Healing Everything – Part 1 of 3

Healing Everything – Part 1 of 3

Part 1 – Intro

Everything can be healed, if we know the actual cause and understand it’s mechanics. However, that cause may be masked under layers of other unresolved debris making it very difficult to access. Getting to know the subtler layers of our being with refined perception is a major first step.

When we think of healing, our society will point to doctors of medicine. Allopathic medicine is very valuable for broken bones, cuts, and infections and such. But it doesn’t do as good a job with issues of imbalance that lead to chronic background conditions. And it ignores anything non-physical as illusory. So-called alternative or traditional approaches work to balance the physiology, making it stronger. This helps resolve chronic systemic issues. Ayurveda, for example, seeks to balance the physiology and thus restore health and resilience.

However, if we understand the energetic layers that underlie our physical bodies, we discover we’ve been dealing with only part of our overall physiology. the koshas describes how our body is built up in layers or sheaths of which the physical body is just one.

For physical issues, physical treatment is necessary. But some illnesses have more subtle origins. Psychology studies the mind and emotions but has largely lacked an understanding of their structure and thus a more direct means of healing. Many in the field are medically trained and are dominated by physical modalities. If we only recognize the symptoms, then we’re only treating the effects rather than healing the cause. The issue will not easily resolve.

This becomes much more significant if spiritual awakening is our goal for it is the fog of unresolved energetic debris in our mental and emotional “bodies” that masks who we are within, our cosmic nature.

Note that the point of this article is NOT to build a bunch of concepts or make us paranoid about sub-conscious gunk we’re unaware of. The point is to help us understand our energetic dynamics and point to a better tool-set for much deeper healing.

Be patient with yourself. You’ve been collecting this debris for much longer than you likely remember. But with the right tools, you can incrementally smooth the waters and clear the air. The difference in quality of life cannot be underestimated.

It also needs to be recognized that subtler values are less fixed and consistent. This means individual needs will be unique. There is no one formula that will address all similar symptoms. Say, for example, we’re a bit of a perfectionist and this is getting in the way of self-acceptance. What is needed to heal that perfectionism will depend how we carry it energetically. Is it emotional resistance from unresolved trauma? A thought-form? A frozen block? The same circumstances can lead to very different effects for each person. Similar effects don’t always have the same cause.

This is why an energy healer will not be as effective if they just learn a few modalities. They need to be able to directly perceive the issue so they can choose and apply the right tool for that person at that time. This is also why going to a healer because they know a specific modality is like going to an MD and telling them what medicine you need. Where’s the diagnosis? From an advertisement? From a friend?

Just to point out a single advantage to all this – the bliss body. It’s with you all the time. If happiness is not an ongoing part of your normal experience of life, then you have some healing to do to open up your access to that. As William Blake suggested, lets cleanse the doors of perception.

Need a better reason? Which would you choose – happiness, peace, self understanding, and enlightenment? Or suffering, difficulties, illness, unhappiness, anxiety, fear and ignorance?

But the real trick is – if we don’t address these issues we’ll carry them forward into future lifetimes until we do. Or be obliged to act them out in the world (a la karma), often building on them rather than resolving them. Resolving them energetically is so much smoother and easier.

– Some Context

I’m someone just learning energetic literacy myself. I have better what might be called causal literacy. I’m not an energy healer but I’ve taken a few courses and had experiences of the process. Most of this is familiar to me in some way, largely through accidental discovery. This is not a list of concepts I’ve collected but rather ways of dealing with what I’ve run into.

My motivation here is to point people to approaches and tools to support their journey more completely.

Good energy healers have much more developed skills in this arena. But it’s a very new unfolding. It will take time for a bible of skills and understanding to arise similar to modern medicine. This is inherently a summary, a list of pointers, a starting point.

I’m sure some of my comments and terms will turn out to be a little sloppy when deeper understanding unfolds. But a summary is still useful to at least move us all further forward and gain a broader understanding of our nature and how we can support it better.

– Where it’s Stored

The basic idea is that our physical presence is built up in layers. The layers closer to the physical are the ones we carry energetic debris in – mainly the mental and energetic/emotional sheaths, “bodies,” or koshas.

