My Friend, The Mantra

My Friend, The Mantra

View Of Kuwait by Yasin Hassan
View Of Kuwait by Yasin Hassan

This post is more personal. It’s not an example of a typical process.

I first learned an effortless meditation back in 1974. It made an enormous difference in my life, soothing my physiology and opening things up. Quickly, I was off to NE France, spending 6 months doing “rounds” of asana and meditation. The mantra (sound) became a friend, one that was always there, reverberating at a quiet level. It’s remained my companion for nearly 50 years, outlasting most human friendships.

Last fall, I received instruction from Malika. Maharishi told her to keep my existing mantra, something she’s rarely done. Instead, she activated the Shakti or power in that mantra. It lit up and became more potent. She then activated it further. This fully refreshed my practice. (She usually activates, but with a newly selected mantra.)

She said “Sound is our connection to Source” when it’s been activated this way.

She has the further skill of activating specific frequencies to amplify certain qualities, such as for healing or support in life. Aside from the specific benefits, this helps bring source down into our life.

“A vibration is an extension of a [light] code. The code is the seed. The vibration is the essence/frequency of the seed. Yes, the universe operates on vibration. But it all starts from a core root, which is the code.” These frequencies are what I’ve called the soul song.

As I’m in recovery, I’ve been getting regular healing sessions from Malika. I’ve gotten a lot of benefits that have gone far beyond recovery. And we’ve worked on some collective healing projects together as well.

Recently, another mantra moved into my field. A different class of mantra.

This one isn’t just a quality, it’s a being I can interact with. Malika describes how to establish a relationship with your mantra and I became close to this new one.

This arrival was in anticipation of an instruction. Malika brought this Source Sound (deva) into an instruction. This is an advanced instruction she’s not often done yet, something one must be ready for.

It’s like my old mantra was the moon and this is the sun. Deep connections are awakening, along with ancient understanding. The mantra is also a companion when healing or clearing collective shadow, an addition to my team.

This new companion is a remarkable blessing, coming in a remarkable way.

I don’t normally share something this specific to my journey, but was called to do so here.

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  1. Richard Barnes

    Who is Malika Davidya? And what does it mean Maharishi told her to leave my existing mantra–‘leave it’ as in leave it behind, or leave it as in leave it there and continue..?

    1. Hi Richard
      I’ve written about Malika in several prior articles. In some ways, this article continues what I wrote about when I first learned. I talk about her more there.

      Good point about Leave – I replaced the world with Keep. In other words, keep my existing TM mantra and upgrade it’s Shakti.

      She has an ongoing relationship with Maharishi. This is Maharishi as Smriti, cosmic memory, much as members of the Holy Tradition and the Veda remain available to us. I was surprised at first but have since found the same response to him as when I experienced him in the physical.

      I experience this as a continuation of my path. This is part of a more outward stroke for me, an application of the inner development.

  2. Gael

    Maharishi also said NO messing around with discarnate spirits. I believe that deeply. I do not discount Malika, but this aspect of her teachings, or her gift, is very concerning.

    1. Hi Gael
      I very much agree. Discarnate spirits are a little like bored teenagers hanging around, looking for trouble. They can seriously mess you up, create dependencies, etc.

      There’s a big difference between such entities and divine beings like angels and devas. Ditto for sages in cosmic memory.

      The key point is being able to distinguish them. If it’s purely on the level of senses, it’s all just appearances and you can’t tell the difference. But when refined feelings come online, the difference is obvious.

      I’ve been experiencing this stuff since the mid-70’s and am still meeting new kinds of beings. This article is a summary, although my understanding has evolved since:

      Malika works much more closely with subtle beings than I do but she’s very aware of the differences and has become quite skilled, with their support. As I’m also aware of them, I can see some of her interactions. I’ve seen no problems.

      If you’re not comfortable with this, I fully understand. As the article mentions, it took me awhile, even with direct experience, to get used to this. Even then, I don’t work with them like Malika does. But I know they’ve got my back and they do occasionally visit.

