The Source of Thought

The Source of Thought

Awhile back, I wrote about where thoughts come from. Some arise from physical or emotional activity, triggering activity in the mind. Some are triggered by sensory information. Some from thought activity interacting with itself. And a very small few arise from the deepest levels of the mind. We might call these intuition or divine proddings.

The ego notices these thoughts and calls them “my thoughts” and we relate to them as ours. But that’s just an idea. Our environment – both of the body and around it is a sea of activity. The mind will pick up on and give attention to those passing activities that it relates to. We could say these are what our dominant laws of nature tend to attract. You like apples so activity around apples is picked up. Calling these “mine” is like tuning to a radio station and calling the songs and ads “mine” and from me. Not really a good understanding.

It can be a little disconcerting to consider that your thoughts are not from you or yours. But if you as a me don’t actually exist, how would thoughts come from that?

It’s also useful to realize that once we’ve had a clear experience of source or transcendental consciousness (samadhi), a large % of thoughts and emotions are the result of purification and renovation of the physiology. (physical and otherwise) This is even more so after Self Realization. Purification creates activity which we experience as sensations, thoughts, and emotions.

This is why the key is to allow them to leave. Don’t try to resist or suppress thoughts and emotions. Just let them go on their way, as side effects of evolution. Also, don’t engage them or give them much weight. From the perspective of the cosmic body, we’re just purifying the whole. It’s just past baggage heading out on the conveyor belt.

Over time, the difference between inspiration and past sources becomes much clearer, so we learn what to give weight to. These blog posts are a lot of that. They simply show up or something resonates and I write them up. As bliss becomes more of our daily reality, we tend to take life and it’s contents much less seriously anyway.  😉

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