The 26 Qualities Discussed – Part 2

The 26 Qualities Discussed – Part 2

As promised, Gareth and Eva released the second part of a discussion on the 26 Qualities of the Liberated post.

A few of the words were a little awkward, but that’s how they were translated. I tried to explain them in the commentary. The comments also contain a bunch of references to the Bull of Dharma and the Yoga Sutra that were linked but not explained on the post.  

When the unloading happens varies by person. It’s common for there to be a lot of unpacking after most stage shifts, simply because of the expanded state and greater awareness. Doing the work prior can be helpful there.


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    1. Yep, Peggy, it’s a great sign. The ego likes to give us the impression it’s in control. When it sees us letting go, it can get nervous. Then it can get louder and try to distract us. Stay here where it’s “safe”. Or play the trickster. But finally, the Self gets even louder and then the seeing can happen. Self sees itself and pop, we’re awake. 🙂

      1. Peggy MacLeod

        Fortunately, I am getting some laughs in when egomania shows up… I guess I was keeping it pretty well under wraps to stay “in control” before. Now I can’t wait for its loud voice to disappear completely! I’ll be patient. Garrett and Eva helping!

        1. Great attitude, Peggy. It’s antics do seem goofy in the light of awareness.
          Don’t expect it to go away completely. After awakening, there are usually habits that will bring it up again for awhile. Not loud like it is now but popping up narratives, then progressively more subtle things like shoulds, and so forth.

          The identity is actually 3 leveled. The concepts of a me that goes with the first shift. The energy drivers behind that, which is why it keeps coming up after. That goes with the high heart opening. And the core identity in the gut.

          But even with all that, we still need a sense of person to function in the world. It’s just no longer who experience ourselves as being. We have a body and we have a person. 🙂

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