    1. Right, W.
      A traditional mantra can be described as a quality, suitable for the recipient. It’s a great way to establish a connection to source and purify, preparing the ground for awakening.

      Malika teaches 2 tiers above that. I had a section on this in the first draft but my expertise is weak, so I took it out. The first, what she’s been calling Primordial Sound, is deeper. The second, what she calls Source Sound, is fundamental. In my case, it showed up in advance as a deva.

      These are more powerful than a typical mantra so she sometimes gives advice to moderate other practices when getting started.

      I used the term Mantra in the article for simplicity. But technically, the new one I have is more than a mantra, which is why it’s so much more potent.

      So yes, technically, I went from a mantra to a Source Sound.

  3. Lynette

    I find your post fascinating. It is great you are sharing so we can learn. I just learned some sutra from TM, I guess they call me a rising Sidha, with that alone I am find it beautiful when I meditate. When will I know if I m ready for Malika? Any tips?

    1. Hi Lynette
      I wouldn’t be in any rush. You want to prepare the ground and get very established. I happily practiced the siddhis for years to great benefit.

      As I note in the article, this was very specific to me. It’s not even Malika’s usual process.

    1. Hi Scott
      I have not used that framing.
      I would say there’s 2 ways of that.
      One is speech on the level of what I call creation, the cosmic prior to our universe. As this is prior to sound, it would be Para. They are heard in cosmic mind as ideas rather than thoughts or sounds. Speaking to Maharishi or other sages in cosmic memory would be an example.

      The other is speech for someone clearly awake. It varies where people speak from. Some speak from their emotions, many from their minds. Once established in universal consciousness, we can learn to speak from there. It isn’t the person speaking but the cosmic or the Self speaking through the person.

      Such speech is more potent can help others open up or even wake up.

      I try to write from there.

      1. scott

        Thanks David, when you say it isn’t the person speaking but the cosmic or Self speaking through the person… seems like you could almost call that cosmic speech…

        Let me ask, once established in universal consciousness and learning to speak from there, while simultaneously both cosmic consciousness and the cosmic body have become fully awake, is there a kind of unification that occurs of the three (consciousness, body, speech)? It seems like there would be a homogenous quality going on, since all aspects are coming from a kinda “cosmic ground” ; I mean it must be different than the ordinary experience of having one’s consciousness , body and speech being totally separate to one another.

        1. Hi Scott
          Exactly. I find calling it the Self speaking more instructive.

          Yes. Earlier in refined perception, we recognize the layers of our existing being (energy/emotional body, mental body, intellect/geometry, bliss body/ celestial.)

          Then the universal bodies are gradually recognized. The cosmic body is usually something that becomes conscious in Refined Unity. Inherent in that state, we first experience something, then recognize we are it and merge.

          Broadly, the sequence is often:
          – Aham Vishvam: I am the Universe. This can happen with refined perception or later in GC. It’s on the level of the bliss body/ celestial.
          – Devo Hum: I am the Devata, the Devata body [Refined Unity]
          – Aham Shrivir: I am the Cosmic Body [ ” ” ]
          – Veda Hum: I am the Veda [ ” into Refined Brahman]

          The cosmic body is the body of all bodies in all universes and time. (Think Gita Ch 11) The devata body is the expression of all those bodies, simultaneously.

          And yes, much different than usual sensory experiences as it’s on the level of being. It is a shift in our sense of self. Once it happens, it’s permanent and that aspect is always present (although clarity can vary).

          It’s not really homogeneous. Differences are still recognized on the level of the senses. We simply recognize these are just an appearance. We are of the same source and one.

