Malika’s Healing

Malika’s Healing

Last fall, I wrote about my experience with Malika enhancing my mantra. She also offers meditation instruction for those without an effortless practice.

At the end of my session, she offered a small healing I found quite potent. I’ve since booked regular healing sessions. We’ve covered a wide range of things. She adds frequencies to the mantra, so the healing takes place during the session, then with the usual practice.

A reader recently sent another conversation with Malika. This one includes a healing session near the beginning, if you’d like a taste of her work. But heads up, this session tackles trauma, so is not light. But it’s powerful.

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Links for a free consultation or to book a healing session or meditation instruction are on this page.



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  1. Kerri+Heffernan

    Malika has helped me with a heart opening and healing some deep karmic trauma along with past life healing, an attached entity and more.

    I would add David that when working with Malika you have to be ready to open up and really let go. I would also say that Malika’s work is so powerful that anyone has to truly be ready to handle this kind of healing. My guides stepped in during one of larger Karmic releases to ask me if I was ready to handle and experience the release.

    Malika stated that our guides will only allow us to experience what we can handle and are ready to face. Like the layer of an onion as closer to the core things become deeper and more challenging to process. She stated that most people have a lot of karma to work through.

    I am thankful for suggesting Malika to me David. I am also beyond thankful for her gift. I feel truly blessed.

    1. Hi Kerri
      Yes, I’ve had similar experiences with a joint problem, a contract, past life stuff, ancestors, a deceased teacher, and more.

      And yes, this isn’t light-weight. I’ve fully experienced before that we’re never given more than we can handle, even if it sometimes gets very intense. The roughness comes from resisting.

      Her team works with your team to facilitate the process and make sure it goes smoothly.

      And you’re very welcome.

        1. Kerri

          Update with Malika – I’ve noticed a few things since having healing sessions with her that I wanted to share.

          Sometimes with her, an immediate healing will take place during the call. Other times, it is about what shows up after the healing to help the process of fully healing the issue. For me, the “fear” came up again with the same issue as we spoke about during our session. A night later and I was able to completely clear that issue.

          In another experience with Malika, an opportunity arose a week later after our session. I accepted and after the opportunity I experienced aspects of dharma.

          I’ve been reading this blog for almost six years now and some of it I understand and some I don’t. The beauty of this blog, as like books, “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle if you continue to read even if it doesn’t make sense at the time, parts of it open up like a flower in understanding.

          David writes beautifully and so do a lot of his readers. That is not my gift, however; I would like to share that, it doesn’t matter. If you feel led to read this blog or have a healing with Malika it is all happening for your healing journey, even if you don’t think it is. It will show you the way…

  2. Olli

    Great video! I found the healing in the beginning surprisingly strong. Everytime she said that she’s going to intensify the Source connection, I felt it strongly. At the end it was profound and I was still a bit light-headed after 10 minutes. I know Malika is the real deal from having healing sessions and sound upgrade sessions with her, but this sort of a long meditation was a new thing. I need to rewatch this sometime to see if the transmission deepens on repeated watches.


  3. Sharon

    D, thank you so much for this “taste of” Malika. I’ve been hesitant to dive in and this is just a wonderful intro. Wishing you and your family fuller and fuller joy & peace & love & beauty & truth, etc. in 2023.

  4. Conley

    I am wondering if certain people are aligned with certain healers, teachers, etc. My experience with Malika was different than what I’m reading from you and the other contributors. I’m thinking it just might be that she wasn’t the right match. My first experience was really powerful, but faded quickly. In the follow up she determined that I was correct, that it had become flat. Her answer was to invite me to pay again for another session. Sadly, it did affect my original mantra. I’m not throwing shade here, as I know she is powerful, but maybe not the right timing for me. A time of discernment resulted in my choice to not go further.

    1. Hi Conley
      Oh yes, we need a diversity of teachers and healers to meet the needs of a diversity of people. And different healers have different skill sets to meet different needs.

      I don’t think this is a match issue. You mention the first experience being very powerful. But it sounds like that kicked up a lot of fog, causing those results.

      One fix is another session. Another is to give the mantra enhancement time to do the work.

      Not to worry – your original mantra is fully intact. She’s just added a sub-frequency to help heal. This means each meditation, you get the usual benefits, plus this healing. It’s normal for the mantra to evolve like this and the addition will fade in time.

      I wouldn’t be recommending her if I saw problems.

  5. Harrison Snow

    What a wonderful transmission from Malika. I’ve listened to it several times allowing Source to be fully present with some hurt, young part of my psyche. This “Source-Energy” is a gift from the Universe and a fitting way to start off 2023. A big thank you David and of course thank you Malika.

