The Foundations of Soma

The Foundations of Soma

Previously, I wrote about the nadis or energy channels of the body in Foundations. This also relates directly to the chakra databanks Rose Rosetree writes about. I’d like to explore this in a little more detail.

I mentioned before that the nadis are formed by the flow of attention. At these fine levels, awareness continually curves back on itself. When it’s flowing it thus spirals into a tube. And thus the nadis are born.

But why do the nadis flow out into this structure we come to know as the body with it’s nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic system? Why the arms and legs and head arrangement?

This originates in the Virat or cosmic body. At essence, our form is an ideation in the mind of God. It is the son of God, Narayana or first-born in Vedic terms.

The first expression of the cosmic body is the cosmic devata body. It is the reflection of that cosmic body as a sea of points of awareness, each expressing a specific aspect of the intelligence of this idea-form. Your finger is a whole city of light beings, taking care of the expression of that detail in every being in all the universes.

You see, the cosmic body arises before and contains all of our creation and all universes and all beings in all those universes. The scale is too vast to comprehend, let alone imagine. But it can be known because we are that.

The next layer of expression is within our universe. The 7 chakras (shared by all beings in our universe) are the seed points for the flow of expression into form. In recognizing the devata body, awareness flows out from the chakras to all those points of life. This forms the nadis and the shape of our form.

Regular readers here may notice the sequence I noted back below the Mahavakyas (the realizations of Unity).
Aham Vishvam: I am the Universe
Devo Hum: I am the Devata
Aham Shrivir: I am the Cosmic Body

We experience this process in reverse order of it’s expression as we climb reality in our return home to source.

We can also note sub-stages of these realizations. For example:
– recognition that there is a cosmic body
– recognition I am that/ becoming, as an experience
– integration – a deeper becoming that is more embodied
– The end of the sense of local person, being only cosmic
(the last happens on the level of the me with Self Realization. At this stage, it is on the level of the body.)

Back to the title subject. Soma is all around us. We could say it is the sea of milk in which the cosmic body arises. If you’ve ever heard the ancient story about the churning of the sea of milk to obtain Amrita (soma) in the Puranas, you’ve read a parable version of this. This also relates to the red spot many Hindi women wear that represents the Divine Mother. The point just above the third eye is makara where we first connect with her. (although that’s not often understood) When the body is sufficiently purified, it becomes a sort of manufacturing centre for Amrita, the nectar of the gods.

Essentially what happens is this subtle “fluid” is processed through the brain. This produces soma which drips in the back of the throat as a sweet nectar. From there the soma is swallowed into the digestive system and then flows out through the nadis, like feeding tubes, enriching the devas the nadis travel to. This massively enhances the devas ability and our support and abilities.

The 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda talks extensively about flowing soma through the filter. This is what it refers to [we are the filter] even if there may be ceremonial representations of it.

This process of soma may at first just be noticed by its effects, like much easier results in the world or finer perception. Then it might be tasted in the throat. Eventually this process is seen witnessed directly. And then we become the flow itself. We are the soma, nourishing the devas of the cosmic body, the body of all bodies of all beings in this creation. This gives you an idea of why very enlightened beings are so precious. They support us on a scale we cannot even comprehend.

It should be noted that these are not philosophical or religious concepts I describe but things that can be directly experienced as aspects of your essential nature. We are the “son” of God and return home through our own recognition of our cosmic nature.

Any yeah, this post lives up to the name of the blog. 😉 [this blog used to be called In2Deep]

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  1. Jnana

    This article has helped in my understanding a great deal.
    It also helped me understand Rose Rosetree’s chakra databanks. The nadis are formed by the flow of attention. Of course! Now I get it. What a revelation.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Davidya

    Thanks, Jnana. I’ve studied this material for some time and was aware of the pieces. But it was only recently they came together into a more complete picture. I’ve never heard the above described as a whole, although I’m sure it has been.

    I find it very useful to have something of the big picture because it puts everything in context. Life, the universe, and our role in it.

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