An Approach to Healing

An Approach to Healing

Sunset - Lake of Pines by Iezalel Williams
Sunset – Lake of Pines by Iezalel Williams

Many people find energy healing less straightforward than physical healing, though the two are closely intertwined.

Until we see or feel them, we can’t really release our contractions and resistance, even though they can be implied by other symptoms. They have to be conscious enough to be experienced. As they’re unfinished experiences, this makes sense.

A good energy healer is precious as they can look or feel from outside our perspective. But often they can only process what’s surfacing, what’s ready to resolve. If it’s still buried in shadow, it’s not ready yet.

We can make it ready with tools like an effortless meditation practice, and a curiosity about our inner dynamics. The meditation gives us the rest to get underneath the contractions. This softens them and allows them to surface. It also gives us the experience of allowing.

Curiosity brings that allowing into daily life and encourages us to accept whatever is arising. It’s a non-resisting to meet our resisting and allow it to surface. It’s much easier for things to surface when we’re ready for it. And then, it just needs to be experienced. This often comes as a wave of emotion, then it’s done. That shadow is resolved. That experience is complete.

The more shadows that we resolve, the greater the inner light, clarity, wisdom, peace, and happiness can flow. And the easier we can see what else is arising to be resolved.

I once thought that the shadows I could see within were what remained to be resolved. However, because space is nested, we can store trauma and stress in hidden “pockets” within. Until they arise to resolve, those can be invisible to us. It’s thus difficult to see what remains.

Yet if we’ve awoken, we’ve roasted the mountains of backlog. What remains is just the sprouted seeds, scheduled to arise throughout our life. They will come in their time, in the artful dance of the nature.

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  1. Mary Webster

    David, what if a person doesn’t awaken until they are 75 and they still have unresolved issues nested in pockets? Say they die before the issues come up to be resolved. Do they just vanish when the body does, or do they follow some sort of individuality until resolution?

    1. Hi Mary
      It’s not black and white. The minor stuff will tend to fall away with the body. But the stuff we’ve been sustaining, that we’ve not resolved, will often carry forward.

      Basically, it’s stored as potential energy in the collective. It has metadata associating it with us. (Much of which is what breaks with awakening.) It’s kind of a mass of unresolved experiences, also known as karma.

      What happens then varies. Our soul doesn’t die and we continue to evolve, often on more subtle planes. For example, a friend died with unresolved anger issues. She was soon assigned a job to help living humans with their anger. This helped everyone. Another friend was sent for special training.

      There are as many possibilities for what unfolds as there are people. All on the plaform of the field of experience, how to sustain and evolve it.

  2. harrison

    I have to believe the ultimate healing resolves the state of ignorance that masks our true nature as pure awareness and behind that pure nothingness. I notice more and more how the old stresses and beliefs and the resulting egoic reactivity of that state have such a grip. A grip that imposes a “forgetting” that equates to suffering of one sort or another. How do we help each other and help our own self remember? This is both a solitary hero’s journey and a group effort. The Buddha, Sangha, and Dharma are essential but even all that may need to be surrendered. I am grateful for all the guides and fellow travelers on this life path and the universal love that embraces us and we embrace each other with. Together our “glimpses” are becoming grounded and sustained.

    1. Agreed, Harrison. Addressing the “mistake of the intellect” that has confused our vehicle of experience with who we are is a great healing. There is so often lots of what I used to call “shrapnel” remaining when the center is taken out though. Not to mention the clearing needed for that key recognition in the first place.

      The forgetting isn’t the grip itself. There is the resistance to the experience, which creates a shadow that then hides its contents. Sometimes, this is a natural response to an overwhelming trauma. But that tendency becomes habit and we end up resisting everything that comes up that we didn’t choose. That really gets in the way of resolution.

      I agree it’s a solitary and group process. It is the one Self of all that does the waking up. That is the group. But it’s through this form that we’re doing it. And the more forms that do, the easier it is for others.

      Yes, even our relationship with the Divine must be surrendered for all attachment and resistance to fall away.

      Together we are That which is together. 🙂

  3. Lee

    Such great words here! I am also thankful for all the teachers and travelers on this journey. We all are “helping” each other even if its just ones self. Its all connected. Certainly have become aware of resistance and I guess whatever we call the opposite, awakening…? Sorry Im not a formal student in regards to terminologies but allowing these things to arise so we can “complete the experience” has become so much more clear in the past years. The sessions Ive had with others on clearing traumas, the self clearings…. All have opened me. I really am not good at expressing what “it is” but its real. Surrender and let go… I do “feel” (cant say think) that Ive burnt through so much in this life that Im free now going forward. Just dealing with the shadows as the light creates them. Thank you all!

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