s the self-organizing power of nature. I can’t take credit there. Someone clearly awake tends to be more in the flow there but it’s nature organizing. Happy to have been a vector for support.

  2. I also want to celebrate the amazing progress some people I know are having. It’s remarkable to see. Someone with a long spiritual practice. And then the time comes and they awaken. Then further stages unfold in short order. Unity, Brahman…

    This is also a very good sign for the collective, that’s it is supporting more and more people in stages that were once rare. Yay!

    1. John R

      I’m certainly celebrating, and yes, it’s amazing!

      I had actually started to view Dorothy’s interview with Malika when Dorothy posted it in July, but got a bit distracted by, well, some amazing progress. Just viewed it yesterday, and Malika is a gem that is now not so hidden. I look forward to reaching out to her soon.

      Yay! Double yay!

      1. Olli

        I had a healing session with her a couple of days ago. It was really profound, is all I can say. She can see stuff with astonishing precision. The healing is still unfolding, I think the effects and benefits will be seen in the long run.

  3. Lynette

    This is great. Thanks for sharing. I just learned my 4th advance TM technique . I believe I am 4 weeks into it. There is inner calmness in me amidst challenges. But I feel I am not awaken yet. Should I try her or go through the TM sidhi program first? Like many people you are instrumental to my spiritual path. I am also happy to note you are well, because you are posting more these days.

    1. Hi Lynette
      Awakening will come in time. Preparing the ground so you can sustain it really helps. It also helps with quality of life meantime.

      The recommendation here is mainly for long-term meditators who would like a boost. Better to stay with the path you’re on at this time.

      In our culture, it’s a little too easy to get distracted and wander off the path without noticing…

      PS – doing better but still in treatment. Thanks.

  4. For whatever reason, I never trusted a stranger enough to give me a mantra. In hindsight, I wish I had sat with that more. I’ve always trusted you and Dorothy Rowe, but neither of you offered TM services. I had a kundalini awakening in 2017, by doing Eckhart Tolle practices, and I’ve had a really rough ride ever since. Thank the “Lord” I found Malika, and I’m thrilled to hear you writing about her too. By the way, I found you through Andrew… I found him through Buddha At The Gas Pump, and I found Dorothy through you. This student is ready ♥️

  5. Hi Andrea
    When I learned, I didn’t know enough to be concerned. 🙂 (The benefit of past life practice, to be drawn back to the path.) Thanks for sharing. Dorothy and I both have BATGAP interviews too. It is curious how connections arise.

  6. Just want to emphasize the paragraph “Note that the term “primordial sound” means different things to different groups. ” What Malika is offering is completely different than any “primordial sound” technique you may have gotten from the TMO, including by Chopra himself when he was in the org.

    She teaches an effortless meditation with a mantra, which she has the ability to activate after instruction.

  7. Lee

    Hi David,
    This post has been very timely for me also :).
    I read all of your blog posts and am currently reading your book, “Our Natural Potential.”
    I have found an awakened teacher who lives in my city. He recommends just following the breath as he says this is ‘reality’ not fantasy, but I will continue to follow your recommendations, as following the breath for me brings up too much of the ‘will’ and ‘effort’ which is what I have been letting go of.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Lee
      Different teachers will recommend what has worked for them. There are many ways to transcend. Following the breath is a good way to relax and can help facilitate purification. However, it tends to create dullness over time and is less likely to lead to transcending, which is key for developing the ground for awakening.

      It does surprise me though how some awake people know very few others awake and are limited to very few examples of shifts. Some view “higher” stages as delusional. But I’ve also seen those same people change their minds as their own unfolding continued.

  8. Lee

    Hi David,

    it could have something to do with the fact that I live in Perth, Western Australia; the most isolated city in the world, where awake teachers are very thin on the ground :).

    I would say this teacher views “higher” stages as delusional, as he shuts down any questions going in that direction and keeps repeating the need to focus on ‘reality,’ and that none of this really exists and it doesn’t matter. He has been this way for decades, so I’m really not sure if he has been experiencing further unfolding of consciousness.

    However, he does radiate strong presence and shakti, so I will continue to be around him for now and continue with my TM.
    Thank you for all your wisdom and breadth of knowledge you are willing to share to help all of us on our journey.

    1. Hi Lee
      Right – it’s the presence that counts. One of my teachers woke up when they got up to turn off a video of a teacher that was annoying him. The words and personality are just the front. The presence was still there to catalyze the shift.

      His motivation is likely his own experience. There are those that don’t talk about higher stages because they want to avoid concepts about them. Those in the Papaji linage, for example. In her BATGAP interview, Gangaji clearly describes the first 3 shifts but doesn’t name them.

      Another camp denies further stages because they’ve not unfolded. There is huge variation in how long the process takes. I’ve seen a few people go from waking though the stages into Brahman in under 6 months. They spend a lot of time catching up after. I’ve seen others take years just to be confident they’ve woken. And yet, the longer they’re awake, the deeper it goes anyway.

