On Angels and Other Subtle Beings – Part 2 of 2

On Angels and Other Subtle Beings – Part 2 of 2

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Light Beings
Light beings function in hierarchies and live specific roles for much longer lives. There are workers, supervisors, managers, and royalty (the divine at the highest levels). They don’t experience this as restrictive because they have the ability to fulfil all desires. They are not confused about dharma and see the value of their role clearly.

Higher light beings don’t have a fixed form so can appear as they wish to appear. Because of the power of attention on that level, our expectations may also influence their appearance. See the comments about personalization in the intro.

Elementals – the laws of nature in the environment. In this I’ll include nature spirits for life forms with those that manage water, wind and such. While quite distinct types of beings, the point here is a general understanding rather than a family tree. A friend called them the little witches. They have more distinct forms when focused on a task but shift cloud-like when not. This allows them to move very quickly from place to place by intention, like when tending their species of plant spread across a landscape. Hence you have stories of translucent faeries who suddenly vanish, for example. They tend to have attitude about humans for perhaps obvious reasons. They expect us to recognize their role and treat them appropriately. If you are disrespectful of them or their work (usually due to being oblivious), they will not take it personally but will see you as a fool. But they are sometimes amused by messing with you so you can ask them to back off. Everything has such beings including man-made objects and rocks. Even abstract things like defined property, communities, and organizations. Everything is an expression of laws of nature. Consciousness is embodied by the act of forming an object.

Rupert Sheldrake has demonstrated that new chemical compositions don’t have fixed laws of nature (like a stable melting point) for a time, until they’re formalized. Learning and habit for a new deva.

Angels – the first divine forms are involved in management of energy rather than objects. Where elementals use energy to manage objects, angels use intention to manage subtle energy. There are many types of angels with different kinds of roles, from the basic energy levels up through the divine.

Broadly, angels in their natural form are intelligent energy clouds. People have learned to expect or portray them with flowing robes and wings. But a non-physical being doesn’t need wings or a physical form. Nothing wrong with that expectation, but it is useful to recognize what we bring to it.

Where elementals often have pride and attitude, angels live in service, celebration and love. Angels of any type would not accept worship or prayers to them directly as they’re very clear on what is divine. They’re here to support you and empower you. If anything else is going on, it’s not an angel.

Archangels – a higher form of angel that is omnipresent. They can interact with any number of beings simultaneously so are often the ones most described. I’ve heard that a couple of archangels were once humans. That’s rare. There are far more than the 7 or 12 some describe but a few are more prominent because of their roles. They’re also not reserved to a given faith even if recognized only there. (ie: an archangel isn’t “Hebrew”, for example)

There are various higher angels you’re less likely to interact with because they’re about managing creation and higher echelons that are beyond our conception. The structures outside our universe for example.

Gods – embodiments of natural laws and leaders of some kinds of beings. Where elementals enact the laws of nature assigned to them, gods embody them as a whole. The king of an elemental group may well consider themselves a god and expect our deep respect but that’s a little different. They are not the law itself.

Avatars and forms of God – the highest light beings are direct expressions of God in form. They embody one of the fundamental aspects of God like love or being. Avatars are God coming into physical form. The most famous avatars are Rama and Krishna, described in the epic stories of India. These beings are exponentially more evolved than the highest humans even when born and raised to be with us.

Personal God – this is the personal form of God we personally most directly relate to. They are our vehicle for God Realization in Unity. For us this will be a fuller embodiment than any one form of God, although they may appear as such a form. This is a profoundly intimate process that has nothing to do with belief.

Grey Area
Some beings fall into a kind of grey area. Typically on the astral level of the rabble but having a different origin. A fallen angel that doesn’t take up a new path. Or a dark being that has risen but not yet enough to step into the light by choice. Another reason to ignore astral beings. Someone else is there to help them if they’ll take it.

Dark Beings
It’s also worth noting there are dark beings. There are demons and demon leaders of various types. Such beings have souls but are deeply encrusted and oblivious to their light. Your best bet is to not feed this with any attention. They live in their own worlds (the patalas or hells) so just leave them to it. They offer you no hazard if you stay with the light. I mention them though because we’ve all been around the block a few times so you’ll probably end up clearing some minor ones from your energy at some point. Nothing to worry about. When you find dark, bring light.

Our Team
We all have a large assortment of beings taking care of our physiology, our growth, our evolution, and our life journey. Even opportunities that arise. What do they have to work with? Your karma and the energy (thoughts & feelings) and soma you feed them with.

Our team varies by what we need. Some are part-time or just for projects. Some of them will leave when their job is done, like after awakening. Many have a job to do and are not here to chat with you. Some will show up when you reach a certain level or start offering more soma. (a benefits upgrade)

We each have at least one guardian angel and guide for life from what I’ve seen. A Guardian is more about our purpose and deeper role long-term, our guides more the specifics of this life. As noted above, guides are not angels and angels are not God. These are companions to support and empower you. Our Guardian will be a representative of an archangel. That will relate to part of why you’re here.

Over lifetimes, by deeds, boons, or circumstances we may have also attracted the support of various archangels, past teachers, and other beings. Even planetary devas. They’ll show up to help with things. Some may also be assigned to support our purpose. These are omnipresent beings which are not always with us but always keeping an eye on things. They are with you instantly if something arises, be it question or difficulty. I’ve been astonished how effective they are. Another reason you have nothing to fear.

