Natural Solutions – part 2

Natural Solutions – part 2

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Nature’s Support
Nature’s support is what some call synchronicities or coincidences or law of attraction. It’s the effect of devata being able to support what we have our attention on. There are 2 general types of devata relative to us. Those assigned to us and those attracted by the environment we offer them. The second kind have prescribed roles but flexibility where they perform them. They tend to be more experienced and thus more useful to attract.

There are others who are assigned to projects. They depart when the job is done. I noticed quite a few on the up-link left after awakening. Apparently, that was a large job. 😉

If we’re energetically unpleasant to be around, those that can will leave or avoid us. Those obliged can be made more sluggish and ineffective. Others who like that stuff (often pests) may come instead. In other words, like attracts like and we get more of the same. Or what we put our attention on grows stronger. In general, our “nature’s support” is lower.

This doesn’t mean we get dumped when we have a bad day. It’s more about long-term trends – what are we feeding our team?

If we culture (favour) gratitude and higher emotions, the reverse is the case. We attract or “feed” the more highly skilled ones. We improve the working environment for the others. Life gets better not just because of what we put our attention on but because of what that attracts. As we progress further in sattva, our body begins to produce a subtle substance called soma or amrita, the “nectar of the gods.” With that on the table, we attract the best available.

Of course, this does not mean we should make a mood of feeling good. Faking it doesn’t work with these guys or ourselves. It does mean doing your healing work so you can have clear feelings, notice subtle feelings and intuition, and can choose to lightly favour the positive.

Note that we all have a small “support team” who are quite accessible, often called  guardians and guides. It’s mutually useful if you’re able to communicate so you can be on the “program”, for example. They’re more likely to have a sense of humour that’s not at your expense too. 😉 Some people, like singer Denise Hagan, do occasional workshops to help people connect with their guardians.

It’s also useful to note that asking for stuff a lot is what dependent children do. They want to give you support, not dependency. Surrender is a much deeper form of prayer that creates an openness for things to flow in.

One of the things that will strike you about nature’s support is how comprehensive it is. What shows up is often far better than what we might have thought we wanted.

How they do this is actually much simpler than it appears. While there are apparently individual, locally-assigned devata taking care of this or that specific thing, this is not where their intelligence operates from. While the intelligence comes through the hierarchy, it is not the King’s either. Devata themselves recognize they are conduits and are thus naturally grateful.

The intelligence comes through the divine via the cosmic body. The cosmic body is the ideation of the divine and contains the entire creation, including our universe. It structures the experiencer and our mechanism, the physiology. The first layer of that is the devata body which structures the process of experiencing. This body is composed of zillions of light beings in close relationship, each managing a function in all manifest bodies simultaneously. Do once, done everywhere.

That activity expresses through creation into apparent individual beings doing things here and there, like the daisy devata. What the Celts and Bardic tradition call Elementals. While the expressed beings are highly coordinated, the true comprehensiveness arises in the devata body of which they are all composed. And that flows from the divine.

The higher devata or devas recognize their divine essence more fully and can thus be apparently in multiple places at once. Archangels, for example, can converse with thousands at the same time making them ever available.

In the current time, not only are more people having spiritual awakenings but more of the devata have been awakening too. In this case, it means something a little different. We’ve come out of a dark period in global consciousness. During such a time, some laws of nature or devas go into a kind of hibernation. In the current time, such laws have been waking up. I’ve been told a few really big ones recently.

These laws awaken in the cosmic body and begin to express as devata in our experience. The dominance of others will also shift. Thus, the rules are literally changing.

Finally, there’s a good principle to abide by: Highest First. The lower emotional range aka the astral plane is where a lot of the crud is. This is not the best place to explore and is definitely not a place to get advice from. There’s an old Indian parable – Capture the Fort. Don’t go after the diamond mine or gold mine. Instead, go for the fort and capture it, then all the mines will be yours. The Fort, in this case is spirit or the divine. Stay out of the muck.

None of this is something you should believe. It’s just how I’ve come to understand this mode. But it’s good to be open to the possibility of it. We don’t have to experience them directly to interact – it’s simply in how we feel and focus that makes all the difference. Experiencing them is not something you need to seek although it can be useful to connect to your guardians. It will develop as a natural byproduct of spiritual development. It’s not something to spend a lot of time on. It’s rather another little something in a good spiritual toolkit for living the best life possible.

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