Nadi Leaf Reading

Nadi Leaf Reading

sage Agastya
sage Agastya

Thousands of years ago, in a higher age, there was a group of very enlightened seers known as the Saptarishi’s or seven sages. They lived much longer than we do now. A need was seen to support people in the future, especially in the current time of transition from the dark to light. They wrote descriptions of thousands of peoples’ lives along with remedies for the major blockages they faced.

The rishis wrote by scratching letters on dried palm leaves. We know these leaves as Nadi leaves.

They have been carefully maintained over the many centuries since. Originally written in Sanskrit, many were translated into old Tamil in the 14th century by King Sarbhoji of Tanjore. Those scattered around India although many are still in Tamil Nadu. They collected some into a library near Chidambaram.

The leaves themselves are not just designed to be a life reading but to be read at a certain time. Imagine having a jyotish reading by an enlightened sage done thousands of years prior. They saw your life when the reading would be needed.

Finding your leaf can be an adventure. I heard about them years ago but finding it was a big unknown. There is travel to India, finding a legitimate reader with good skill, waiting for an appointment, having the search, and then repeating the process until your leaf is found. This can be time consuming and costly. I’ve read a few such stories.

Earlier this year, I found out about someone who has contacts with the mentioned library and readers in India. As the library has a batch of sets, it’s much more likely they can find your leaf. Plus, they arrange a remote reading via Skype. Much cheaper than a trip to India.

I’ll also note this is a good connection. There are many frauds in this market too, even on YouTube. Think of it like a newspaper sun sign reading vs a detailed description of your life.

On YouTube

nadi leaf library
nadi leaf library

It’s still a bit of a process – you pay half up front along with a thumb print they use to determine which sets of leaves to search. There is 108 types of fingerprints in this system. The librarian in India goes to the section for your thumb-print type and meditates, selecting 2-3 bundles your leaf may be in. And they make an appointment. At the allotted time, Vera goes over the process with you, then you both connect with India and meet the reader and translator.

Each leaf starts with a series of qualifying statements. You confirm or deny each one. Like “you have 2 brothers”. Or “you’re having legal issues”. No? Next leaf. Through this long series of yes/no questions you find the right leaf. For me, the matching took 45 min. We found my leaf part way into the second bundle.

Sometimes, the reading can happen then and the balance is due. Sometimes, some preparations are required before the reading, like a puja. And sometimes, the leaf is not found in those bundles.

In the latter case, other bundles can be searched but there obviously isn’t a leaf for everyone. Yet if you feel called, it’s likely there is one. Or they’ll refund you the initial payment.

Nadi bundle
Nadi bundle

For me, the reading started after a short break. It began by going over the basic details. The leaf included my detailed birth info, fathers name, mothers unusual name, my name, number and gender of my siblings, number and gender of my children, and so on. My teachers were also mentioned by name as true gurus.

Everything existing was accurate. There was an hour of information, some of it sorted by time, talking about significant events for the rest of my life. Some expected, some a surprise. Some very specific advice, like eating more oranges. The sage had a wry sense of humour too. 🙂

They close the reading with remedies for the blockages touched on. These are the most important part, clearing both karmic and ancestral issues. One reading I read about required a puja in a specific temple in India. But usually they are straightforward to do at home. You also have the option of going to a Hindu or Vedic temple if they’re available to you.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the remedies. As a yagya, they are prescribed specifically for you and are potent, building with each set done properly.

I found the reading itself like a personal yagya. Having the attention of the ancient sage was very beneficial. For example, writing started again after the reading.

The entire process took almost 3 hours.

Note that the content for yours will be different.

Here’s the Green Tara Canada website that offers the service.
[Update: the site has been redesigned and everything seems to be fixed there.]

Their response time will depend on the volume of contacts they receive. And it takes time to arrange your reading in India. Yet my reading was at the right time. If it had been when I first contacted them, it would not have been.

Check out their blog for related articles like this one. Other sites and YouTube have other background but as mentioned, the quality offered is highly variable. Green Tara is the real thing, and the reading is done properly. I can recommend them.