      The problem is, a concept of no stages is also problematic. It can actually be a barrier to their unfolding. I don’t suggest you try to convince your teacher. He’ll need a peer or breakthrough experience for that.

      That said, it’s perfectly valid to focus on what is real now. That.s where the shifts happen. Not in the mind or the future or past.

      1. PS – in case it’s not clear for readers, the reason i talk about higher stages is to support those going through them. They’ve become a lot more common in recent years and many don’t have the support available.

        Yes, there is the hassle of concepts of stages being a barrier to living them. But that attachment generally falls away with the direct experience.

        My model of stages isn’t new. It comes through sages of yore. And circumstances have put me in a place where I’ve seen many go through the various shifts. Plus blogging like this, I’ve discussed them with many more.

        It’s valuable to have some context when shifts are happening so our expectations are not interfering. And to understand what is potential variation and what is the underlying process.

        For example, some people have a flashy awakening. They may confuse the content with the shift. That can distract and slow the integration. The key is understanding what shifted so they can support it.

        Inversely, others can have a very quiet shift and struggle with doubt and mind more. But again, understanding what shifts can help support it.

      2. Lee

        “His motivation is likely his own experience. There are those that don’t talk about higher stages because they want to avoid concepts about them. ”
        This is exactly right. He was actually on a Batgap interview years ago if you’re interested – Vishrant.
        He has a lot of wisdom and has helped me to change perspective around a recent tragedy in my life.
        I think your teachings around stages of awakening are an extremely useful roadmap, and necessary for the path xxxx.


    1. Hi Guru
      I’m not sure I’d frame it that way. Karma means action. However, we often use the term for actions that are unresolved, things that didn’t complete. Essentially, our backlog of things that need to happen to complete. In our lifetime, we bring in a “suitcase” of karma to work through in this lifetime. That’s the stuff we have to work with. The backlog gets roasted when we awaken, so we don’t need to worry about that.

      Some of that karmic suitcase can be resolved energetically. Simply by experiencing a contraction within, we feel a wave of emotion and the energy is released, the karma resolved. That’s why I talk about energy healing on this site.

      Other karma needs to be lived through in life events. This is partly because its entwined with others who are also working out theirs. My recent health journey would be an example. The key there is not resisting or getting entangled with what is rising. Just seeing it as something to be experienced, allowing the experience, then letting it go. Done.

      Keep in mind this unfolds on a schedule so it’s something that simply arises at certain points during your life, and others. The interplay of others responses can shift timing a bit but it largely plays out as planned. Thus the key is how we respond to what is arising rather than trying to manage it in some way.

      Someone like Malika can help facilitate healing and recovery. The above is how I’d frame it.

      Deleting a file on a computer just deletes the reference to it. The file isn’t actually deleted until its over-written by new files later. For energy healing, we have to resolve the energy and clear the file completely, not just hide our memory of it. 🙂

  9. I have been doing TM for 51 yrs and TM sidhis since they came out (was on MIU faculty). I have PC just about all the time. I still have thoughts in meditation, but when I do I go back to PC. I seem to have dropped the mantra–it feels like just one more thought in the way of PC. Is there a reason to use the mantra?

    1. Hi Elaine
      Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your work. As a male, I was resistant to recognizing I was an HSP. But it added important context to my life. For that, I’m appreciative.

      To your question, yes there is still value in the mantra but our understanding of the practice itself has to evolve as we do.

      We can think of it like Shiva and Shakti, the 2 fullness’s. PC is Shiva. Being able to just settle into PC on call indicates deep development. This makes us very ripe for awakening but by itself is quite dry.

      The fullness of the world is in Shakti. Shakti (grace) is also key for the recognition of Self by itself. There has to be sufficient clarity and liveliness for it to happen. Flat alertness by itself stays that way.

      The majority of people wake up with a catalyst, usually in the form of someone awake. The awakeness in them helps stir the awakeness in us. This becomes more important when we’re very ripe, as a lot of long-term TMers are.

      Also, soma comes from the transition, the lively edge of PC, Shakti. It’s the key to refinement. PC alone misses that.

      The mantra is designed to draw us toward PC but also to purify and refine in the process. Unless we’re able to fully embody whats described in texts like the Yoga Sutra, we know we have more work to do. (laughs)

      However, if we try to “think” the mantra when we’re quite settled, it brings us out as you describe. It can be jarring.

      In the experience here, the mantra is like a seed we plant. It reverberates within thereafter. When we meditate, we’re just bringing it up into conscious awareness. When we’re deeply established, even that reverberation may be too “loud” during practice.

      When we’re as established as that, the mantra is more a “faint idea.” It may merely be an intention. So yes, its not there in the old sense of it. But if we entirely drop using it, it’s not the same practice.

      The question for yourself:
      – is it there happening quietly and automatically so needs only a tiny bit of attention
      – do you need to experiment with how to come back to the practice when you notice you’re thinking thoughts. Just as a light intention?

      Note: at some point, you’ll be dropping into samadhi for long periods of time. No thoughts, no practice per se. But at some point, you come back up and do a little practice to transition.

      Make sense?

