The Soul Song

The Soul Song

Concerto in G minor
Concerto in G minor by followtheseinstructions

Every cell, every organ and system, every object in your environment, everything arises in a nested space with a specific vibration or “song.”

These nested spaces are created by flowing awareness curving back on itself. Globally, this means becoming self-aware. Yet consciousness continues to flow and continues to curve back on itself in smaller and smaller loops, increasing in density until the space within the loops manifests as actual space. This continues in increasing density until it expresses as form. (There are various perspectives of this process.)

“Curving Back on Myself, I Create Again and Again.” – Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita

A team of devata (light beings) “singing” in harmonies create the song of each object and sustain the correct vibrations and structure for the form of the object. This is pre-form so these beings don’t have forms. They’re more like points of light, pure expressions of soul and alive consciousness.

Their sounds are like kirtan but sung in rounds, a call and response pattern in layers. In that sense, the song isn’t linear in the way we’d hear a song on the radio. It’s more like several stations at once, but in harmony. And at a faster tempo.

Not only are they singing the song but their relationships across the nested space create subtle (sacred) geometry. We might say they triangulate the sounds.

As the curving becomes more dense, it forms fields. These are given structure by the geometry and detail by the overtones of the song. The fields then solidify into form. These songs are short but in less localized time. Within the world they appear sustained.

We might say the initial sound in the initial space is the pranava mantra AUM. It’s overtones create the differentiation in what leads to our universe.

Within that universe is a progressive scale of spaces with objects of increasing complexity. Galactic cluster, galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, region, and so forth all the way down to quantum fluctuations in “space-time foam” where the overtones interplay. This means systems within systems, spaces within spaces, and songs within songs within songs. Each progressive level expands the detail and diversity.

“Look at these worlds spinning out of nothingness. That is within your power.” – Rumi

All of this relates to “name and form” and mantra, how to create form.

Before this chain of nested spaces, we have core songs that are call and response on a much higher level. There is what we might call the song of God or song of the Divine Mother for this creation. Then you have a cluster of high beings at the top of creation who are responding to Her song.

As consciousness is aware of itself both globally and at every point, we might call the above song and response the global song. This is much higher than our universe.

Each point within that global awareness that is awake and expressing has their own song. Those that express as a life form have a soul song, a personal response to the Divine song. As above, this song is short but full of overtones. They have also called the soul song our “true name” although it’s unlikely we’d be able to speak it aloud. We don’t have the vocal structure to do so.ย 

This song is part of what we resonate with in another and what draws certain support and abilities to us. We express our soul song into a specific form within the universe. We call this being born.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

The more subtle songs are on the Pashyanti level of speech. More expressed layers are Madhyama, what we’d experience subjectively as “mental sounds” or thoughts.

While writing this article, the following quote came up. Our soul song is our prayer.

“The Life becomes the prayer, the prayer which sings the glory of God. The life, the life. When the individual first pulsates in God Consciousness that is the glory of God pulsating in the world of man. And this is the resonance of prayer. Just as through the prayer the glory of God is sung aloud and the echo thrills the atmosphere with divine influence and radiance, so when the life in God Consciousness thinks, or speaks or acts what pulsates is the divine breath. And that is the living song of God even though it may be silent or speaking, but the whole impulse of the individual life in God Consciousness is the pulsating song of God, the praise of God, the glory of God. The whole life is in the rhythm of the song, of the praise of God, the glory of God. And that is the prayer.”
– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Rishikesh India, February 2, 1968

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  1. You are really speaking my language here- lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ So much of this is actually essentially what I am typing up for my new reading descriptions on my website. You’ve given me some more inspiration- chicken soup for the Pythagorean soul ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Uli

      more chicken soup for the soul… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      “When your surroundings are vast and holy, and you are inspired to move with this holiness, your spiritual senses awaken. To receive the God vibration you have to make room for you and God to move together. Everything must moveโ€Šโ€”โ€Šyour body, voice, emotions, thoughts, and all vibrations of every imaginable and unimaginable kind. This is the kinetics and thermodynamics of the divine and it must be both stirred and shaken in order for mystery to get a hold on you.” (The Keeneys)

      1. Kerri Heffernan

        Hi Davidya. I hear different tones in my ears all the time. Is this what you are referring to here please? I would love to know more about this or learn more about what they are and if I can use them in some way. Thank you.

