Endless Possibilities “Unplugged”

Endless Possibilities “Unplugged”

Gareth and Eva enjoyed our first interview so much they invited me back for a second informal “unplugged” conversation.

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We again talked about a wide range of topics, including:
Silence and Flow
Subtle beings
3 Parts of Awakening
Stages of Enlightenment
God Realization
Unity in Perception
Object of Devotion
Age or Yugas
Pure Divinity, more
World an Illusion or Appearance
Dark Light, Krishna
Gunas in Awakening
Natures Support


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  1. Randall

    In MMYs lectures on the Cognitions of Bhrigu, he describes developmental stages after Brahman including the “celestial nervous system” and ultimately the Absolute body. Would you explain these developments in experiential terms and with their practical implications? In a BATGAP interview you described your Absolute body as having been realized. (I thought it was a transformation of the physical body.)

    Lastly, the Tibetan Buddhist tradition speaks of the Rainbow Body of Light – the gross physical
    body translates into a body of pure energy, composed of the subtle light essence of the five elements. The yogi with this attainment leaves no physical remains at death.
    How does this Body of Light phenomenon fit into Bhrigu’s schema? Please elaborate your understanding. Thanks.

    1. Hi Randall
      Big topics. OK – firstly, there are several threads of development.
      One is the stages or states in consciousness. These are shifts in our sense of Self and relationship with experiencing.
      Even within that there are the stages in our relationship with consciousness (Self Realization, Unity, Brahman) and stages in refinement (GC, Refined Unity, Refined Brahman, ParaBrahman.) They’re intertwined.

      These stages are realized, but it takes time for them to be fully lived. For example, old patterns from prior to the shifts have to be seen through and deleted. In later stages, it’s common for prior stages to still be unfolding through the layers.

      The refinement process also reveals the koshas or sheathes, so we become aware we have not just a physical body, but an emotional body, a mental body, a body of the intellect, and a bliss body. It’s like we walk around with multiple intertwined bodies.

      There is also another chain of realizations that tend to unfold in Refined Unity+ (Unity in GC).
      Aham Vishvam: I am the Universe,
      Devo Hum: I am the Devata (body)
      Aham Shrivir: I am the Cosmic Body
      Vedo’Ham: I am the Veda
      This can be followed by The Body is Absolute (As thats all there is)
      The body is Divine. (As thats all there is)

      However, these are on the level of realizations. Recognizing the deeper reality of our being.

      There is a further chain of embodiment where the realizations become increasingly embodied. The more manifest the level, the slower it tends to be, so physically embodying the realizations takes the longest.

      My impression is it takes hundreds of years in a higher age so this is very rare in the current time.

      Thanks for further defining the Rainbow Body. I get why it’s called that now. There are several siddhis that are probably precursors to this, like mastery of the elements. And yes, a literal body of light would just dissipate at death.

      1. Lewis

        OK. Now do another one. A lot of light was emanating from the three of you. At one point it was like 3 light beings having a conversation about cosmic things. A day in Sat Yuga. Just the interaction alone was enlivening, not to mention the content. The discussion of Brahman brings out the white light ….very soothing actually.

        1. Hi Lewis
          Yes, ParaBrahman is characterized by embodying Divine light. Coming together amplifies it, as does putting the attention on it. Like talking about soma or the qualities of living the stages. So we had a lot of fun coming together. Not quite Sat Yuga yet as not enough are embodying. But it’s coming along.

          As for more, yes, we plan to have another conversation. In today’s post, I highlight Eva giving Gareth a healing like I had. And the 2 of them have done a 2-parter on the 26 Qualities post here. These will go live as the month progresses.

          1. Lewis

            I meant that in Sat Yuga interactions like this are common throughout society. It would be nice to see an interaction between a number of people with these experiences. Perhaps one of those Zoom things with 8 to ten or a dozen up on the screen plus a source meditation….. maybe even answering questions. You touched on it but I would like to hear more about Bhakti and the integration with knowledge Gyana (pardon the spelling) as you spoke about with Shankara….. the value of music, bhajans, reading the 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda, pilgrimage places etc. Ramana’s ashram celebrated various holy days etc. even though he was fully emersed in the self….along with meditating, how do these things also help to raise consciousness for people and societies. Read recently that Guru Dev held a Yagya to help end WWII in 1944.

            1. Right, I knew what you meant. I just mean it’s not quite Sat yet as we’re not separate from the rest of the world. Sat is much more than some awake people gathering.

