The Soul

The Soul

The force be with you by controltheweb
The force be with you by controltheweb

A recent discussion on the soul led to some points I may not have shared here.

At a very deep level, qualities of the Divine interact to become self-aware and global consciousness emerges as a way for those qualities to know their source.

That global consciousness also becomes aware of itself at every point. Some of those points express forward into experiencers and expressions and the world emerges. Those experiencers are called a jiva or soul.

A soul is a ball of golden-white light. It is effectively eternal, sustained by those qualities of Divinity. Contrary to some, the soul remains undivided, but we can have parts of ourselves isolated by trauma.

Some souls live in nested spaces we might call a heaven. These spaces or lokas are specialized. Gandharva loka, for example, is a heaven of musicians. Other souls prefer a darker place, a Patala. There are many forms a soul can take, each designed to experience a certain range.

Our design as humans allows us to experience the body, emotions, and mind in the physical world. However, we have the extra capacity to rise into sat chit ananda, and support all 7 koshas or layers. We can rise above the angels with the right guidance.

When a woman gets pregnant, an opportunity for a soul to be born arises. This is a magnificent gift, especially to be born into a spiritual family.

From what I’ve seen, there can be a negotiation that takes place. A soul is guided to a family and makes the choice to take that birth in exchange for taking on ancestral karma (or in recognizing the pros and cons of this opportunity).

As souls, in making the choice, we often underestimate the forgetting that happens when we move into a physical body. We assume we’ll have more clarity than we generally do.

Sometimes there can be other souls interested in this birth. Many factors can come into play. For example, I knew a soul who wanted to be born into my family as a girl. However, her way was blocked and we had sons instead. Later, in my nadi reading, I learned why, with the remedy. She stayed with us for some time, supporting, until a new birth opportunity came up for her elsewhere.

After the choice, the soul hangs around the baby and family until the fetus is mature enough energetically. The mother may recognize the soul’s presence, perhaps having a sense of their character.

If the young fetus isn’t sustainable, it’s normal for there to be an experience of loss. A grieving and perhaps naming of the baby is helpful. The soul will remember you, too.

If the fetus matures, the soul enters the baby through the fontanelle at the top of the head and descends into the heart. This kicks up the energy system. Soon after, the mother becomes aware of the baby kicking and moving much more.

I’m sure there are many variations and exceptions.

When we die, the soul pulls up out of the body. We then hang around for a few days or weeks, letting go and saying goodbye. Then we pull up out of the emotional body and lower mind and “cross over.”

What happens then varies. There can be a transition period. They can send us for training. We may become a guide for a time to help others. The spiritually advanced may go to a high heaven or take on a support role. Or if the soul’s journey is complete, it may dissolve back into the Divine. But even in such a case, their soul’s memory lingers within creation, allowing us to interact. Thus, many saints and sages remain accessible.

Yet most times, we come back around again, seeking a birth opportunity, and stepping onto the stage of this loka again.

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  1. Olli

    Interesting stuff!

    “Dissolving back into the Divine” always sounds kinda sad to me. Does it mean the individual or the experiencer is gone? I would think there’s endless possibilities for exploration in creation and it seems like one is throwing it all away just to dissolve back into where they came from.
    Is there a misunderstanding in this? You did also say that the soul is “effectively eternal”.

    1. Hi Olli
      This stuff gets complicated as the basics are before space and time are manifest. So there isn’t really a before or after, a start or end, ergo eternal.

      So we can say the soul has the option to dissolve back into the Divine but this is not a typical option. They’d have to be fully enlightened and fully complete. And yet even then, the cosmic memory sustains their intelligence in such a way that it’s as if they live on eternally. They’re dissolved and not, both. All possibilities. The prominent sages of the Shankara tradition, for example, are all accessible, as are the saptarishis that I’ve looked for. (The ones who wrote the nadi leaves.)

      In any case, nothing is lost and all possibilities can unfold concurrently.

      I explored a related conundrum in this article:

      Once you go deeper than our universe, reality becomes simultaneous. Nothing happened and everything happened all at once, and everything is happening in a process over time. They’re all just perspectives.

    1. “ Once you go deeper than our universe, reality becomes simultaneous. Nothing happened and everything happened all at once, and everything is happening in a process over time. They’re all just perspectives.”

      Perfect statement!

      ed:[see the response to Olli above]

  2. Jeff May

    Your description of our soul and its relationship with the divine is my experience.