        1. Hi Kerri
          Hearing various tones are an indication of early refined perception. In time, the intelligence value (what we might call intuition) in the experience will come along, bringing understanding with the experience.
          Don’t try to make that happen. Just stay innocent and let it come and go and unfold as it does.
          As the recent ‘What is Flow?’ article discusses, the world around us is full of flowing consciousness. One way we might experience that is as sounds.
          While sound is the most subtle sense, it is active on all 5 manifest koshas. Thus we may hear physical sounds, the sounds of energy, the sounds of mind, the sounds of the intellect, and most refined, the sounds of becoming. It is the last that can be part of the soul song.
          We’re more likely to feel bliss before we have active senses on that level. But there are always exceptions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Julie

    For the last year or so, I wake up 2 or 3 times a night to a vibration in my inner being. It started out intense and moved to being more subtle. These days it is more intense again. I usually pray a loving kindness prayer as I rest in it and fall back asleep. I’ve had a session with a transpersonal psychologist who named it kundalini. Would this vibration be akin to what your writing about?

    1. Hi Julie
      Yes – everything arises first as vibration. This is in many layers as the article discussed. When we settle, we may become aware of this in a number of ways. You may experience the body as a vibration. You may experience the pranava or primary vibration, the becoming of everything, what physics calls the ground state. Or any number of other things. (It’s not important to know exactly.)

      As I wrote about in the recent post Opening Contrast, when something new opens to experience, it can at first be intense, then it settles in as more normal as we adapt. As new values unfold or we deepen, a new level of intensity can arise. Or some new purification can cause intensity to the same experience.

      Some do use “kundalini” to refer to anything energetic but really, kundalini is specific to the coiled energy that opens and then rises up the spine. Energy may be experienced as vibration but pure vibration is more subtle than energy. In a sense, it causes energy. ๐Ÿ™‚

      This article is more focused on the source of the vibrations we generally experience as the world of our experiences. But we can certainly experience all of what I describe.

      It sounds like a good approach to the experience.

    1. Beautiful, Jeff
      The key from my perspective is the style of prayer. A prayer of surrender, Thy will be done, is much more potent than a petitionary prayer unless that too is a letting go.

      Devotion awakens the heart in profound ways beyond most peoples experience.

      1. Jim

        yes, first stage is prayers for letting go. Next stage is petitionary prayer. Petitionary prayer is called ‘magical thinking’ when it is just introduced on the surface of the mind.

        However once the human experience is fully developed, Petitionary Prayer is the mechanism to truly work in concert with the Divine to achieve literally anything for ourselves and the world. It is how we ask the Divine Mother directly, although first we must make the journey to surrender in Her presence.

        1. (laughs) As usual, Jim offers a highly upgraded perspective.
          Yes, magical thinking and it can increase attachment to life showing up a certain way aka karmic entanglement.

          But yes, post surrender and in the context of the whole, a request can be honored in a way not possible before. We’re supporting the world so the world supports us. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Jim

            ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for this space you have created.

            Yep. Just like that, support begets support.

            However there is something to be also understood in the modern context, living Brahman as a householder in 2019, and that is:

            Beyond the normal surrender and the respect that the [full] heart expresses, there are no rituals or specific prayers based on what used to be said, or in another language. Yagyas, mantras, sutras are all effortlessly transcended through the superior functioning of the elements that make up the utter captive of the Divine Mother. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Once Brahman is lived, the prayers can be highly personal, because Mother does not see the difference. Our proximity guarantees success. ๐Ÿ™‚

            1. Interesting observation. I agree that laws and rituals are created for times when people are not in sync with life and thus need guidance and direction. When we are in sync, expressions flow naturally and don’t need to be formalized like that. Old instructions can fall out the window as restrictive. This is most distinctive after the Brahman shift, I’ve noticed in those I know.