              And yes, as people experience coming together with others resonant, such groups will expand. There are already retreats for the awake.

              Big topics. There is a few threads here. We tend to be on a specific path – some are karma yogis, some devotional, some more intellectual. But often there’s a bit of a mix. I’m not a bhakti but I enjoy a good kirtan, for example. It lifts the heart and spirit.

              Secondly, different stages emphasize one or the other. Karma is part of the process to awakening. The heart opening of GC often leads to a devotional phase. Similarly, later in God Realization and ParaBrahman. And Unity is a process of the intellect – that is the Self, and that is the Self, etc.

              For many, it’s a process of experimentation to see what resonates. For example, the 9th “Soma” mandala can help encourage the flow of soma. But for others, it’s just stories from another time and culture.

              Remember that it’s not just about consciousness. Enlightenment is bringing light to the whole thing, all areas of life. Different approaches can help encourage that.

              Here’s a few links to related articles:

    2. Michael

      Hi Randall!

      Just want to jump in here because it is a favorite topic mine. (hope you dont mind)

      What is called rainbow body (disolution of the physical body into light at death) also does happen in theravada buddhism (but there it is oral tradition).

      It is also known in ancient neidan systems where it goes one step further in that the person can decide when the physical body will disolve into light (mastery over the karma of death).

      It is also known in the Tamil siddha tradition. Ramalinga was the last one publicly known who disolved into light.
      He said “if your body is not immortal you still have work to do”.

      What David talks about is a natural unfolding of this transmutation….however there are certain keys to speed this process up (for ex. in Tibet the thöghal practice).

      best whishes

      1. Thanks, Michael
        Worth noting that the soul can light up like a beacon at death. But the body remains behind. Thats different than the body being refined into light so it just dissipates. Nothing left.

        I’ve heard that sometimes, prior to this, people know the circumstances of their death. Tat Wale Baba is a case in point. Further, that they may have some choice of when they depart – its not just driven by karma. Mastery over death would be an even greater level.

        Right – most of us have a lot of work to do. 🙂

        One of the keys for speeding things up is healing so the deeper realizations can be embodied.

  2. scott

    Hi David,
    The informal format was a good idea; it had a nice flow.

    I want to pick your brain about something which came up in the video. I recently started working in a nursing home. Some of the people I care for have dementia and I’ve been noticing that some of them seem to be experiencing spontaneous kriyas or mudras ( not full blown) but their body’s seem to be reacting to a gentle pranic flow/circuit at times. One woman literally looks like a flowing Hindu statue swaying with her forefinger and thumb joined and feet arched with toes pointed and curled. It’s quite striking! Their age ranges between 60-90 yrs. Most of them have very limited physical mobility yet simultaneously have a lot of physical vigour and vitality as well as really good skin, and very few wrinkles. Their body’s seem strong; there is a kind of density to their physique that is different/deeper than just muscular strength, it’s particular, you know? To me, it’s as if their physiologies are going through a purification. Their state (almost) resembles a deep samadhi state; very physically still with very little mental activity. Oliver Sacks, the British neurologist who’s work inspired the 1990 movie “Awakenings” seems to be pointing to the presence of an inner life which most would not have considered before for people living with dementia or encephalitis lethargica. The idea of a purificatory process for the layers of the physiology seems to be interesting ( naturally there is more going on than just that – particularly in the brain ). But I’m wondering what you think about this though. Any insights?

    1. Hi Scott
      Both my parents ended up in seniors places and both had some dementia. You live long enough and it becomes pretty common. However, I’ve noticed 2 directions this can take. They get grumpy and resistant or surrender to the process and enjoy.

      In the case with my step-dad, he got grumpy and less and less cooperative. He took some pride in being ornery but it shrank his world dramatically. It also increased his own suffering. He was also deeply afraid of death. In the end, he lost it enough to forget to be grumpy and died when he forgot to be afraid. Not a path I’d recommend…

      My mother relaxed into it much more. She gradually forgot how to use technology, like a TV and phone, but had a much smoother experience. Though not quite like you describe.

      And yes, when we’re letting go and forgetting to hold on, there can be a lot of purification and release. It’s a valuable process as it allows us to put down some of our burden. Then we don’t have to carry it forward. Death is also a much nicer process when we relax into it.

      It can also be deeply profound. One friend had her Unity shift on her death bed. Another friends wife turned into a blaze of light when she passed.