    I also experience laws of nature that are responsible for our dharma. These laws can shift if we change paths during a lifetime. That knowledge has been particularly helpful during major shifts in my life. For example when I retired or left being a college trustee for 15 years. I found that it was important to just let go and let the change happen by itself. No blaming others when the change starts to take place. Just watch and enjoy the ride. That shift brings a new set of experiences that are better than before.

    1. Agreed. I was surprised how many devata left after I woke up.
      And yes, with major life changes, there can be an experience of loss. However, I’ve found the end result is an upgrade so have learned to trust it more deeply.

  3. MJ

    Thanks David, this was very relevant for me. We recently had a pregnancy in the family where the baby passed all tests and was healthy until 7 months. However for reasons unknown she died, which meant the trauma of a stillbirth, then naming and funeral. I struggle to imagine what this could possibly be about from the perspective you suggest. Presumably there is a soul there at seven months, but what suffering and waste, just to fade away before even emerging. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

    1. Hi MJ
      There are a few perspectives we can take here. Sometimes, souls just have a bit of karma to complete, so the babies live just a short time, or don’t even make it full term. Sometimes, there’s an obvious issue with the fetus and sometimes not. There can be energetic reasons as well as physical.

      This can certainly be experienced as a great loss and mystery. It can seem harsh. And yet there is generally an agreement by the immediate parties to have this experience. The reasons can be widely varied. And there are options going on that we couldn’t even conceive of. There’s a few stories in the Yoga Vasishtha that are mind-boggling, for example. And I’ve seen examples, like meeting the daughter I never had.

      However, if we recognize that we’re not the body but the eternal soul, then these experiences are not the tragedy they may seem. There is still an experience of loss, but in the larger context, it’s like a friend we met on vacation but won’t likely see again (for awhile).

      Eventually in our journey, we come to know our karmic connections. Perhaps even perceive them. We meet our soul family and recognize our history with some of the souls we meet. This raises some relationships to a very deep level as we’ve known them as a lover, a sibling, a friend, and more.

      Nothing important is ever really lost. It just changes form.

  4. Reading ‘the soul enters the baby through the fontanelle at the top of the head and descends into the heart’ made me burst into tears. Not sure why. Impression memory? I remember Michael S said once that the soul enters the fetus around 6 months, and that someone was working on being able to prove that for abortion causes etc. Interesting. And then is the emotional body the astral field? Is this where ghosts come from? Or how unhealed entities can enter another? Also, from experiences I’ve had of feeling like I wanted to leave the body during an awakening, I also wonder if my ancestral karma has to do with re-understanding that enlightenment or spirituality is not transcending completely out of the body, or the human experience, but of embodying it and experiencing it deeply. Profound article David. I hope I get to go to Ghandarva Ioka 🙂

    1. 🙂
      The mom is said to recognize the babys movements between 16 and 22 weeks. However, it’s the third trimester when they really kick and such. So there’s some variation in the process – how fast the baby is maturing, how ready the soul is to jump in, and so forth.

      To me, baby care should be medical, not political. Trying to set a fixed date is folly.

      I use energy body/emotional body and astral as basically equivalent. But the term astral is used pretty loosely and variably so I don’t use it much.

      “Ghosts” are basically dead people who refused to transition. They’re generally stuck in their emotional body, unwilling to let go of something. Entities are a whole other discussion. There are many types. I talked about some of this here:

      Just remember – what we give our attention to grows. So don’t give your attention to what you don’t want in your experience.

      When we still carry wounds, there can be the tendency to spiritual bypass and even disassociate with openings. But they need to be grounded in the body to be integrated.

      Transcending is leaving the body, emotions, and mind. But the art is then to bring that back into the world so they’re integrated. Dipping the cloth in the dye analogy.

      You’ve been to Ghandarva Ioka, but not for awhile. So you’ll be able to return when thats clear. 🙂

      1. ‘Transcending is leaving the body, emotions, and mind’ – I’m sure there are variations to the experience of this, no? In the depth a person experiences transcendence as their path unfolds? The first time I meditated it was profound, and highly contrasted – the silence almost deafening in a very nourishing way. That has since softened to where I wonder if it’s even happening at all, though I know it is and is simply becoming more integrated, but still..
        This shook me, how do you know? What do you mean by ‘when thats clear?’

