Points in Relationship

Points in Relationship

Clay by Dean Hochman
Clay by Dean Hochman

Recently, I was asked if everything is points in relationship. I would say yes, this is true on every level.

– When you and I exchange words, we are 2 points of awareness relating in relationship.

– Atoms are composed of points that interact energetically to form molecules. Molecules interact chemically to form compounds.

– Emotions arise, flow, and interact with other energy fields from one experiencer to another.

– Devata (points of intelligence) interact in relationship to each other, creating subtle geometry (structure) with qualities to create form and experiences.

– Consciousness is aware of itself globally and at every point. Those points interact to create the field of experience.

Relationship is fundamental. We’re never solo entities. We’re always in relationship with others and the environment in a myriad of ways, most of which is off our radar.

Shopping, breathing, hiking, digesting, playing sports, meditating, travelling, sleeping… everything is a sea of dynamic relationships.

And we remain, a point of observation, interacting with the whole on every level.

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  1. Uli

    from two poets who love sukha not becoming sukha 😉

    “What the poet is searching for is not the fundamental I but the deep you.”

    Antonio Machado
    “Two in One, Two who know difference rich in sense,
    Two to clasp, One to be, this His strange mystery.”

    Sri Aurobindo

    “And even when our personality seems to disappear into unity with it, it may still be—and really is—the individual divine who is melting to the universal or the supreme by a union in which love and lover and loved are forgotten in a fusing experience of ecstasy, but are still there latent in the oneness and subconsciently persisting in it.”

    Sri Aurobindo, The Mystery of Love

    1. You highlight a point I didn’t make in the article, Uli.
      It’s all in relationship but all within itself. We’re not only not solo but there is no real other. For experience to happen there has to be a relationship and interaction, but it all takes place within the one, relating to itself.
      The point value remains in wholeness, interacting with other points.

  2. Lynette

    I am glad to read this, that we are never alone. So when someone physically dies that also is a point of relationship? I’m just curious, I understand from what I read that when we die we only let go of the body, but the spirit lives on, so if I remember the person who died then I am crystallizing that point of relationship? If you pray for the person or animal who passed already and they got reborn then my prayers have an effect on them? If everything is a point of relationship then it must have an effect, right?

    1. Hi Lynette
      Big topic. Death we could say is a change in our relationship with the body. Yes the soul, which brings the life force into the body, pulls back out of the physical, then the energy, and finally the lower mental body.
      Connections take place on a subtle level so it depends on if that is activated. A simple thought of someone may not activate our connection but a deeper, more felt sense will.
      There’s also the distinction of thinking about the form that’s gone vs thinking of them qualitatively – that remains. Someone on the other side may be aware we’re thinking of them but after they take a new form, they’re usually much less conscious of that.
      The degree of effect will be based on depth and quality. For example, thoughts of how we miss ‘what was’ are natural but more about ourselves and our attachments. They don’t benefit others.
      On the other hand, love flows beyond all boundaries and enriches everything.
      It’s all in how we are and what we offer. 🙂

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