The Undivided Soul

The Undivided Soul

Soul Santhe by Rajan Manickavasagam
Soul Santhe by Rajan Manickavasagam

In healing circles, you sometimes hear reference to “soul fragments” and similar. The Harry Potter idea of Horcrux extends that idea into fantasy.

However, the soul (jiva) itself is eternal and inviolable. So what gives?

First, some background. Most of us carry a load of unfinished experiences. Powerful experiences that were too much to process at the time that we didn’t come back to. Sometimes, we suppress the experience to avoid its unpleasantness, unintentionally meaning we carry it with us long term. These often go back into prior lifetimes – both our own and our ancestors.

As the older ones come up in experience and are repressed again, they build up layers of resistance. The big ones can develop an intense and very charged core under those layers.

Karma directly relates these unfinished experiences. They create a background fog or shadow, reducing quality of life. We become reactive and behave in habitual, avoidant ways. They also are far more prevalent in our lives than we’re aware of until we start working on them.

Processing some of this can be done just by living life. When we understand the mechanism, we can support it so we allow and process what’s coming up rather than re-suppressing it. That gradually eases the load.

An effortless meditation is also very valuable for processing some of the deeper stuff because of the rest and connection with being it brings us.

The trick is, that suppression takes energy to maintain. So when we release the big ones, we not only take a load off, but we increase clarity and free up energy for other uses.

The energy involved can be of several types. The chakra system powers the general functioning of the body, with one for each kosha or layer. A lot of suppression energy comes from the 2nd (water, emotions) and third (fire, mind, protection) chakras. It’s common for the heart (4th) to develop a crust of resistance, but a crust doesn’t take energy to sustain.

The chakras get their energy from source but require a soul to connect to source. We can say the soul powers up the system. Its energy is subtler, what some call core or essence.

Bigger traumas can be deeply personal. Some of our core energy can get identified with the trauma. This can mute our available core life force or essence.

For example, a young child experiences everything in relationship to themselves, so events are often taken personally. Say a parent dies or disappears. It’s natural for them to take that personally. Second, the other parent is often traumatized, influencing their relationship with their children. The child also takes that personally. Often, parents don’t model good coping strategies and just suppress. It may not even be acceptable to express emotions like grief or anger. Third, as the child grows, they see other kids have both parents. It’s common for them to blame themselves for not “deserving” the missing parent.

When we take these personally and identify with them, some of our core energy can become entangled in that trauma.

Not knowing how to process something this immense, the child naturally suppresses it the way their parent does.

It’s not so much that the soul is fragmented or fractured but that its energy gets entangled with an unresolved trauma and is thus not available.

In healing, we have the potential to disentangle that energy and restore our full power. To claim it back. We can then use that energy in our life again. It also makes healing the rest of that trauma much easier when it’s not personal. It’s just another unresolved experience.

When we release that core energy, it can feel like a part of our essence is being restored. But it’s the energy being restored, not the soul itself. Our soul has remained intact. We feel more full and complete. And that energy can be used to pour into any places within that feel empty or lacking.

It takes some healing before we can get to a place where such work can be accomplished. It’s another thing that makes healing worth it.

This is real empowerment.

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  1. This is expressed very well! As a healer, I do indeed find that when we free up that energy that’s been suppressed (or hijacked and used in service of reactive patterns), it can then be expressed in service of living in wholeness. Healing and awakening do go together. After all, once identification has dropped — as you wisely state — it’s easier to heal, as it’s no longer personal.

    1. Lynette

      Wow, this blog is interesting. It seems a lot of work to heal, and it appears it may take many lifetimes. I wonder if there is a magic pill that can just take all the trauma away?

      1. Hi Lynette
        Most of us do have lifetimes of baggage but it’s amazing what a little yoga (Samadhi, transcending) can do. Add in some understanding of energy healing and a little help and you can get through it. Also worth noting that collective consciousness is rising so there’s a lot less collective junk to deal with.

        It does take time but consistent practice goes a long way.

  2. Giovanni Ghirardi

    Hi Davidya, thank you!
    What is the role of the soul in the path? Is it important to identify the soul?
    Yesterday I was thinking, “I wonder if the idea of the soul is important to David”? XD

    1. Hi Giovanni
      The soul is what is taking the journey. The jiva (soul) is discovering it’s nature as atman (consciousness) and returning home.

      People use the word soul to mean different things sometimes but what I mean is the light in the heart that descends into the body a bit before birth.

  3. Ismail Alkashim

    Do you have any recommendations for something like a holistic therapy or healing program. I do a lot of personal healing but as you stated there’s some things that seem identified with my core and I feel will either will take a very long time to truly see through and release or will just require help to heal. After a lot of effort I do feel I need help with these things but traditional therapy I feel has a kind of incomplete approach to how a persons wellbeing is viewed.

    1. Hi Ismail
      There are several energy healers I mention on the Recommended page.
      Different healers have different skills so it can take a bit of exploring to find one that is resonant with you.
      The main advantages of a healer are their skills and they can see things we can’t. Even if we have great refined perception, some of this stuff is in our shadow so it takes a third party to see it.

      Generally, they focus on what’s ripe to heal. That may not immediately address your concerns but sometimes it’s not yet time. Work with them and it will become time.

  4. Lee

    Well said David! Its hard sometimes to put all this into words. There is a wisdom that some of us have or will connect to (healing) and its not easy for some to translate everything into words. Love these blogs as they reaffirm the “things” I “know”.

    1. Thanks, Lee.
      Yes, I’ve been given a gift to translate the subtle into words. Not everyone has that but thats fine. We don’t need words to live it. They are useful to communicate though. 🙂

      And sometimes, words can bring a different perspective that brings deeper clarity.

  5. Anne

    Hi David, a very interesting read. Your example of a parent dying when young resonates deeply with me. It is always this that I go back to when doing healing work, even though it is 40yrs later. I find it hard to connect inwards, though I’ve trained in many healing modalities. I feel like I haven’t found the real source to the emotional pain, but I am grateful to have come across your work, so thank you.

    1. You’re welcome, Anne
      And actually, that example is from my own life. I didn’t want to get into a story about it but it’s an example I know well.

      And yes, such events can have far reaching consequences, though it depends on how we respond to those events too.

      The trick with the big stuff is it has a quality of shadow so it’s very hard for us to see it unless it gets triggered. The big ones are also often layered deep in subsequent resistance. I find a skilled energy healer (3rd party) can help a lot. Different healers have different skill areas so its not always obvious who is the best fit. A feeling of resonance can be a good sign.

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