        1. Hi Jenifer
          Ah, perhaps my wording was misleading. I don’t mean “leaving the body” like astral traveling or an NDE. I mean bringing the attention effortlessly within, beyond the body, emotions and mind. There we experience a state of pure being, pure consciousness by itself, without content. Yoga calls this samadhi.
          Transcending means going beyond.

          So yes, variations in the process but the experience itself is the same as it’s the same thing. People may use different words for it. But it is the complete simplicity of awareness, settling into our true nature.

          The Yoga Sutra puts it like this:
          “Yoga is the complete settling of the activity of the mind.
          Then the observer rests in the true nature of the Self. (in their own nature)”

          Like any new experience, when it’s first experienced, there is a lot of contrast and the experience is distinctive. My first meditation was memorable too.
          But then 2 things happen:
          – the experience becomes more normal, so it’s not noticed the same way. It doesn’t have content to remember either.
          – the deep silence and rest create an opportunity for the body to heal, so it starts to release stuff. That can create a bit of dust or fog, making the experience less clear.

          These are very common experiences. The key is to continue the practice on a regular basis. This will clear the path and establish that inner being in our awareness. So yes, more integrated. And occasionally, we’ll have another nice experience or opening.

          Ah sorry. When you mentioned that, I got the immediate sense that you were no stranger to the place. When that’s clear means when you’re able to experience it. This relates to refined perception and the awakening heart of the God Consciousness stage. That’s when we can begin to explore the heavens.

          1. To be clear, it’s not unusual for those on a spiritual path to have some connection to higher realms. They’ve been there in a prior life, such as in a higher age. They have the favour of a god or archangel. They did something to earn access long ago. Whatever. We’ll naturally have affinity with certain heavens.

          2. Thank for the clarity, this is helping immensely with the recent ‘looping’ issues and confusion in where to place the focus and awareness when lots of ‘stuff’ is coming up. ‘That can create a bit of dust or fog, making the experience less clear’ — this, especially. Realizing that the experience won’t always be crystal clear, and that fogginess is not wrong. ‘I got the immediate sense that you were no stranger to the place. When that’s clear means when you’re able to experience it.’ This also made me burst into tears (and explains my music/mushroom trip experience), and this ‘They’ve been there in a prior life, such as in a higher age’ feels true. Thank you, David.

            1. Right. It’s best not to see awakening as the solution to all problems. It is, in one sense. But it doesn’t mean we stop being a human, having karma, good and bad days, etc. It’s just that where we’re experiencing all that from changes, making it much easier. And as we deepen, then the purpose of experiences become clear, making it much easier to resolve them.

              You’re welcome. 🙂

  5. And when you say ‘contrary to some’ in paragraph 3, are you referring to other forms of Divinity? And this line ‘We can rise above the angels with the right guidance’ makes me think of a quote I read once that said something like ‘we as humans sit here and worship angels when really angels are up there worshipping us’. A beautiful thought. 🙂 Makes me think of what another person said that the human experience is the most coveted for its opportunity to know divinity.

    1. Hi Jenifer
      “Contrary to some” is a reference to people who talk about “soul fragments” and such. The soul is inviolable. But some kinds of trauma can cause aspects our sense of self, “parts,” to be hidden or experienced as separate. Resolving the trauma brings them back. But this is the self-sense, not the actual soul. (The idea was popularized in Harry Potter.)

      Well, I wouldn’t say angels worship us. And thats the wrong attitude to bring to them. Mutual respect is appropriate. Angels do recognize that we have the chance to evolve much faster. They enjoy easy fulfillment of desires and a clear purpose. But that gives them less motivation to seek. If we can turn our difficulties into motivation on the spiritual path, we can make great progress. (it will still take time, but relatively fast, especially compared to angels.)

      And yes, exactly. A human embodying Divinity can be the first time many Devas experience Divinity directly.

      1. As someone who grew up reading Harry Potter, this was very helpful to read. Reframing again that we are always whole and that parts of us are simply hidden by trauma, becoming conscious as we become more aware.

        Mm. Thank you for the reframe. ‘Reverence’ comes to mind to describe the mutual relationship.

        ‘A human embodying Divinity can be the first time many Devas experience Divinity directly.’ Do you mean the Deva as the guide to the human is how they experience it? Or a Deva taking human form?

        1. 🙂
          My sons introduced me to that world. Picked up the fourth book on holidays, then got hooked. And of course saw the movies. Have the DVDs.

