On Chakras

On Chakras

Chakra by Jinibaba
Chakra by Jinibaba

Recently, I got some insight into the mechanics of the chakras. The word chakra means wheel or circle. The chakras in the energy or emotional body can be perceived as vortexes. Viewed from the front, they appear like a spinning disc or wheel.

Because consciousness has a direction of flow and is perpetually curving back on itself, those flows have a tendency to spiral as they move, leading to the tube form of the nadis (nagas) and the vortex nature of chakras, when the spin curves into or expands out of a point.

From the side, the chakras look like little coloured tornadoes. They flow from a point in their roots in the spine (nadi) forward, spiralling out as they go. They also flow from the front, back to their roots. There is some variation in the direction of spin and movement.

As I’ve described before, each chakra is the energy source for embodying the corresponding kosha (sheath) or layer of being in our form. (Physical, emotional, mental, intellect, causal, creation, consciousness.)

They embody the process of experience in consciousness, flowing from the observer to observed and feeding perception back to the observer. The observer-observed dynamic is the foundation of polarity.

We can say desire drives the flow. Desire to experience, to know, to love.

This is the nature of our being. It is who and how we are.

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    1. Well put, Sharon.
      The desire I refer to here is the desire of nature “to experience, to know, to love.” Those relate to primary qualities of Divinity.

      Humans also have desires driven by needs and by what is unresolved. That’s where having a good intention is very helpful.

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