The Sacred Heart(s) (4+1)

The Sacred Heart(s) (4+1)

When I was speaking with Denise Hagan after a small concert recently, I realized I’d left something off the recent article on Hridaya, the divine heart. And that is Hrit, the heart sub-chakra.

For review, we have 4 “hearts” in the chest. This is one of the reasons it’s experienced so many different ways. Even just the heart chakra itself can be seen as a vortex, a flower, a space and so forth.

The 4 Hearts:
1 – the physical heart, in the left chest.

2 – Anahata – the heart chakra. This is typically experienced most distinctly when the kundalini shakti is rising.

3 – Hrit – the heart sub-centre said to run the physical heart. It’s above the physical heart and below the shoulder. The initial connection is up by the 6th chakra so it comes on-line a bit later. It includes the “holiness and beatitude” qualities and is more prominent in those on a heart-driven path. Denise, for example, often puts her hand on this “high heart” when singing. Or people will put their hand in the middle of the chest over anahata, depending on where they feel it most.

As I reviewed here, energetically, with the manas (mind) sub-centre on the right, it creates a Fleur-de-lis pattern. And the cross people cross themselves with.

4 – Hridaya, the divine heart, discovered most often during the post-awakening descent phase known as God Consciousness. It is larger and fuller than Anahata but in the same space, more subtly.
The hridaya or spiritual heart is not the heart chakra (Anahata) but the core of our being, the seat of Atman or Purusha, in which all chakras, all worlds, and all beings are comprehended.” — Dr. David Frawley
I discussed this recently here.

Given the similar names of Hrit and Hridaya and that they have the same number of petals, I considered if these were the same chakra as some suggest. In fact some suggest all 3 are the same thing, or they confuse Hrit and Hridaya with Surya below the heart, or as a root of Anahata. I suspect all this kundalini muddling is a blend of conceptually guessing what the old texts meant and poor energetic literacy. A great deal of understanding took a hit during the Dark Ages.

Kundalini Vidya is very clear Hrit is as above. The quote makes it clear Hridaya is distinct. And all 4 can be perceived distinctly. But they can also be experienced a number of different ways, as I mentioned above. If we’re following descriptions and not clear experience, the water gets muddy.

One western-developed chakra system I saw oddly put the 3rd gut chakra over to the side. I thought that a little odd until I ran into a text that suggests it can be deflected. This isn’t the normal experience but it became part of a chakra system.

Yet another layer to this scenario is the sutra. We have a sutra (nadi) entering through the top of our head that runs down the spine. It is known as sushumna. This is what the kundalini shakti eventually rises up through all the chakras. There is another sutra that connects to the heart directly, from the front, bypassing this.

The heart is also the fulcrum point. It is the axis of the one into 3 into 7 within us. The spiritual chakras above the heart, the world chakras below. It brings the 2 together.

On the journey up, the heart is the transition from being ego-driven to becoming a seeker. On the journey down, the heart is the transition from the detached witnessing spirit of Self Realization into God Consciousness which sets the ground for the fullness of Unity.

One begins to get a sense of why the heart is so important in a spiritual journey. And in the rich quality of life that is our birthright.

[Update – I’ve seen several references to the “high heart”, a sub-centre between the heart and throat. Rose calls it the “soul thrill” sub-chakra. It supports the Fleur-de-Lis pattern even better. See comments.]

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  1. Thanks Davidya for this. I have not seen it written in such terms, but having experienced the energy movement in the sescond half, it rings true for me.
    As we have evolved though, we need our throat or communication centres to become more fine-tuned. This should not be through trickery or eloquent manipulative tactics – which are still ego based. Instead the pure heart energy should guide how we communicate, and yes putting your hand on your heart while you sing or communicate in difficult situations, does help focus correctly. Your personal truth will shine through and touch people gently. This is much more powerful that any brash attempts at communication aimed to ‘get’ or ‘win’ or ‘persuade’ instead of to SHARE.
    I have notices, particularly when giving healing to traineee healers, that an extra chakra (energy centre) between the heart and throat would open up with a beautiful clear turqoiuse when they were ready to start their true healing work.

  2. Davidya

    Hi Julia
    Thanks for sharing. And yes, none of this is ever in isolation – it’s all tied together and working concurrently. The heart plays a different role when it’s upward directed than downward. Same with the throat. A lot of third chakra imbalances out there. Well related to ego desire for control.

    The closing comment is interesting. Rose Rosetree, who I’ve mentioned in a few recent articles, mentions a “soul” subchakra where you suggest. The hrit is over to one side, parallel to the manas centre, hence the mentioned sense of a cross and the fluer-de-lis pattern that can be formed by the group.

    In the Read book I reviewed in the article Aura Reading, she mentions databanks like “Fulfillment as a human being, expression of the soul through the personality, and ability to commit to a love relationship”, “Souls reaction to a life choice” is also notable in your case,

    To me, its a bit overshadowed by the heart and I’ve not explored it, and the kundalini traditions I’ve read don’t mention it. But subtle doesn’t mean unimportant. 😉

  3. Davidya

    I can further add I’ve run into a couple of references to the “high heart”, another sub-centre between the heart and throat. I think this is what Rose means by the “soul” sub-chakra. Not sure how it’s wired but it explains the Fleur-de-Lis pattern even better. I experience the soul as being rooted in the heart chakra itself though.

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