          Deva means light being. They’re essentially what we call laws of nature, personified. As refined perception develops, we begin to see them around, in the body, and then the body as cosmic, and so forth.

          When Divinity descends into the body, at that stage, we’re already living in the cosmic body, devata body, body of the universe, and all the usual local bodies (mind, emotions, physical). So the laws of nature in those bodies get immersed in Divinity in the process. This is a way they can awaken spiritually.

          Our guides would be witness but are not immersed the same way. But they’d be in the light of it, depending on the depth of embodiment.

          There are more and more people living this stuff, so the “local” shifts are falling back into the collective more and more. Some of what I’m seeing showing up is pretty astonishing. Can you imagine being raised in the womb of such a person?

          We live in remarkable times.

          1. ‘As refined perception develops, we begin to see them around, in the body, and then the body as cosmic, and so forth.’ By ‘in the body’ do you mean in *our* body? As in, we see them around our body?
            ‘So the laws of nature in those bodies get immersed in Divinity in the process.’ this makes the whole thing so much clearer to me. Thank you. And yes, it’s been thrilling to see the shift in the collective. It’s helped me ‘come out’ more and share my perspective, as I don’t feel it’s so ‘alien’ or ‘out there’. And this- ‘Can you imagine being raised in the womb of such a person?’ made me burst into tears. I’ve always wanted to be a mother and experience birth, and have sometimes wondered if you can miss someone that’s not even alive yet. The *most* remarkable times. 🙂

            1. I mean inside the body, assuming you’re visual. The body becomes transparent (to perception) and we can see the organs, the laws of nature operating, chakras, our contractions and shadows, and so forth.

              The Yoga Sutra describes it: 3:29:
              (From Samyama on) the navel chakra comes knowledge of the bodies systems.

              Seeing in and outside the aura, the environment in various ways, and so forth are other abilities that may develop. Others do it through feel or sound.

              That’s not a hypothetical example. I know someone pregnant like that. Not so long ago, that stage had largely been forgotten. Then those long on the path began making that shift. But now, people of child-bearing years are living it. The changes have been dramatic. Remarkable times indeed.

              And yes, I have strong connections with some who are not currently embodied. And others who are embodied elsewhere. Even though they’re doing well, I miss being with them in form. (in a reminiscing kind of way.) 🙂

              1. Ah, okay, that makes sense. What do you mean by (From Samyama on) – is that a part of the process after which the navel chakra comes online with knowledge of the bodies systems?

                I experience through feel, and this explains the intense curiosity with pregnancy – wanting to know how it would *feel*. Fascinating!

                I think my missing is more in a pining away, wanting an emotional connection, or simply wanting to know that they exist, and can exist, here, with me. 🙂

                1. Hi Jenifer
                  The 3rd book of the Yoga Sutra lists a bunch of formulae for using Samyama. Samyama is being able to stay in samadhi while adding an intention.
                  The third chakra is associated with fire and sight, so knowing the chakra gives a vision of the internal systems.
                  The ability can also arise through refined perception.

                  I talk about it more here:

                  It’s common for people to spend most of their lives in one gender or the other, partly because of the momentum of karma. So it’s likely you’ve (your soul) been pregnant many times.

                  But pregnancy and raising a child is a long term commitment where mostly its love given, less so received. 🙂

  6. Any idea how many months into the pregnancy the soul enters the body? This has interesting implications for the abortion debate.

    On another point, considering how vivid and interactive some people’s interactions with deceased masters such as Jesus, Ramana, and Yogananda have been, it seems like they are interacting with something more substantial than a “soul’s memory (that) lingers within creation”.

    1. Hi Rick
      As I discussed above, the time varies some for various reasons. And to me, a set date is foolish.
      Such things should be medical, not political.

      In the cosmic perspective, all of creation happened at once. The cosmic and devata bodies live in that reality. So what we experience as space and time and our universe is a memory of that moment, playing out over time.

      As such, a sage’s memory is just as real as our universe. 🙂

  7. George Robinson

    D, in responding to Ollie, above, you mention “The prominent sages of the Shankara tradition, for example, are all accessible…”. Is this accessability what allows us to invoke them during puja, and to gain their support/blessing? I “have heard” that the reason — or one of them, anyway — that we don’t teach without puja is because in doing puja we give over the initiate’s spiritual progress to the tradition of masters, whereas if we don’t do puja when teaching we become responsible for the initiate’s progress, which would be an impossibility for most of us. If the lineage of masters remain accessible, it would seem to make sense. This is so fascinating! Thanks, as always.

