The Magic

The Magic

Magic by Linus Bohman
Magic by Linus Bohman

I’ve spoken before about the dynamics of consciousness. How the Divine quality of Liveliness stirs Alertness to become aware, flows within itself until it curves back on itself and becomes self-aware.

In self-awareness is a unified three-fold dynamic:
– The observer, who is recognizing, where alertness is dominant. This is the witness too.
– The observed, what is experienced, where liveliness is dominant. This is our world.
– And the process of observation, where intelligence is dominant. This is the most subtle in experience but is where all the action is. It is the field of the devata, creating experiences and forms in our experience.

This last arena is where the magic is. If we can learn to work with the devata, with the sounds of creation, with the light codes that structure the world, we can heal problems, amp up support, and bring enriching qualities to the world.

While some effects can be created by working on causal and other layers, the field of consciousness itself is the source of all experience and is thus the most potent.

Awareness becomes self-aware

This does require a settled, clear consciousness. And a degree of purity to be able to experience on this fine a level.

Each of us will be better at certain things, due to where our own clarity is and our balance of laws of nature.

Together, we create a wholeness that is greater than all the apparent individuals.

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  1. Lewis R.

    Watched the Source video with you and Malika. the Source connection at the end for about 6 minutes was very powerful. Amazing since it was purely electronic via YouTube and not in the immediate moment. Maharishi’s goal was to create coherence, first through meditation and later through group flying, where fewer were needed to create coherence. Wonder if you have done or considered a group source connection with those who consistently have a regular connection to the Source and what the effect of that could be. Possibly, with the right number, as or close to as effective as thousands flying?

    1. Hi Lewis
      It’s not being transmitted electronically. It’s in the field, more subtle than time and space. The video triggers the universal memory of it, bringing it to the surface.

      Yes, there is what I’ve called the enlightenment effect. The very awake just have to sit together and a whole that is more than the parts emerges. In this case, it’s amplified by Malika and I having very strong resonance. It’s getting stronger too.

      Here’s an article about it.

      The number would depend on the clarity of the participants but yes, it’s much lower.
      1% meditating (the Yoga Vasishtha recommends 5%)
      sq root of 1% doing yogic flying together due to spikes of peak coherence (Yoga Vasishtha also discusses)
      potentially sq root of sq root of 1% awake sitting together (always in coherence). That’s about 108.

      There are a few working to create this.

  2. Hi Michael
    The sounds of creation I’ve talked about before, like on Soul Song.

    The light codes I’m just learning about. They’re kind of like the programming that produces the vibrations, which create the world of experience. I’ve experienced them before but am learning their application through Malika.

    “A vibration is an extension of a code. The code is the seed. The vibration is the essence/frequency of the seed. Yes, the universe operates on vibration. But it all starts from a core root, which is the code.”

    She’s talked about how the right mantra works in integrating Source through it’s light codes. And she activates light codes to trigger the frequencies within it for healing, etc.

    So this is light prior to sound which I equate with qualities of Divinity. We’ll see how this fills out. I’ll write about it further along.

      1. They very much have inherent intelligence, Stephen, on a level we would find had to grasp.
        The light codes are structured in consciousness so they don’t create consciousness. But yes, they’re activated by attention and intention, alertness and liveliness.

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