      Worth noting that if they’re with it enough, it’s common for them to spend a few days or weeks after death letting go of the life, and saying goodbye to loved ones. Then they cross over. A little less with it and they may not know how to visit loved ones. They may hang around near where they died. And even more out of it and they may not cross over, hanging around what is recently familiar. A friends mother died in a coma and didn’t realize she’d died. She crossed over after having it pointed out.

      Certainly a growing field with all the aging boomers (like me).

      Quite enjoyed Awakenings.

  3. Peter Goodman

    I will watch this one as I watched the first one.
    What a flow of information of possibilities leading to All Possibilities, with the first one.

    Thank you for your help in refocusing the “me” away from the small body problems with an ever willing small mind to give expression to all thoughts, feelings , and emotions rising up. With the mind/body connection.
    Your help in reminding me that “what we put our attention on … grows.”
    I am Blessed by you and your mission to inform us of the possibilities of Awakening and its development. As an awakening soul your assistance is very much appreciated.
    As Treatment is getting closer for Prostate Cancer, my focus is narrowing. At the same time I am aware of not giving in to the rabbit hole of small body mind importance. And will be open to any larger lessons to learn, apply, and move on. The best way I can.

    Thank you my dear friend!
    Peter Goodman

    1. Hi Peter
      You’re very welcome. Just remember that the apparent illness of the form is the play of karma. It’s an opportunity to complete the process so that is cleared. Then it’s done. It’s just allowing what happens to unfold, doing what we need to do, and focusing on self-care and things we can do to bring us joy.

      The “best you can” is good enough for God, so it’s good enough for me. 🙂

    2. scott

      Yeah I noticed the same. Two basic directions . Surrendering or resistance.
      The ones inclined towards surrendering are definitely more at peace. I find they wear a sublime smile.

      I hadn’t thought of the post-death experience for those with dementia. Interesting. I would have assumed that whatever level of clarity or wakefulness they ontologically have in spite of any neurological damage would naturally manifest with the brain out of the picture; the physical karmic stream ending and the astral stream beginning kinda thing. I think I have a sense of what you’re saying though; perhaps like going to sleep at night heavily medicated and having your dreams consequently affected…?
      I’m sure there are so many possibilities during the dying / post-death process.
      I just now got an insight that you might actually be referring to a temporary process post-death before a more ” permanent” experience is established/ stabilized.

      1. Hi Scott
        Yes, many possibilities in the process. But their attitude toward it makes a huge difference.

        And yes, I’m talking about the transition period. There is usually a few steps before crossing over. Stepping out of the physical body first, seeing the body, then visiting loved ones. Stepping out of the emotional body, then stepping out of the lower mind and crossing over. Then you get assigned a role for the next period. I mention this as a small percent will get stuck in the process and may hang around there.

        And yes, their development will be present behind the dysfunction and medication. Some very beautiful surrendering can happen. A close friends body was ravaged by illness but they had a beautiful surrender and shining transition.

  4. Pierre

    Hi David, thank you so much I enjoyed like I was being there with the three of you . I was drinking this conversation and now i’m drunk haha
    You are very inspiring and radiant and so are Eva and Gareth.

  5. Randall

    This rainbow body process and the means to accelerate it are discussed in CRYSTAL & THE WAY OF LIGHT by Namkhai Norbu. Shaiva Tantra (beyond Tamil & Ramalinga) is famous for this mode of realization.

    Yes, Davidya, Tibetan tradition says the rainbow body is based on the mastery of the 5 elements. Tibetans also describe a “rainbow body with remainder” where the yogi departs in a rainbow body but an in tact physical body remains.

    In terms of the Absolute body, a Purusha guy told me ideally each element is “refined away” over a 5 year period, 25 years total. I guess this is a post-Brahman realization. (So way beyond my pay grade.)

    Father Tiso investigated a modern rainbow body in Tibet and was told it takes about 60 years of certain practices to manifest in this mode. See RAINBOW BODY AND RESURRECTION by Tiso.

    Good explanation Davidya re light development through the koshas. However, I’m still not clear on what MMY meant by the “celestial nervous system.”

    1. Hi Randall
      I’ve made a lot of progress in this life but I’m a long way from living as pure light. Given the apparent time frames, I’ll run out of time too. Hit 70 recently. 🙂

      On “celestial nervous system”, think body. In other words, the bliss body. Here’s an article that talks about the level:

      On that level bodies are archetypal and could be called templates. Kind of the ideal version of our form.

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