    1. Hi George
      Exactly, we can invoke their support and blessing.
      Well, I’m not sure I’d frame it that way. But the puja does connect them with the tradition of masters, so they have that support when they need it. It’s also a good idea to teach in that higher context so the ego doesn’t co-opt it. Then you can get karmic entanglement. I’ve seen that.
      Maharishi was always careful to offer everything to Guru Dev.

      We may not recognize this support until it’s really needed. And then it can be instantaneous.
      We can also gain connections to masters many lives ago and they continue to support us today.

      And later, they can become available directly.

  8. George Robinson

    I don’t know how you do it, D. A quick survey of any of these blog posts demonstrates you reading, understanding, digesting, and then answering — always in careful, nuanced specific detail — every question and comment, sometimes extending to the point of patience-testing. But, do it you do. I’m profoundly impressed by your ability to accommodate everything that’s thrown at you here, and your willingness to forego choking some of us out in real time. Like Peter Goodman said above, all I can say is Thank You. You’re a treasure.

    1. Hi George
      Actually, the trick is, David doesn’t do it. David allows it to flow. Imperfectly, sometimes, but reasonably. And I’ve had 17 years of practice…

      And yes, occasionally David may feel a little grumpy about some remark. But that wave passes and he allows. (laughs)

      Keep in mind that the comments are moderated. I do get some pure spam. Occasionally, a post about someone else gets hate spam. And occasionally, I have to trim or block a comment, though I’ll usually write the poster why. (usually related to breaking site posting policy, like posting an irrelevant quote without explanation. ) (see the Commenting Tips link below)

  9. Lynette

    I am curious, you mentioned you there is a girl hovering in your family and supported you all, instead you had sons. How did you know this girl was supposed to be your daughter?

    1. Hi Lynette
      I felt her energy around. Some thought our first child would be a girl because of this.
      Later, she visited me and we had an extended conversation. This was like a dream where she showed up as a young girl, we went for a walk in the forest, then sat by a lake. It was an appearance designed so we could meet.

      She probably would have been our first child except there was a family block to having girls at the time. This came out in the nadi reading, with the remedy.

    1. Thanks, Scott
      Combined with the Book of the Dead, there’s a lot of detail.
      There’s some awkward wording and the challenge of lack of similar English words. But lots of detail.

      I don’t tend to go that far into the details because of variety. There are always exceptions and variations – whatever is needed to have a specific style of experience. But it’s amazing some people have the skill to do that.

  10. Bojan Vranić

    Hi David

    Is our soul Self-realized on her own level, or is a state of the Self more in the background and Self-realization (and higher stages of Brahman and Parabrahman) happen only when she is incarnated?

    1. Hi Bojan
      Generally, the soul has been outward looking, into the field of experiences. So it’s not self-realized. But then when we turn within, the soul has a chance to rediscover it’s nature.

      Occasionally, the witness comes online first. We can say the soul awakens. It acts as a detached observer. But this isn’t Awakening aka Self Realization yet.

      Self Realization happens when the soul or jiva wakes up to itself as Atman, universal consciousness. Jiva knows itself as Atman, then later, Atman knows itself as Brahman.

      This process can happen in more subtle bodies but is said to take much longer. The challenges of a human form and the range of contrast is a greater motivation and opportunity.

      The 7 stages are specific to humans. For example, an angel isn’t going to have a God Consciousness stage as thats a normal part of their experience. I’ve not had enough experience with other forms to suggest their typical process.

      The special thing about ParaBrahman is embodying Divinity can help other beings realize their Divinity as they’re immersed in it.

      1. Bojan Vranić

        Can you tell something about a “techical data” of a soul? You said soul is a ball of golden-white light. Can the light be changed in different color?
        Also what is the size of a soul, how many meters, can it be changed? After all the soul descends into the heart.
        Can a soul change it’s shape?
        Personaly i use a “she” pronoun for the soul because in slovenian language the word for a soul is “duša” and she has a female gender .
        So many questions, but you are the best person to ask them!
        Thank you .

        1. Hi Bojan
          The soul arises in the field of consciousness, prior to space, so it doesn’t really have a size in the usual sense of it. It is simply a light of life. It descends into the heart but doesn’t become physical or anything. It retains its nature while in a body.