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  1. To be clear, this is not a Jyotish reading although elements of Jyotish are in it. I know a couple of people that, when they look at someones energy, they see not just the chakras but the DNA and Jyotish also. This is more like that.
    If you’re not comfortable with knowing something of your future, this is not for you. That said, comments about events that will arise are nothing like how you’ll actually experience them. They’re valuable to prepare for but we want to remain open to how they’ll actually flower. That points to a key detail – free will. We may have a prescribed path but how we respond to that is our choice.

  2. Jean

    Interesting that you mention this.
    I remember that my mother mentioned this library to me as a child. I never gave it much attention since I was so young and then forgot about it. Maybe it I should consider looking into it.

    1. Hi Trami
      You raise a good point. The two have different functions. The Nadi leaves are about supporting you through a transition. And there isn’t one for everyone. A jyotish reading has a more mundane function and is usually focused on the current time. Not quite as big picture and anyone can get one. They serve different things.
      In some ways, the nadis leaves are better suited to more advanced students with an understanding of their jyotish, past lives, karma, devas, and so forth. But that’s not mandatory.
      Their focus is on different things. Both can be practical and there can be overlap in advice. For example both have told me when is a good time to buy property and have agreed.
      The nadi is based on your thumb print and theres no mistaking your leaf due to all the details. Jyotish is based on the accuracy of your birth time which can be off. In both cases, quality is based on the skill of the reader. The symbols vary but have to be translated in both cases.
      If you have the resources, I’d recommend a good jyotish reading first. Then the nadi reading will come with more context.

      1. Trami Ton

        Thanks David for the detailed explanation, I think I will go with the Jyotish reading from Phyllis.

        By the way…I have another question, not related, if you will gracefully oblige.

        Do you reccomend any spiritual places (temples) one can go to stay long term, anywhere?

        As always, thank you!

        1. No, Trami. What most people need is good activity in the world to work through our stuff, combined with a good effortless meditation.
          That’s what I’ve seen leads to the most progress.
          If your dharma were otherwise, that path would be obvious.

          1. Trami Ton

            My dharma is actually pointing to going to a temple I have in mind. And actually in a temple you work through a lot of your stuff, because you’re constantly around the same people, and most of these people are pulled to you by shared karmas.

            Also I believe a lot of good is done in temples. Meditation, prayer, an intention to be compassionate and purify and seek God, together, it can really be good. My first community saved my soul and I believe, a lot of lifetimes.

            Anyway, just my own experience. Plus, didn’t LL both go to monasteries? 🙂

            1. Hi Trami
              I don’t dispute that temples are valuable and that a lot of work can happen there. They can also certainly be very karmic. And they can be pillars for the world.
              But it’s dharma for very few people. And there is a big difference between doing an extended retreat and going from retreat to retreat as a lifestyle. As the saying goes, if a householder tries to live the life of a monk, they will fail at both.
              The jyotish reading should bring clarity if its actually your dharma. 🙂

    1. Hi Gina
      The book of Bhrigu is called the Bhrigu Samhita and is one of the foundational texts of Jyotish. But he was also a Saptarishi and wrote some Nadi leaves. So not the book but he did contribute to the nadis.
      Mine was by Agastya, hence the picture. He apparently contributed the most nadi leaves.

  3. Erin Smith

    David, thank you so much! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but with young children returning to India is not in my near future. I’ve made some inquiries about remote readings that lead nowhere. This is perfect timing!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Rick. I’ll check it out. The results were remarkable here too and have changed my perspective of aspects of my life. However, it’s too soon to say if what they described will unfold as described. Given the accuracy of the existing stuff, it seems likely. But as Vera observes, there is still free will. 🙂

  4. Jim

    Thank you, David – I have not been much interested in Jyotish though the Nadi Leaf reading sounds really interesting. Nearly incomprehensible how these physical artifacts could’ve been retained this long, along with the knowledge to access them, and that they remain so accurate. Funny that “modern” science has only rediscovered the uniqueness of a fingerprint in the last 125 years…

    1. Hi Jim
      Agreed. Vera mentions 2-3,000 years old but the Saptarishis are from much longer ago than that. One video talked about oiling the leaves with “peacock oil” each year but can you imagine oiling all the pages in a library yearly? Seems dubious.
      Clearly, dried palm leaves are long lasting but they’re not eternal. They would have had to be transcribed periodically, as mentioned in the 14th century. All for a future eventual reading.

