The Duality of the Heart

The Duality of the Heart

Chakra 4
Chakra4 by Atarax42

While we may experience the heart as unitive, its fundamental nature is a polarity, a relationship. Love flows from one to another, uniting duality.

This reflects the nature of consciousness to flow from observer to observed and back again. It is the play of the process of experience.

We can also describe it as the home of lively intelligence. This manifests in the masculine (impersonal) as the intellect and in the feminine (personal) as love and intuition.

In the post Awareness of Becoming, I listed many of the qualities of the causal level, also known as the celestial and the bliss body.

We can similarly list the qualities of the heart kosha (sheath) and chakra.

1) intellect / intuition

The mind pulls around the intellect for most people. But after awakening, it comes to be associated with being. It becomes “resolute“, then has the role of uniting through the Unity stage.

Just as the intellect becomes resolute, intuition becomes vastly more reliable when its ground is eternal.

2) geometry / relationship

Here, the geometry of the relationships of the devata overlays the vibration of the causal, providing a subtle structure to form and the flow of vibration. This gives a subtle structure to form.

3) Geometry can be perceived as yantra aka sacred geometry on this level.

4) Air element manifests on this level, giving substance to the flow of consciousness.

5) Touch sense manifests here, along with air element.

This and the causal are often associated with fine feelings. Most emotions are water-based in the more manifest energy body.

Many associate touch with fine feelings and love.

6) respiration is energetically supported here.

7) the yantra of the heart looks like the Star of David, two overlapping triangles. (duality) (see image above)

8) this chakra is called anahata, with a higher octave called hridaya.

9) the measurable energy field of this chakra is the largest of our body.

10) it is the fulcrum point of the chakras, the shift from personal to universal.

11) the heart is the home of the soul while we’re in this life. This can be experienced quite a few different ways. As a big space, as a light or sun, as a being the size of the thumb, a chakra, a fount of love, and so forth.

This is a rich and fulling arena to open to.

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  1. Peter Goodman

    Thank you David for the clarity of this post.
    The unfolding and blossoming of the Heart I look forward to without anticipation or expectation. In my current state of awakening, my heart is more expanded than a few years ago.
    I have not been very intuitive in my early life, in this life. But I find that also growing with the Heart.
    Thank you for your explanation.
    I find it helpful to have a clear understanding (knowledge) as the experience blossoms. And with deeper experience more profound knowledge is revealed. An amazing interdependent relationship for growth toward Awakening and then It’s refinement.

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