Falling Into Grace links – Adyashanti

Falling Into Grace links – Adyashanti

Links to my articles on subjects in Adyashanti’s recent book Falling Into Grace.

As I note, I found the opening chapters more introductory. But as the book progressed, there were more and more sections relevant to this blog.

The Fear of Success (on arguing with life)(Ch.5)

Opening the Hearts Door (on Intimacy)(Ch.7)

The Endless Path (there’s more than Awakening)(Ch.9)

The Moment of Grace (not a process)(Ch.8 p.170+)

Autonomy (what I call Embodiment)(Ch.9)

Virgin Birth (second birth or awakening)(Ch.10 p.208+)

Beyond Duality 1 (letting go of Heaven)(Ch.10)

Beyond Duality II (The Great Heartbreak)

Grace is (on soft and fierce grace)(Ch.11)

True Prayer (Ch.11)

Adyashanti’s prior book End of Your World links

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  1. John Wright

    i completely identify with what you write.i’ve been going through a similar process and find that at the point i syop trying and give myself over to God i awake.when i struggle and fall back into neurotic dreaming. i come from a Christian heritage and perspective but all paths that lead to this point are fine.keep up ypur fine writing and go with God’s Grace

  2. Davidya

    Hi John
    Thanks for sharing. I come from a Christian background also. My mind wasn’t satisfied with the more devotional approach though. After I began meditating, I discovered eastern thought. Now I’m a bit of a blend. Agreed – all paths lead to the one source.

    Adyashanti described your experience as “nonabiding” in End of Your World. What I describe by “awaken” here is when those awake moments become continuous. When the surrender becomes deep enough that we cease falling back into the neurotic ego-self. This is not to say that there won’t be more things that come up to be seen through. But the ground of peace is then established. That serves as the platform for God Realization and Unity to unfold.

    Clearly, you’re doing very well.
    The blessings of God’s grace are yours.

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