      1. Jim

        Yes, they were truly “oiled” with permanence. Like leafs of Jung’s archetypes, something that exists in Cosmic memory, yet has been preserved physically. So exquisite, isn’t it? Thank you, David, for rediscovering this for us in a reliable way. 🙂

  5. Amrima

    This is super cool David. I have heard about this but didn’t know anyone whose had a reading. Now I do! I’m planning on exploring this too. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are one of the coolest people I know!

  6. Scott

    🙂 I’ve read a bit about the Nadi Grantha readings. I’ve also read about the “Tieh Pan Shen Shu” also known (I believe) as “The Iron Abascus” reading for anyone interested in this subject. It comes from China and is also quite old. I’ve heard amazing things about this system which works with an algorithm, giving very accurate readings apparently. The challenge is in finding a good reader. Legitimate readers do still exist, but are the minority I’m told.

    1. Hi Scott
      I’m unfamiliar with that. And actually, my familiarity with the Vedic framework would lead me to favour the nadi as i have some context there.
      There are quite a few forms of “reading” available through various systems. Some have more value than others. As usual, the key is finding a skilled practitioner.

  7. Bernie

    Hi David,

    Glad to know you had a Nadi reading! I had mine done too in 3 different times thru the years by 2 different sources/readers. I wanted a second & 3rd opinion. Lol!! And each of them corroborated the other’s information.. they also got my thumbprints, went thru the same process you described, asked me initial questions to verify they had my Nadi leaves. One of them, the leaves were written by Maharishi Kausika more than 2,000 years ago, they said. The reader also recommended remedial measures for unfavorable circumstances he saw from the Nadi. I opted for some of it, and also had yagyas done separately for me by Vedic Pandits..

    I can’t recall who the Sage was for the other reader.. each reading was fascinating and accurate. And when events came to fruition, i can’t help but appreciate the readings..

    I am still in India now on my last 4 days of my 30-day panchakarma in the Himalayas.. And I would visit the reader for Maharishi Kausika to get a reading for a friend who personally asked me to go there, with thumbprints & a list of all possible answers to questions the reader may ask prior to the reading proper. So I hope it works to be a conduit.. I’ll see..

    1. Hi Bernie
      You have been busy! There are various sets, some jyotish-related like mine but others are specialized, like guidance from the herbs for health, others on negative energy, dangers, etc. I don’t know anyone who has gotten a specialized one. One can only be read for spiritual people who have completed all of their pujas. 🙂
      Kausika is a different approach than Agastya, from what I’ve read but some similar influences.
      The advantage of India is being able to go to the temples and get them done. I’m doing them myself but already have relationships with most of the devas involved.
      I also value the recordings as there was a lot to take in.
      Ah wonderful. I’ve done a shorter panchkarma and plan to do longer later. Enjoy!

      1. Bernie

        Ahh.. Agastya was my progenitor. I vaguely recall the human race descended from the Saptarishis. And Agastya – my lineage, based on info from my first Nadi reading 11 years ago..

        And yeah there was lot of info to take in. I didn’t expect the range of lifetimes it covered.. it was fascinating but helpful and purposeful.

        1. Ah interesting Bernie. Apparently, it’s typical for the leaf to describe the past life with the most influence on this one. You got a range of lifetimes. I didn’t get any but didn’t need it as that had already unfolded. Mine talked a great deal about the period starting next year. Sounds like a lot of change in every area – in a good way.
          Bharadvaja is my link. Again, not in the nadi but from a prior source. Don’t think he did Nadi leaves though.

  8. Michael

    Really fascinating!

    Read about the palm leaves over 20 years ago. right now there is no movement to do a reading….but it is still very fascinating!!

    I really wonder if there is free will if they could see so many things so long ago. Here were some awake states that seemed fully like a movie, like even the descision making was part of the movie….like in a real movie where they play descision making but acutally there is none…
    so i really wonder with this leaves?
    Because even a small change over so long would result in vastly different outcomes….