  6. Harrison Snow

    Hi David – I did an individual session and found it to be profound – She is amazing in her capacity to work precisely in many different dimensions and release old binding material – I appreciate how it all flows from Source and our intimacy with Source. Thanks again H

  7. Lew

    Could you possibly give some clarity as to Source….. Is this the Parabrahman ? Also on angels, archangels and how they relate to devas or those who we see as Gods in Hinduism such as Indra, Agni etc. Those mentioned in the Vedas…. Then there are the Godheads such as Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, Ganesh, Saraswati, Lakshmi and the Avatars like Rama and Krishna….. Do they blend together in some context? Also do you feel that there is any sort of large Awakening in India ….. Mostly we hear of awakening here but logically with all of the traditions, places of pilgrimage, ashrams of gurus, the Ganges and traditions, it would seem as if India would be a huge powerhouse of new awakenings. Finally what role do you see tech and science having in helping to generate higher levels of consciousness…. and being in tune with nature…. Seems sometimes that we’re moving more into 1984 or Brave New World rather than an Age of Enlightenment or expanded awareness.

    1. Hi Lew
      What people mean by “source” varies. Sometimes, they’re talking causal, where manifestation begins. Sometimes, pure consciousness/ being (what I usually mean) where creation arises. Sometimes the Divine. And sometimes pure Divinity, what I call the source of the source. I’ve not talked to Malika about it, but i suspect she’d say Divine.

      Deva is a broad word meaning light being. I don’t generally use the word for angels, although some do. More, laws of nature. Such beings are in hierarchies and have specific known roles (dharma). Shiva, Vishnu, etc are embodied primary laws of nature. Archangels are management. Angels workers. Avatars are devas taking physical forms. Rama and Krishna are forms of Vishnu that embodied to help smooth yuga transitions.

      I talked about ways of experiencing devas here:

      I discussed types of beings here:

      Note that there are innumerable types of beings. The above is just the common broad types humans are likely to experience. But there are many other universes and other sorts of beings we’re less likely to run into. Some have tried to categorize them into hierarchies but even something as simple as how many archangels varies by experience.

      I wouldn’t consider a deva a godhead. I wouldn’t say they blend together but can be categorized in different ways. In the Vedic calculation of time, the really long scales are measured in the lifespan of primary devas.

      Awakening is happening the world over. India is a place in the world that has sustained the highest knowledge but the essence has been somewhat lost. They’ve turned to the West to a degree. But the essence is still there for the deep seeker. How widespread awakening is there at the moment I’m not sure.

      Tech has the advantage of connecting people and making knowledge much more accessible. But that’s massively increased the need for discrimination as we’re also flooded with noise. Further, tech is raising peoples standard of living, giving them more time for self-referral. We routinely do stuff now that was science fiction not long ago, like video calls from a portable device. People make movies with their phone. Silent, non-polluting cars. etc etc.

      In tech, we’re approaching a transition point. I wrote about that here:

      Yes, tech can also be used for control and suppression. And there’s a lot of dirty laundry being surfaced in the current time. But the difference now is it’s a cycle of purification, not a descent. We wouldn’t be seeing all the awakening if it was a descent.

  8. Lynette

    I just listened to the YouTube attached to this blog. I often wondered is listening to this recording such as this one, if there is any efficacy? Does one still benefit from this, even though you are not part of her healing group? If yes, how is that possible?

    1. Yes, that’s why I posted it. It includes a powerful healing but also there’s a lot of presence throughout.

      The traditional word for this is darshan. I also use the word resonance as it takes both a bit of refinement and resonance with our energy to be aware of this.

      And yes, the benefits are not related to using her services. In Dorothy Rowe’s webinars, she explores different modalities. Your experiences of them help learn this. But those are not necessary for receiving benefits.

      We’re made in layers. Some people have skills working with the layers between consciousness and the physical. Some use those skills for healing, by correcting or resolving energetic issues. It’s a big topic.

      I have various articles on the topic if you’d like to explore more.

  9. Donald Sosin

    Maharishi has said that when you go to a different path, it’s back to square one. I have been following Maharishi for over 50 years and doing program day in and out with nice results. I am interested in what Malika may have to offer, but why would I change the mantra that I was given through Maharishi’s teachers?

  10. Hi Donald
    I don’t experience Malika as a different path. More the next step. In my case, I have the same TM mantra but considerably enhanced. Others get a more personalized one. But it’s the same traditional technique. And Maharishi shows up in our sessions sometimes.

    However, if you’re devoted to your existing practice and getting results, there would be no attraction to an upgrade.

    She also offers very deep energy healing. It’s not necessary to change your practice for that.

    Each of us has our own way home. Follow your heart and you’ll stay true to your calling.

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