The relevant 5 Koshas in brief:
1 – Annamaya is our “food” or physical body.
2 – Pranamaya is our energy sheath we experience subjectively as our emotions and energy. It carries our energetic dross.
3 – Manonmaya is the mental body we experience as our thinking. This is where the samskaras and vasanas are stored (more later).
4 – Vijnanamaya is the intellect or intuition. While we don’t carry dross here, it is often overshadowed by the debris above.
5 – Anandamaya is the bliss body or celestial. No dross here and if we clean out some of the above, this becomes conscious and we live with this ongoing.

(Note that Maya means to build, not illusion)

Think of these as more like a rainbow than distinct. They interpenetrate. Mind is present throughout emotions and body, for example. The sense that our mind is in our head is due to the dominance of sense organs there – they feed the mind. If touch is more dominant for you, you won’t be as head-centred. The energetic patterns in the mind and emotions become mirrored in the physical over time and physical injuries are mirrored energetically. It’s all interrelated and interdependent.

Another way we see this is in systems like Chinese meridians or EFT. Energetic points in one place correspond to structures in another. So we may experience a sensation here that triggers a release somewhere else. Allow the attention to go where it leads to allow resolution.

We could model this other ways but the main point here is to understand there are layers where we carry this stuff. Each of the layers has different ways to store our unresolved or incomplete experiences.

If you ask someone how they feel right now, it’s surprising how many people are completely unaware, unable to name how they are at any given time. And if they come up with a name, it’s often the mind that’s stepped in with a response it thinks is appropriate (and wrong). Yet how we feel is energetically obvious to someone else with simple energetic literacy. It’s in our legible energy fields. We’re broadcasting it.

Our energy body is composed of tubes or nadis interconnecting energy nodes. The largest nodes and source are called chakras and run up the spine to the crown at the top of the head. The flowing energy is called prana or chi. There are several types of prana in the body.

Supporting the nodes are fields we experience as the mind. Subtle vibrations flow through the field as waves we experience as thoughts. Supporting the fields are a subtle geometry. This creates a field pattern I recently saw described as a fingerprint, unique to each person.

And supporting the geometry is fine vibrations that arise form subtle attention and intention in consciousness. We experience that vibration as bliss but it is also the impetus for all creation, all forms and phenomena. This is the ground state or unified field of physics, although they’re seeking it physically.

This all becomes quite apparent as we cleanse those levels of debris. This debris is like a fog of resistance, unresolved feelings, strong impressions and so forth. These are also the seeds of cravings and reactions that arise, keeping us caught in the cycle of karma or action. We become overshadowed by the noise of the mind and emotions.

How do you tell if you have some noise and fog? The mind is rarely quiet. We react to events that arise. We don’t experience an ongoing lively inner happiness. We don’t recognize ourselves as consciousness. We don’t perceive that we live in an ocean of the divine with everything being created in every moment. We recognize only the physical world as real. And so on.

As we naturally seek balance, opportunities to heal the unresolved will often arise in life. But they’ll only be experienced that way if we’re open to them. If we’re in resistance to feeling, we’ll avoid processing it. Then we experience life as a series of difficulties rather than a flow of wonder. If something is triggered, we often just lay on another layer of resistance. (hence the layered “peeling the onion” experience when healing)

The mind is also the home of identifications, our attachment to our stories about ourselves and the world. Even the sense of a me turns out to be a concept with a form. This is shattered in awakening. But note that what is shattered is the identification that overshadows who we are within – not all identification. At least not at first.

A lot of this can be new and seem rather out there woo-woo at first. But if you try the techniques to develop energetic literacy, quite literally whole new worlds will open up to you over time.

It’s also very useful to understand that healing is clearing barriers. This creates openings and allows free flow. However, it is not refinement. Refined perception may arise as a result of healing but the refinement itself is a somewhat distinct process. Someone can be clear but not have a refined physiology or can be refined but have a lot of debris.

We might associate healing with rajas, fire. Refinement results from sattva encouraging soma. Soma refines the physiology.

Part 2 – Prep >

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