    1. Hi Michael
      Big topic and I’ve found the perspective changes in different stages. For example, someone recently awake may experience a sense of non-doing, that everything simply happens without volition. But later in the process, when we recognize the mechanics behind events and then become that which is doing, we can experience infinite freedom of will.
      But to the point here, the experience has been that we’re born with a sort of life plan or template with timing of events intertwined with many others. Our life unfolds in a sequence. However, there’s a great deal of choice in how we respond to that unfolding. Do we take an invitation or ignore it? Do we fight circumstances or work with them?
      I’ve experienced our life path as like a vein in a lotus leaf petal. It has a clear and steady direction. We can go with it or we can resist and slow aspects down. We can move onto the shoulder or even into the ditch but we can never really leave the road entirely.
      That said, we are that in which the lotus blossoms and have chosen the path in the first place. So in that sense choice or determinism are just perspectives of the same thing.
      Still, having someone read a many thousands year old leaf that describes your life in some detail is still a surprise. It’s not a typical experience in the world of form. 🙂

      1. Michael

        They have an interesting article that you linked that talkes about the issue of free will….very fascinating. When i read it i started crying…some really deep release…so i will do a reading.


        1. Ah, fascinating how signals come. Vera and I had a short conversation on the topic. Even when something is predicted, we still have choice. For example, it’s predicted we’ll run for office. We’ll likely feel motivated to do just that. But we may instead choose not to or to withdraw later.

    1. (laughs) I don’t think such things are typical, Amrima. I didn’t include that link in the original article as Richie is no longer in the picture for the service. He also had a somewhat unique process.
      I get the impression that the marriage was done this way to complete something between them as they may not have otherwise.

  9. Chris

    Hi David,
    In one of your comments here to Michael, you wrote: “But later in the process, when we recognize the mechanics behind events and then become that which is doing, we can experience infinite freedom of will.”
    I’d love if you could unpack that a bit!
    It feels to me that you’re saying after (as the little me) we recognize non-doership, it can be realized at a deeper level that we actually ARE the singular “doer” of everything… of all “doings” (like realizing you are Krishna)
    In that sense, to me it feels like free-will happened a long time ago when we as THAT “did” all this… (As you put “we are that in which the lotus blossoms and have chosen the path in the first place.”)
    But! it feels like you’re saying there is infinite freedom of will available NOW, (for that which is doing) rather than just at the start of “creation.”
    Is it as if the “clay” is still wet, and can be played with by “that which is doing”?

    1. Hi Chris
      Right. We go from being the personal doer to being the non-doing observer, then to being the cosmic doer. But then in Brahman we go beyond that again to see that there never was a doer as nothing every happened.
      Realizing the Self as the source of all doing and that I am That is distinct from realizing you are Krishna. The latter is more advanced even though he does describe himself as the cosmic doer. Uniting with forms of the Divine is part of Refined Unity.
      The trick about time and creation is perspective. We can say That did all this at some point in the past. Or that it’s doing it all right now. Or that That did all time at once. Or that That never happened in the first place. Each is true from its own perspective. 🙂
      At a certain point, some of these perspectives become simultaneously true. This is how some paradoxes are resolved in Brahman. So there is both infinite freedom of will and complete determinism as you are that which is both. (You get terms like the non-doing doer.) There isn’t a single “right answer” (which the mind hates).
      But yes, the world of form is structured in consciousness. Even from a physics perspective, solid objects are just an appearance. They’re just vibrating probabilities. When this reality is fully known and integrated, a subtle change in attention, vibration, or structural relationship will be able to quickly shift the appearance of the world.
      I don’t know anyone who’s there yet but a lot of people are experiencing the mechanics of becoming and are gradually clearing those fields. So much more efficient than using the physical to change the physical, where inertia is dominant. 🙂