              That said, there can still be profound beauty in things that have been repeated millions of times, resonating still. Or small formalities in process , like the recognition of ones spiritual heritage prior to teaching.

              1. Jim

                Absolutely! Thanks for bringing this up. I did not want my statement to sound exclusive, and meant it as also inclusive of the wonderful harmonies that have already been discovered.

                I continue to do TM 2x a day for example, because it is like taking a bath in the Infinite, with the mantra as the transcendent “soap”.

                I was speaking more in the context of the naturalness of prayer – it mirrors ordinary thought and speech and writing in Brahman.

  3. This is so wonderful. As I was reading it connections kept going off in my mind like fireworks. I feel like my brain has been rewired just reading this. I’ve been communicating with devas for some years, and this has made so much very clear to me now. Have you created anywhere a glossary of Sanskrit terms? I find I do have to read your blogs with a Sanskrit/English dictionary to hand and many times they are not complete or correct, depending on the consciousness of the translator. It would be helpful to know what you mean when you use those particular Sanskrit terms. Thank you for this wonderful place.

    1. Beautiful, Gina.
      I’m more visual but some are more attuned to this style of experience. Here it has unfolded more gradually, often seen first and heard later.

      I don’t have a glossary. Instead, I write articles that define key terms and link those when I use them. I also have a Key Posts section that groups many of these.

      Do follow the links near a term – like the levels of speech terms in this post are defined in the linked article. Some of the terms I use are very obscure as they’re not in common use. I didn’t define Kirtan as it’s common.

      There is a lack of good resources that way. For a long time, many of the English translations were translated from a German source who viewed it all as ancient myths. That’s gradually improving. But as an article I’ve got coming up touches on, some of it is seriously deficient. Even good translators make common mistakes. I’ve seen dozens of translations of the Yoga Sutra, for example, and almost every one sees the limbs as steps of a ladder rather than limbs. Like legs of a table, you pull one and they all come along.

      I apologize if i have not linked or explained a term. I’ve been immersed in it a long time and don’t always remember to down-sample it. You can also use the Search tool here.

    1. Hi Carl
      The vibrations that create and sustain this physical body, our emotional body, and the lower mind are said to fall away in stages at death. The impressions and our experiences carry forward, along with our soul song. The latter is essentially eternal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. John

    So beautiful!! Could it be said that each infinitesimal particle in creation is a voice in an infinite choir – an infinite number of โ€œvoicesโ€ making one sound (Reality/The Universe/God/Everything) and the individuals we think ourselves to be (and are for the time being) are but voices (made of trillions of other voices) joining an infinity of other voices in that infinite choir making One Sound?

  5. George

    David, your writing makes me want to cry. Nothing’s wrong, either. Thanks for sharing what it looks like from your lofty perch. You are one of the Charlies for our time, and I’m so very grateful.

    1. Hi Bartosz
      I would say it illustrates the principles but it doesn’t show the whole picture. For example, reality is 3D. And it’s not just one tone creating the geometry but a variety in careful arrangement.

      But it is indeed fascinating that a single tone can in itself create complex and consistent geometries.

  6. Carl Smuda

    I am blown away by this thread. it is humbling and beautiful. God Bless the Awakened, you are our only hope. Thank you all. I love my TM program. over the years of course I’ve had the joy of watching nature support me (when I had a good program). and a life of studying the scripture I finally asked in prayer to myself, “what is the grace of Lord Jesus.” the immediate still small voice answer was, “the support of nature.” Jai Guru Dev.

    1. Hi Carl
      The beauty of waking up is realizing we’re in this together. There is no separate “Awakened.” We’re rising us up together. Some points are more aware of this than others but the only difference is time. In the eternal now, we’re all already awake. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Jai Guru Dev

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