  10. Jose

    Hi dear David,

    Happy to see you are posting more frequently and wishing you peace and healing.
    Recently something changed in my mantra – it happened after seeing an ayurvedic doctor from India and before our Lorn and Lucia retreat. There is a bliss in the mantra and in transcending that can I only describe as a “charge” I’ve been wondering what caused it and the message I am receiving is that it’s “Grace” (Shakti). In terms of the body, it feels as if something shifted energetically and when it did there was a knowledge/intuition that it was permanent and not just a “glimpse”. Since then Silence (true Self) has been more dominant in daily activity and with it, its accompanying intelligence manifests as Right Action and deepening of the heart.

    I feel like asking you why and how this happened to my mantra but that’s the mind looking for questions and certainty 🙂 I am happy to accept the Grace just as it’s with an ever-grateful heart.

    I also feel intrigued, happy and curious about Malika and feel an inclination to know more about her. As an aside, I met an Amma devotee who asked Amma to supercharge his TM mantra, according to him Amma couldn’t understand what he wrote and just gave him a new one!

    1. Hi Jose
      There’s a few reasons why a mantra may seem to be upgraded like that. Like clearer awareness on the subtler levels, purification, someone like Malika, or grace. Certainly sounds like something opened up though as dominant Self isn’t a mantra quality.

      Malika does offer a free consult if you’d like to talk to her about what she can offer.

      (laughs) Yes, it’s not a technique widely available. Nice to get a personalized mantra though.

  11. Olli


    I got my mantra or primordial sound from Malika this week. She’ll upgrade the frequency later next week in another session. I was in a group session.
    Right away the mantra was really powerful. In the group session after getting my sound activated, I had about 5 minutes to just be with the mantra and meditate. I was almost scared how deep it took me immeditately.

    The next day the experience with the mantra was a bit different. I didn’t go as deep, because it felt like the sound started bringing out everything that needed to purifying. It’s almost as if the first time with the sound I just went right into the deep end, but it also loosened up all the dirt and now the dirt is being worked on.

    Malika is the real deal and I’m very happy that I’ve come across this. Looking forward to see what the upgrade will do.

    1. Beautiful, Olli
      This is a common experience. Clear transcending the first time, followed by more purification. Just remember that how deep we seem to go is entirely subjective. We can be quite settled but have lots of thoughts and thus feel shallow or be superficial but clear and feel deep.

      The subjective experience will vary widely. For best results, the key is regular practice. That brings samadhi and that housecleaning and cultures the state itself until it’s always with us.

  12. Lew

    This looks very interesting. However when I looked into primordial sound it seems like they use Om which Guru Dev said was not particularly right for householders…. Is this correct and how is this resolved? In India Om is used frequently in all parts of society ….. music, prayer etc.

    1. First thing – generally she uses bija Shakti mantras – same tradition as TM but a slightly different selection method. However, there are occasions where someone may get a specific mantra based on other factors. Malika pays attention to her guides. Maharishi is one of them – I’ve experienced that myself now. Same reaction I had to him in the 70’s. (laughs)

      The question of specific mantras is complex. Yes, generally Om and Aum are renunciate mantras and not recommended for most of us. However, there are circumstances where it might be useful, like in a yagya to gain Shiva’s support.

      Om is used widely in India as it represents Shiva. This relates to the story of Daksha, when an important ceremony accidentally left him out. Including it in everything avoids that. 🙂

      There may be very specific circumstances where a Shiva mantra is recommended for various reasons. But this is where expertise is required. The general rule stands, but there is always exceptions to any rule.

  13. Pierre

    Hi David, greetings from province of Quebec!
    I want to thank you to have shared your experience with Malika – this went right trough my being. I had to do this. Although I practiced TM and TM-Sidhis program for almost 45 years she gave me my Primordial Sound that morning (her guides suggested 100% to update my mantra) and this was very deep and powerful, never felt this much integration in daily life since. I feel like reincarnated in my own body, a new life. It is a beautiful continuity in the sadhana, an awakened friend of mine said something very beautiful about this: « I did not quit TM, I flourished by it under the sun of a new day where I can risk the unknown and be free and fulfilled»

  14. More recent articles:
    On my experiences with her healing and a recorded sample:

    On my more recent experience with a new mantra showing up as a being, then getting instruction.:

    Malika has begun teaching a second stage of meditation. The usual instruction is with her primordial sound (mantra). The newer stage is called a Source Sound for advanced practitioners. It’s activated in a similar way.

    1. G

      Could you speak more about this new second stage of meditation. Is it something additional to multiple frequency activations of the Direct Source Connection meditation technique?

      Thank you

      1. Hi G
        The frequency activations are of qualities within the mantra for things like potency, healing, etc.

        Source Sound is a new more powerful sound. It’s on a whole other level. Where a regular mantra is like a quality of the Divine, Source Sounds are like embodiments of the Divine.

        She’s not offering them via the web site. These come to existing students when the time is right. In 2 cases I know of, the mantra showed up as a being before any instruction.

        I talked about this on the 2nd link above.

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