  10. Priya

    Hi Davidya
    I’d like to ask your thoughts on ‘free will (True choice/intention)’ vs. What is predicted in a reading.
    For example, initially I felt called to look into a Nadi leaf reading. But in my Jyotish reading there were a couple of aspects predicted that didn’t seem possible to change. Yet, I can feel it in every cell in my body that these two things can change. In fact, truly, I believe and know that anything is possible from the Life that looks out through ‘my’ eyes.
    So now I’m not sure whether there would be value in the Nadi leaf reading. Did you have an experience like this with your reading? What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Priya
      This question has come up several times – if you browse the comments above, you’ll see some discussion on this.
      To the experience here, we come in with certain laws of nature (skills, abilities, and tendencies) and what might be called an overall plan. How we respond to what we’re given is free will. Some would even say the plan was chosen prior too. In other words, free will and determinism are perspectives.
      Both the Nadi reading and Jyotish describe influences. By analogy, to graduate from high school, you have to study math and chemistry. We may not want to but those are the steps. If we accept that and do what we can to get through smoothly, its an easier ride.
      Both also offer remedies. We still may have to pass math, but we can get a tutor to make it easier. So yes, it’s possible to change it quite a bit. I talked on this article about one of the variations, for example.
      The point of the reading is not to find out your fate but to find out what the trends are so you can best work with them.
      Some of the things in the reading surprised me and it remains to be seen how (and if) they’ll show up. We are talking about a translation of the perspective of a seer from a different time. It’s a flavour, not an absolute. Further, even when I’ve had “memories” of the future, the actual experience has always been different. Reading a guidebook is not the same as traveling there.
      Broadly, I consider this a tool that may have use for some but won’t for many. It’s certainly not a must. I posted about it because if it is something you want to do, it’s a cheaper way of doing it and a legitimate source.
      Personally, I found it quite valuable and it added some missing perspective. Some friends are having theirs next week. I’m very curious to hear about theirs.

      1. Priya

        Thanks Davidya. I had read the comments and the Flavours of Dharma post but I think I am having difficulty with expressing the nuance of my question.

        I fully agree with everything you say above 🙂 I was trying (probably unsuccessfully) to ask about intention – you mention it along with liveliness and aliveness in some posts as qualities of the Divine/ParaBrahman (forgive me if I get the model wrong here).

        It seems to me that, in this moment, there are these two yearnings/intentions that come from that place. But the jyotish chart doesn’t show or allow for it at all. And they are major. So I guess the question is – in your experience of this specific quality of intention – has there been an instance where this intention has forged something that is new/opposite to what the chart shows? Essentially, if the chart is based on karma but true intention is pre-karmic, this should be how free will can manifest?

        I hope that makes some sort of sense

        I guess I’m wondering whether it suits me to remain in the unknown, or receive (probably helpful) information that could change/influence the true intentions that arise.

        But then if it’s from ParaBrahman I can’t see how it would differ, and alignment (not really as there aren’t two things to align but I can’t think of a better word) would occur naturally…

        Anyway, in the end the agitation and the whole question just dissolved and it’s just clear that there’s no need to know. It’ll just happen as it needs to.

        This feels restful and completely right.

        Thanks as always for your thorough and sensitive comments. If there is a way to respect your friends’ privacy and post about their experience that would be amazing to hear about!

        1. Hi Priya
          Ah – the 3rd aspect is intelligence but yes, that brings intention to the table. Gives flowing consciousness a direction.
          I’d not say I’ve had a contrary intention but i did find the writing originally started without any intention personally. Then I asked a Jyotishi about it and they said it wasn’t supported in the chart.
          Later, I met a Jyotishi who told me my birth time had to be wrong as i wasn’t behaving like my chart. After we rectified the birth time to major life events, then writing was supported. The nadi reading confirmed the time change and said sharing knowledge was my duty and explained why.
          Oh, I see your point. Yes, there can very much be flows from the Divine that call for things not in the chart. However, those flows will still come through the laws of nature that are here. I would also note that we can get callings long before it’s time for them to flower. Some things, like this life, have taken a long time to bud. There can be a lot of preparation needed and the right time.
          In that sense, the nadi reading was very valuable. I realized I had a deep flow that I’d given up on as it had never been supported. Seems it wasn’t time yet but that time is coming. That’s not obvious in the jyotish.
          Personally, I don’t use this stuff to run my life. I use the tools to get a general reading of the trends of time and as a second opinion if the waters are muddy.
          It’s not appropriate to share what friends mention but it does seem clarity about ones life duty or task seems to be significant for people. It can be easy to miss in the clutter of life. What your job is behind all the stuff.

