The End of Your World Overview – Adyashanti

The End of Your World Overview – Adyashanti

I ended up writing a number of posts around points raised in Adyashanti’s new book, The End of Your World. If you’re interested, here are links to the related articles.

The End of Your World
An overview

Accepting Our Humanity
The importance of acceptance of our humanness post-awakening.

Related material in The Stage Remains

Abide with Me
A discussion on abiding and non-abiding awakening

Abide some More
The difference between experiences and awakening

[Addendum, related – Awakening is not Experienced ]

Without Meaning
On the trap of meaninglessness post-awakening

The Journal
Journaling as a technique in inquiry

Grace or Practice
Do we gain enlightenment through grace or through a practice?

Some related material in The Flower of Awakening

Adyashanti also shared something of his past life experience post-waking in an interview at the back of the book. He touched on what I call the mesh, how nodes can be released then or now, and how one can shift from one life to another.  Also how we tend to remember what was unresolved from that time and how the lives are all actually concurrent. I’ve touched on this in several posts. It also illustrates the point value of the person.

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