  4. Peter Goodman

    Thank you David for the clear explanation.
    Especially with the understanding that what is developing for a person, when the time is right, for an individual, an “upgrade” will present itself on that persons path. In this case from Malika. Your explanation of what is involved is presented in a clear, plain, and simple manner.
    The upgrade make sense when the ability to appreciate and use what is given finds fertile ground within the person. If the person is not ready IT will not be appreciated as it should.
    I have found that people are collectors. Personally, I have been and still find that tendency to be a big collector. I have been advised, by you and others to be simple … to simplify.
    On my Spiritual journey, I have found, that I do not need what is new, or everything that is offered as a possibility. I find the “test of time” is a true evaluation of the worth something has for that person. I do the best I can with what I have and from the assistance of others. With their help I can benefit from them, if it fits into this life without strain or difficulty.
    Some people , I have found, just want and collect; amass without using.

    Thank you David for your clarity.

    1. Hi Peter
      An upgrade is suitable when the person is ready to handle the energies. For example, I was not ready for this when I first learned. I needed the time with the activated mantra first, and some energy healing. Malika thought it would take a year but the extra healing apparently accelerated it.

      Their ability to fully appreciate it may or may not be there yet. And how they appreciate can vary. For example, I’m very visual so see a lot of this stuff. Others feel or hear. But if their purification and grounding are sufficient, it becomes an option.

      (laughs) Yes, a lot of people hoard. It can be with stuff, friends, experiences, etc. This can be motivated by the tendency to grasp at what we want and try to hold on (identification). Or it can show up as a distraction from what we’re in aversion to. For example, if we don’t want to deal with emotional pain, we can store it in stuff, then load that stuff up in storage. A physical expression of our inner state.

      Collecting for pure enjoyment is fine. For example, I enjoy movies so have collected favs. That’s been fading with the advent of streaming services. We know there’s an issue if we can’t let go. Or as you mention, we amass without using. We’d do better to support a charity.

  5. Carl

    Lucky. I’m looking for an open door to restart my TM program. I know, from many periods of good program that started back in 1977, that when Maharishi’s gift returns to me I’ll be astonished (again) as to how easy it is. Homage to Maharishi.

    1. Hi Carl
      Yes, I have deep gratitude for what Maharishi brought the world. His TM program led directly to much better quantity of life and to spiritual awakening. And his teaching gave me a great platform for understanding the world & unfolding experiences.

      I can certainly recommend restarting. The key is reestablishing that effortless practice. Any TM teacher can check your practice.

      I know a couple of people who restarted after a long gap and went on to wake up. While an extended practice is ideal, life happens. Karma can be… Heck, I wasn’t even able to meditate last year due to medical treatment. And now…

  6. Mary

    As I read your words I remembered C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe,” and Aslan singing Creation into manifestation. I knew then (I think I was on TTC in Mallorca when I read the series) that it was the Truth, that Creation was sung into being by the subtle energies, Devas, etc.
    I have shared this blog post with several friends, and received positive responses from them.


    Mary Webster

    1. Hi Mary
      Yes, some classic stories resonate because they describe reality underlying a mask of fiction. Because of how cultures and different psychologies relate to this mask, we have a diversity of stories and spiritual teachings. But all point to a common source.

      (laughs) I couldn’t have read anything on TTC in Vittel a few years later. The program was so structured, there was no real free time. Barely time to do our laundry by hand Sundays. I read Lord of the Rings after I got home. 🙂

  7. Tim Owens

    “Yes, some classic stories resonate because they describe reality underlying a mask of fiction. ”
    I have always loved Ken Kesey’s observation through the character of Big Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: “It’s the truth even if it never happened.”

  8. Gui

    Hi David. I would like to start effortless meditation with a mantra but I dont want to work with TM and its instructors. Do you know any harmless mantra that wont have any negative impact on my life and will do “its job” of relaxing and quieting the mind? I heard you saying that Om could lead to some problems for householders for example. Thank you as always!

    1. Hi Gui
      I recommend personal instruction as effortless practice is experiential. Most people have a habit of trying to control which gets in the way of effortless. By walking you though an effortless experience, you learn correct practice.

      Malika teaches an effortless practice and has very good skills for choosing a suitable mantra for you. Not just not negative but very positive. She offers free consults. You can discuss learning in a small group, or, for a little more, privately.

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