  11. Chris

    Thank you for your reply David, Lot’s to chew on…

    I love the view of multiple perspectives being simultaneously true! Is there any name or mention of this particular kind of view in ancient texts? Is it the aspect of Brahman that transcends yet includes?

    Regarding the mechanics of becoming, that makes a lot of sense… In my own little journey, I’ve found profound physical changes have come after certain concepts and identities have been dropped etc.

    1. Hi Chris
      It’s the essence of advaita (nonduality) although the term is recently more often used to refer to the inner oneness of Self Realization (actually a dual state) or the Oneness of consciousness in Unity. And yes, in Brahman there is an integration of opposites. Existing and not existing, etc. Also, the prior stages and their perspectives are also available.
      Right, but the physical usually comes last and most slowly.

      1. Jim

        Hi David – great discussion on the leaves and what we can and cannot do in this life. There is so much that hides itself through our fears and cultural beliefs, to the point of obscuring so much of natural life. Ignorance just like knowledge is spherical and breaking out of the bubble by whatever means is key.
        A small example from my life is the love of dancing I had for years but not until I forced myself onto a public dance-floor and just did it, was I able to bridge that desire. So many others have followed, all by allowing myself to be vulnerable in action and finding an opening.
        This is a common attitude said to be helpful when awakening to our Selves, our universal nature; Letting Go. However so many overlook it as also the way to keep life fresh and full of possibilities in activity, even after some spiritual light is evident.
        Thank you!

  12. Susan

    Just noticed this article and I wanted to join David in recommending this particular group of nadi readers in India. I have used them 3 times since 2016 and have found them to be uncannily accurate in their predictions. A number of predicted events/conditions have occurred since my 2016 reading. I had doubts about one prediction in particular that has surprisingly come to pass. I am impressed.

  13. Christine

    Hi David. I was excited to read your post about the Nadi leaf readings, as I had just returned from Tamil Nadu and it was on my mind. I had my reading with the group you mentioned. However, after the initial thrill of the reading wore off, I was left feeling cheated.
    I realized that all the questions from the initial leaves led to confirmation of all the facts that ‘appeared’ on the leaf that was ‘mine’ – birth date, marital status, siblings, etc. I went back and listened to the recording again and indeed everything in my chosen leaf had already been deduced by the yes/no questions. It reminds me of playing the game ‘Clue’.
    The other thing that made me feel this way was that two of the ‘remedies’ involved giving more money to both the Canadian based team (donation) and the Indian team (144 days of prayers by pundits). At first I felt committed to moving ahead with the pujas, etc, but then saw it as a red flag that I’d been duped.
    The predictions also were nothing extraordinary – they said when is a good time to move or buy/sell property but the leaf selection process already established that I owned property and was interested in selling/moving. The career related stuff suggested great success in the field we had already deduced I was working in. The Pujas would help to avoid an attempt to defame me in my career. They said I would become a spiritual teacher and be liberated in my next life time, but it was established that I was on a spiritual path and followed a teacher. Neither of the latter particularly interest me, and it felt like things a streetside palm reader would say (i.e., say things you think they want to hear, and to avoid bad things do x, y, z).
    Now I feel conflicted, even icky inside, as I want to believe in the magic, and the power of the pujas, but my gut tells me otherwise.
    I’m just curious as to how you see this. Obviously this was not your experience at all or surely you would not have written this post! Many thanks for your view.

