Awakening the Body

Awakening the Body

We tend to think of enlightenment as an abstract future promise. A place where the transcendent peace we’ve experienced becomes an ongoing reality. Where we find an inner freedom.

This place is known as Moksha or liberation. Self realization. Cosmic Consciousness.

Many teachers speak of this apparent goal. But only some teachers and traditions speak of the more complete unfoldment of reality. Where Being is discovered as the driver of all life and then becomes found in everything. The inner world and outer world are joined in wholeness.

What’s important to grok is that we’re talking about human development here. The highest states of consciousness are not static goals to be achieved. They are doorways to infinite potential.

Reality is so vast that the refinement of perception of the mechanics of Being can go on ad infinitum. Plus, the values of everything joining in oneness takes place is a progression of astonishing proportions. God Consciousness and Unity are not endings. They are beginnings.

For some time now, it has been rare that such things are explored in any detail. But now, there is a growing number of people stepping into those once rarefied states of being. This is not just an awakening but the awakening of everything.

We’re not speaking of some abstract, transcendent value. We’re talking about concrete awakening of the physical world. 6am has arrived everywhere. I’ve spoken prior of how happiness becomes solid, like concrete. More real than physical objects.

What follows that is the awakening of the physical body.

I’ve mentioned Adyashanti’s description of how Self moves forward with awakening and absorbs the head, heart, and gut. With the gut, the core identity that divides inside and outside falls away and unity dawns.

But Self does not stop there. It moves forward and absorbs our emotional body. That’s when happiness becomes solid and we really discover our cosmic form.

To understand, lets review some of the prior themes around time and past lives. While an individual process will vary, this illustrates how the perception can evolve.

In The Past, I spoke of how we gradually become aware of events in our deep past. Eventually we see our history as a flow of lives to the present moment. As part of the unity process, all of our lives then collapse into the now. We realize they are all happening concurrently. Time is only now.

As I continued in another post, all lives of all people are found to be one life. We are the one consciousness of all beings. With simple attention, we can flip through to any life. Time and space are only here and now.

Then, all lives are seen as aspects of the one life, in one cosmic body. One being is living through all aspects of the one as us together. We are all formed in the image of the One.

Curiously, the human is found to exist before the universe is made for them to experience in.

It’s important to note here that we’re not describing a series of different things. This is one thing which our perception is progressively unfolding. Self now moves forward to absorb the root chakra.

The cosmic body is then seen in relation to the divine aliveness. Then it is recognized they are one and the same. The cosmic body dissolves into divine aliveness.

This has the interesting effect of bringing the aliveness right to the surface of the world of experience. You may have heard some sages talk of the divine being right on the surface. No longer static, we see the fundamental liveliness of being at one with all expression. Life infuses all experience.

This tends to happen in stages. First, the physical body awakens to its aliveness. The sense of touch is radically altered again as you are no longer feeling objects, you are touching the aliveness directly. This is described as being quite delicious, like touching bliss or touching the divine mother.

Notably, this carries a quality of intensity that does not evidently pass. Unlike experiences like rapture that we adapt and get used to, the liveliness stays intense.

The internal surfaces of the body are next to awaken. The physical heart, for example, becomes awake to it’s aliveness and to the aliveness of the blood flowing through it. The devata who are responsible for it awaken as well. It’s like waves of awakening, thousands of aspects becoming awake to their fundamental common aliveness.

Next, just as the unfolding unity progressed earlier, the aliveness moves out into the environment, our history, memory, and so forth. We begin awakening the world. Our co-created expression.

Enough people do this and you can imagine how everyones experience will change.

Of course, we’re talking of how it is experienced. The world is already awake. It is only that now we discover the truth of this directly. This is why the sages tell us that Self realization is not a complete perception of reality.

As the aliveness deepens, the infinite value at every point of the aliveness becomes seen. The Brahman value of the awakeness. This begins structuring the awareness of what has been called the Absolute Body, that which “causes” and infuses the Cosmic body. In Sanskrit, the name is Narayana, the “original” person or resting place for all living beings. He is cited as the first of the long tradition of Vedantic teachers.

It’s quite apparent how different this is from what can be the dry nothingness (or no-self) of early Self realization. There is no emptiness when everything vibrates with intense aliveness that completely infuses the deep silence. This is beyond even the profound sense of fullness that precedes it.

As an aside, this is the deeper value of techniques like meditation. They help prepare the ground for after awakening.

Who turned on the lights? (laughs)

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