Our Soul Pattern

Our Soul Pattern

galactic clustersAs a soul, we’re part of a family that is arrayed in a specific pattern, bringing qualities to the group. That pattern is arranged relative to the center.

Our soul family pattern and our placement within that pattern have a major influence on the qualities we bring to the world.

This is like how devata arrange to create the forms of experience. However, the devata create patterns through their activity, whereas the souls are arrayed in a standing pattern. Feels like this pattern can evolve over long periods of time, though.

The pattern is akin to the templates found on the causal level, the ideal forms. Only this is group dynamics and our role in the whole. Reminds me of how galaxies are arrayed (see image), which also looks like the brain structure.


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  1. Hanneh

    Ive been seeing this much more clearly lately. Where I in various situations I repeat what I find unsupportive and unloving behavior in my parents or other humans. Unsupportive of self, others and the whole.. But luckily I can see it, regret it and immediately have a sincere and strong motivation to never repeat, to transcend this pattern, stop it with little me and thereby hopefully heal something for the whole?

    1. Hi Hanneh
      Yes, anything we heal in ourselves is healing for the whole as we are part of it and our traumas are stored in the collective. We also become an embodied example for others to help them along.

      If we find unsupportive etc behaviour in others annoying or a trigger, it’s because we have it ourselves and have not seen/cleared it yet. Otherwise, we’d be neutral.

      Being able to see it is good. Then we can feel into the stress that triggers it and potentially release it. Don’t hold on to the regret or direct it at yourself. Your responses are natural in the circumstances. But yes, it can be a motivation to improve. Just remember that deciding not to do it again doesn’t help much if the trauma is not healed. It will just show up again or in another way. The key is to use the triggers to feel into whats unhealed so the source can be resolved. Only then will it stop showing up. 🙂

      1. Lee

        Great post and great comments!
        “If we find unsupportive etc behaviour in others annoying or a trigger, it’s because we have it ourselves and have not seen/cleared it yet. Otherwise, we’d be neutral.”
        So, if we recognize these things does that mean they arent not seen or cleared? It seems things like this can be recognized yet one can still be nuetral. Can that be the case or is that the ego “thinking” it has everything under control and we “think” we have some clearing that we actually do not?

        1. Hi Lee
          There’s a fine line here. If we see someone abuse a dog, it’s natural that we be angry. But that anger should spur action, then dissipate. On the other hand, if we’re triggered and find ourselves ruminating over it and making a narrative, then we know we have something unresolved in ourselves.

          If we find ourselves reacting to something (often someone else’s behaviour), that indicates something in ourselves to be resolved. If instead of investing in a story about it, or telling our friends about it, we notice how we’re feeling, we can notice where the charge is. A little neutral allowing and that charge will express as a wave of emotion. This indicates a release.

          This does require emotional awareness, presence, and a bit of finesse. Otherwise, we just go into a story about it. But as we get into the habit of healing, we shift the tide from building an ever-growing load of stress to resolving what is arising. Clarity and lightness gradually increase.

          For myself, I also found that culturing gratitude here and there in the day helped shift the tone of my attention, making this easier.

          Now, we can be irritated by someones behavior but still be neutral. Just watch and see if it goes away quickly or you continue to go over it. The energy drives the mental rumination but the issue is not on the level of the mind.

          Or we can appear to be neutral because we’re not yet conscious of our emotional state. In some workshops, I was surprised to see that some people found their emotional arena blank. It had been made unconscious for comfort.

          And yes, ego can also think it knows about emotions and how to handle them, but emotions operate on a different level. Mind can name emotions but cannot process them.

          Most people have way more stuff in there (lifetimes) than they realize. But that’s OK. We just deal with it as it comes up and over time, the fog clears, the lights come on, the monkey mind settles, and peace and joy can rise up.

  2. Michael

    Hi David!

    I also feel that the “standing pattern” of the soul group can evolve.

    I recently met a person and we had a soul connection but have never met in a past life on earth but had lifes together in other dimensions. She seems to be part of my soul family but feels like a “different layer” within the soul family structure.

    It is fascinating what is currently opening up to our perception!

    With love

    1. Hi Michael
      Yes, I’ve had similar experiences recently. Soul connections that go back prior to human lives. My sense of how far back the lives go has been massively extended. 🙂

      Have not met one in form yet, but one has said we’ll be meeting soon.


        1. Hi Bojan
          Well – everyone’s path is a bit different. But potentially, many millions of years. Or even longer. It depends on when we first take form and the path we follow. How did we get to human lives? Did we spend time on another planet first? Or come up from a mammal? Or come in from being a deva?

          This goes way back, so most don’t remember that far. The karma rarely goes that far back. But meeting your soul family is interesting as they’re not all in the same type of incarnation. And the diversity of evolutionary paths!!

  3. Scott

    Hi David, hope you’re doing well.

    This is a topic I’ve been reflecting on more a bit more lately…

    I’ve noticed that none of my friends seem to be from my “family”. Its kinda particular.

    Do you think the families have a relationship with the 5 elements?(I’m including space as an element)
    Do you think these families have karmas that are unique to them?

    1. Hi Scott
      Yes, many of our social contacts are more karma than “family”. Soul family connections tend to be deeper. Those I’ve met are spread around the world. We may have karma with them, but that tends to be less so.

      On the elements, I’ve not considered it. But to be balanced, the family structure likely has different combinations of elements, chakra dominance, DNA, etc. There would be balance in the form and in the whole/ the combination of.

  4. Peter Goodman

    Very interesting concepts to experience more clearly as the nervous system cleans itself out.
    I find my experiences, in the long run, are deepening. As I am awakening I continue to experience those periods of clearing and cleaning (unstressing) where the outward stroke, the physical/mental connection predominates. But, for this point value, the normalization does not totally overshadow the Quietness as it evolves into Stillness and as it falls into Silence.
    I tell that to set up this … lately a great deal of my “clearing” is my immediate family, processing the emotions involved in situations with my 2 adult sons. What I am finding (having revealed to me) is that larger family, the soul family, as you clearly describe it, working toward the entire Collective Consciousness, is being appreciated, more and more. Those mechanics are yet to be comprehended in a clear fashion. I “feel” more than understand.
    I love the macroscopic mirroring the microscopic. It makes sense to me and showing that structure does not always depend on size. And that the inherent structure of Nature works at both ends of the Relative.
    Thank you David for your posting.
    Thank you for giving my intellect something to (ponder) on the sattvic side instead of problems, today.

    1. Hi Peter

      It’s hard to gauge where we’re at on the journey, but growing stillness and presence are a great sign. Then we just need the right trigger to shift.

      Our children are typically karmic, so they can be a great vehicle for growth. We can mutually work stuff out and grow.

      And yes, as above, so below holds true on many levels. Our universe is very complex but the basic principles and patterns are simple and found at every level.

  5. Harrison

    Pretty cool to read this post David given that lately I’ve been affirming gratitude for all things
    including the stuff and people that get to me especially when I continue to ruminate on the upset and my story about it. If I can feel gratitude for the issue and compassion towards those involved, it’s so freeing – a letting go of some old entanglement and the trauma behind it. The other night I woke up feeling pain and betrayal about something that happened several years ago. Not a neutral spot. I had to wonder if the persistence of its intensity, after a lot of inner work, meant it actually wasn’t my burden to carry? To care and to carry are related. The answer that came was this a prenatal issue. Some split off traumatized part that the unborn child picks up and carries out of oneness with his mother. This realization or observation in real time was restorative and I “slept like a baby.”

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