It’s worth noting that each of these beings has unique and often rich personalities and skills. What your Guardian can do, mine probably not. I know a woman who has a guardian that can help others connect to their guardians, for example. Another has an ancient teacher, a healer, a poet.

I’ve been surprised how extensive the support is. Many people certainly don’t feel this and often work at cross-purposes to their team. But at some point on your journey this will gradually become very evident. Perhaps not visually but at least it becomes clear how supported you are.

All of these are accessible to us when we develop refined perception. Energetic literacy is a skill set sorely needed in these times. In most ages, our light partners are well-known.

If you choose to explore this stuff more than conceptually, it’s good to learn how to protect yourself energetically. Channeling, in the sense of being taken over by another being, is a form of possession – especially if the channeler is unconscious. It’s not healthy or evolutionary and is only ever an astral being. Angels would never do such a thing. Getting intuitive downloads is not remotely the same thing.

From the perspective of the (one) cosmic body our physiology is first expressed as nothing but devata, nothing but points of life expressing as all beings concurrently. Our finger a vast city of intelligence in grand symphony. Your form is itself a personification, the embodiment of an idea.

We are an intimate and essential part of a magnificent and epic play. Our world is vastly more populous than most people recognize. The crew is immense. We are never alone.

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  2. Bethany

    Have you discussed asuras anywhere on your site?

    Also, do you have any opinion abut orbs? I have caught them on camera–zillions. But internet views range from perceiving them as benign to malevolent. I would like to hear the views of someone other than ufologyphiles and New Agers.

  3. Hi Bethany
    Not specifically. Here, I just briefly mention “demon leaders”. Something I’ve run into before but not something I’d want to amplify particularly. The old “what you put your attention on grows stronger”

    On Orbs, I’ve seen quite a few pictures of them over the years, even a few in my own pictures. Some clearly have structure and they seem to show up in certain kinds of places. Most I’ve seen in an image was in a barn in rural Romania.

    Given their proximity to physical light but not being visible to most people, they appear to be etheric of some kind. I’ve not experienced them directly but they do not appear to have any agency so I would consider them neutral. A curiosity I’ve not taken further.

  4. gayanee

    David, Where did extraterrestrials fit in as in physical life forms that’s not human from other planets? And pleiadians and arcturians that channels talk of, are they astral beings with fancy names or light beings mistaken for extraterrestrials? Another great blogpost, greatly clarifying 🙂

  5. Hi Gayanee
    That’s something else I’ve not explored much. From what I’ve seen, each species has their own interconnected unfolding. Some are, as a group, more spiritually evolved than ourselves. Some less so. (technological evolution is only somewhat connected to that)

    But comparing them to our path is a little messy because, while they’re under the same primary laws of nature, their process through that is somewhat distinct from ours because their structure and experiences are somewhat different than ours. Also the way the cycles of time unfold for them. Around a different star, the energy flow is very different. Play that out over a long period of time and such distinctions are enhanced.

    I’ve met a few people who are more comfortable with the idea of aliens than with light beings. In one case, for example, she and her son where rescued from a sinking car by angels. She was unable to accept that for some time, referring to them as ET’s. It’s not something I would have expected to get muddied together but there is some of that.

    Personalization and how some beings choose to represent themselves play into that as well. So some subtle beings may represent themselves as ET’s who may or may not be. And of course, ET’s have an afterlife also, so some astral beings are ET’s.

    Generally speaking, we tend to have a momentum and karma with our own species so there is less to connect us that way. You’re much more likely to have experiences with those on a similar path.

    Obviously, this stuff gets very complicated rather quickly.

  6. gayanee

    Thanks! This explains and give some clarity to what I was wondering. I have listened to Bashar channled by Darryl Anka in the past and was wondering about that. Your explanation clears my wondering but yes it seems very complicated. 🙂 Thanks again!

  7. Yes, I’ve seen that article, DAVIDYA. My approach is quite different, as you know if you’ve read recent posts at my blog. Although in more normal times, I would agree completely with your perspective.

    For example of MY reality, and service, I just got off Skype with a client tonight. Gladys! She needed quite a bit of active clean-up to be able to move forward productively in life.

    In general, I’m a fan of using very specific skills to permanently remove very specific problems, producing results that show up when the observer has good skills of energetic literacy. As well as producing regular human-level improvement.

  8. DAVIDYA, this is a time when America’s President and Vice-President, First Lady, and others prominent in Trump’s government are being RUN by what you would call “Dark beings.” (As I described a bit in a couple of YouTubes I made, reading auras of Trump and Pence.)

    To ignore this and blissfully wait for all of this to go away… well, that sure doesn’t work for me.

    Of course, I don’t doubt that with your state of consciousness, protection would be built-in.

    1. Hi Rose
      I figured that article was how you got here. I was adding the link for others because WordPress no longer does automatic backlinks.

      I also appreciate your work is quite different and brings an expertise I don’t have. I share what I’ve learned.

      I didn’t talk about getting outside help as I was trying to keep the article low-key. But I agree that if the problem is bad enough, that can be indispensable.

      But I can only talk about that in general terms as that’s not my skill set. I make no suggestion of ignoring anything.

      I’m not sure protection is ever automatic. We both know very evolved people who have done troublesome things. We all live in this soup together. Sure, higher consciousness can make it easier but it can also make us sloppy.

      Thanks for sharing.

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