          That said, the light can be dimmer or brighter which may seem to change its size.

          It is golden white as white is the colour of Divinity and gold of sattva, purity. So it wouldn’t change colour. Even in dark beings, the soul is the same. They can always rise. But when the life force expresses forward into the layers of expression, the chakras and energy fields gain colours that depend on the qualities being expressed.

          The soul itself is from a united state so has no gender. But as we move through lifetimes, we tend to be born as one gender more often due to dharma and karma.

          Even in English, which doesn’t gender nouns, we tend to relate to things in gendered ways. That’s fine, as long as we recognize this is us expressing our affection. 😉

  11. Kjetil Wedervang Mathiesen

    Hi David, this is another moving and inspiring post, thank you. And with a wonderful illustration. How would you relate what you write about the soul in the post The seat of the soul from January 2010 to this post?

  12. Kjetil Wedervang Mathiesen

    To make the question a bit more precise, maybe you would comment on these parts of the 2010-post:

    “I would certainly agree that the “thread” or sutra that connects the body with the divine comes in through the crown and connects with the spinal cord there. The area is known to control the various functions described by the pranas. (breathing, swallowing, etc.) Thus we can see that it is clearly the seat of life, as he describes.

    (As an aside, this is not what would be called spirit. That is indeed omnipresent and thus unbounded and infuses all of the body, heart, and mind. We can connect to it at any point and anywhere. Soul is the spirit, collapsed to a point, a place of strongest connection.)

    From my perspective, the brain is not the seat of the soul. What I call the soul is the divine spark in the heart, where we have the descending thread (above) meet a more direct connection. That point where infinity collapses into this localization we call a person.

    What makes our body different from a table or a rock is of course life. Life is the flow of awareness. In flowing, it enlivens awareness and makes us conscious. The descending thread brings us that life. The subject enters into the object to make it aware.

    But the uplink places us many layers from the divine. It’s a long way up. The “doorway” in the heart gives us a much more direct route to the divine. That’s why I call it the soul. But that’s just semantics. I’m sure Yogananda has another word for the seat of the divine in the heart.”

    By the way I see that you have 21 posts under The Soul in the index, so here is a lot to study.

    My experience is that there is that “sweet spot” right in the centre of the heart, and that it opens up more and more with my attention and intention on it, quite wonderful.

    Thanks again, David.

  13. Hi Kjetil
    OK – the first thing to understand is that the other post is describing something different, using similar words. His term King soul refers to a specific place at the top of the spine where the connection is made. We don’t tend to be aware of the crown chakra until it’s more activated later in the process. And even then, some people don’t notice much. It seems this process was prominent for him.

    Similarly, his terms for higher stages mean different things than how I use the terms. He wrote at a time when even awakening was relatively rare, so there were few examples. Also there were common interpretations of the texts that have since been seen through. He viewed the limbs of Yoga as steps on a ladder, for example, as was then common (and still is in some circles).

    He mentions that the soul powers things up at conception, which has not been my experience. That would mean the pregnancy is pre-arranged. I did discuss some other differences in the article. To me, the mother supports the fetus for the first while, until it’s mature enough to be self-powered.

    Certainly, it’s not uncommon for people to have different sorts of experiences, some of which will lead to a different emphasis or importance. But the underlying process should be common. It’s entirely possible that some of my conclusions are wrong, but they align with many other descriptions I’ve seen.

    And yes, I experience that sweet spot too. Visually, it’s a light as I described and I’ve seen it leave when pets and friends passed.

    I look forward to a day when the basics are mapped and we share a common language so that ideas can be shared more clearly.

  14. Kjetil Wedervang Mathiesen

    Yes, also that light quality, golden/bright point, point of infinity.

    I think that Lorn and you, together with the people around you, have already created that common language. The map, that is so valuable when moving into the terrain. It is a very major achievement.

    1. Thanks, Kjetil
      I’ve been surprised how far some of the terminology has spread and who’s read the book.
      Alas, some have also adopted some of the terminology but are using it differently or conflating their development. That’s the hazard of putting it out there.

      But yes, getting the map out there has been important as there are many for whom the stages have been unfolding where their tradition doesn’t cover their experience or they’re outside of a tradition. Having some context helps bring clarity and relaxing into what is here. And that keeps things moving. 🙂

      I’m curious where the newly developing arenas will take us.

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