    1. Hi Christine
      Sorry – this is unclear to me. You were in Tamil Nadu but did it through Green Tara in Canada?
      Yes, there can be overlap between the early questions and the reading. But there is typically (from the examples I’ve seen) lots of other points that were not. They couldn’t possibly have guessed or known some of it. There is often key statements near the start of the reading that confirm that.
      Sure, there were things I had planned also, like buying property. But that to me was confirmation as well as timing recommendations.
      I found the reading itself powerful, the attention of the ancient sage expressed.
      A key part of the reading is the remedies. Typically, they mention during the reading challenging areas, then they offer recommendations at the end. I’ve been working through mine and am finding them surprisingly potent. They’re very simple but impactful.
      In India, it’s traditional to start with thanks to the source. In my reading that was framed as “someone who helped” you. So that could be the pandits or Green Tara for example. But thats your choice.
      They also often offer a larger yagya (remedy) to address a more significant issue. In my case it was a single fire ceremony for karma I was very familiar with, so I had it done and found it powerful with noticeable effects. Others have been recommended pujas that are done over a certain number of days (like yours) or whatever will help. It varies if people have those done or not, and they can be done at a later date. No one has gotten the same remedies.
      You say there was nothing extraordinary yet they said you’d become a spiritual teacher – something that is clearly not currently on your radar.
      You can certainly interpret this however you like. I don’t suggest you believe anything here. But I’ve found good results from Jyotish and the Nadi reading has been the most potent and precise to date. The remedies simpler, cheaper, and more accurate than any Jyotish has ever suggested.
      It remains to be seen how it plays out. But their description of the current time was quite accurate. Even with the stated predictions, I couldn’t say what that will look like. A couple of things don’t appeal to me in the slightest. (laughs) We’ll see.
      One thing I would suggest you consider is if the reading has caused some emotional purification that is tainting your response. You may also have had expectations that were off.
      I do recommend the remedies they gave you but you don’t want to do those if you’re dismissing them internally. Better to be neutral so they can create their results.
      This isn’t about believing in magic or the perfect right answer. To me its about assistance toward a smoother life. Remedies to help smooth the way and an outline of significant future events so we can act accordingly.
      And yes, I was very pleased with the results and more is as yet unfolding. I’ve spoken to a batch of others who have had it done recently or before and all have been impressed.

      1. Christine

        Hi David. Thank you so much for taking the time for this detailed reply. It is much appreciated.

        Just to clarify, I had heard about the nadi readings earlier and thought it would be interesting to pursue at some point. We had been to Tamil Nadu and did not look into it there but it was on my mind when we came back. That’s when you posted this blog, and I then went through Green Tara Canada.

        I’m grateful for the reassurance on the authenticity of the reading and power of the pujas.

        Yes, perhaps the reading triggered some sort of emotional response – something buried that is blocking me from surrendering to this process. I’ll try to ask into that and see what shows up. It might be something ancestral around fear of being cheated/taken advantage of/shamed, or a general resistance to surrendering to the Self.

        Thanks also for your advice about the pujas, and not going ahead with that untill I’m in a neutral place. That makes sense. The pujas were all very specific and have to be done sequentially – all quite intriguing!

        Thank you! Very helpful!

  14. Kjetil

    What a wonderful post, David, really fascinating. And the illustration with the picture of sage Agastya is fantastic, really a treat. Both Jyotish and the nadi leaf-reading shows the extreme intelligence underlying this universe?

    1. Hi Kjetil
      Right. Although the surface experience can seem chaotic, the world is underpinned by profound order. Some have developed means to read that order in specific ways. Like Scientists are learning to read DNA. But the key is getting a good practitioner. Otherwise, the level of noise is too high.

      Since my reading, a few of the predicted things have not happened but some of the least likely have. Free will plays a role here, and not just my own. It also didn’t mention my recent health challenge, although I can see reasons why it wouldn’t.

  15. Kjetil

    Hi David, yes I had a very good Jyotishi (an american) for my natalchart, he rectified the birthtime (from 1455 to 1451 pm) and so I ended up in Pisces. And he gave so much interesting and valuable information, much of which have shown to be correct and right on. And also to the rest of the family, and friends. Some of the least likely, thats interesting, maybe thats just what was needed? Very good that your health challenge is under control. Thanks for sharing your knowledge for so many years, and for the strong darshan that comes through your posts.

    1. Yes, the nadi leaf is about remedies for the current time of the reading. Many are of the current time as we collectively transition to a higher age.

      You’re welcome. One thing my nadi emphasized was the importance of my doing this. It’s my dharma. 🙂

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