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      1. That’s unfolded spontaneously here, through routine spiritual practice.

        First was my “true name” which showed up on a retreat. I’d heard of the idea before, but this was nothing this mouth could form.

        Our soul song isn’t really a single song but a larger song of life. There’s the song of the soul itself, of the body, of the various cells and systems of the body, of our emotions, of our relationships, and so forth.

        Often, this is first heard or felt as a vibration, like the hum or vibration of the body being recreated in every moment. It may also be seen as a flow and colours. Hearing it as a song means listening deeper and from the heart.

        Everything has a song. I remember a friend telling the story of being deep in meditation. He heard this beautiful music and it raised him out of the depths. As he came up, the sound changed to a jack hammer on the street outside his room.

        Seems it’s a level of perception, probably the celestial. So perceiving the mundane, from the heart and from the celestial seems to be the combo.

  1. Lew

    Check out the Wikipedia article on Tumburu, the Horse headed Ghandarva who’s celestial singing is loved by Vishnu and Kubera. A great article that you might be able elaborate on. Have you ever had the experience of his singing or Narada?

  2. Randall


    Here are a few questions about statements attributed to MMY which I’ve never understood. Maybe you can help.
    1) M said there were traditions of the Absolute, of the Relative and of the Gap. TM is a tradition of the Gap. Can you gives examples or clarification re traditions of the Absolute or the Relative? What was M talking about?
    2) M said that St. Francis of Assisi was beyond human. Do you know what that means?
    3) Would you discuss the development of higher bodies post-Brahman? Specifically I have asked before about the Cognitions of Bhrigu (MMY lecture) re celestial nervous system and the Absolute Body. Also, some schools mention the Golden Immortal Body, Rainbow Body of Light, etc. What are these phenomena? When and how do they arise?

    Thanks for your consideration of these questions.


    1. Hi Randall
      Those are big questions. You’ve also asked some of this before here:

      1) Think of traditions of knowledge. Science is a tradition of the relative. So are some Vedic sciences like jyotish and ayurveda. Vedanta is a tradition of the absolute, it is knowledge of the absolute. TM is a technique of transcending, taking you to the gap. Note that this framing is dualist, a separate absolute and relative. In Unity plus, there is no 2.

      2) On St Francis, I don’t know the context. But he was a remarkable and very evolved man.

      3) The development of bodies is distinct but parallel to the stages. Some are referring to recognitions, which I mentioned in the comments on the link above. Like “I am the comic body.”

      Others are referring to refinement of the body itself, when the inner development moves forward through the layers until the body itself becomes made of light. This tends to take much longer though, so is less common yet.

      Here’s a couple of links where I discuss these ideas, including the absolute body.
      And see the comments by Michael too on that first article.

      Don’t expect your mind to fully understand these ideas. Being the body of all bodies in all time all at once (the cosmic body) isn’t something the mind can grok. We know it by being it.

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