Mantra Effects

Mantra Effects

The world can be said to be composed of 2 things – flow of attention and vibration of the medium (which gets progressively more dense).

In our energy physiology that flow of attention curving back on itself shows up as the energy  channels (nadis) and plexuses (chakras) that underlies our physical form. The flow of energy is given vibratory signals and signatures that add qualities and specifics. I spoke about the call and response process in a prior article. I’ve also spoken of chakra databanks.

These signals can be read various ways. For example: as light, as movement, as structure. Not to mention with the senses, intuition, bodily, and so forth.

Some of those signals are also broadcast to those around us and read, mostly subconsciously. Unskilled, we may be buffeted by what we’re sensing – however we’re digesting it. We sense food, information, other people, and the environment in general. We then add to that signal by how we respond. Most of this happens automatically, outside our awareness.

All of that adds to the energy signature we’re carrying and broadcasting.

This points to one of the values of meditation. With an effortless mantra meditation, an appropriate mantra (sound) will soothe agitation and allow the release of resistance. Our flow of attention is on a harmonious vibration.

In other words, not only is it a vehicle for transcendence, it also helps clear the path on the way.

This is why your practice should be chosen well and taught properly. While the differences in practices may seem small, the distinctions and benefits amplify over time. The mantra in particular.

You can also supplement that with more targeted healing to more directly resolve larger issues.

Key here is not to develop an attitude that certain foods are bad or types of people should be avoided, and so forth. That just develops aversion. Rather, we want to make ourselves strong so we’re not buffeted by random things around us. This means good techniques and skills.

Ironically, the cleaner our signal is, the more power it gains because the noise stops dissipating it and it ceases to be a barrier for presence itself to shine through.

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  1. Julian

    Interesting post David as a user of mantras for many years it has been a valuable experience practicing them. After mantra practice without initiation and then using the only one I received after initiation, the power of the initiated mantra was significantly more powerful. Unfortunately access to the teacher I received initiation is limited due his popularity and status so getting feedback is next too impossible. I’d recommend a teacher who folk can see on a regular basis.
    The years following this initiation has helped me realize initiated mantras are of so much benefit to clearing samskaras. Though continued work is required for the mantra to have full beneficial effect. There are some good books out there for folk who have no initiated mantra by authors Thomas Ashley Ferrand and Dr David Frawley, whose book on bija mantras I found very useful. Totally agree good techniques and skills are the way to go on the path especially from teachers who have a solid Realization and moral compass.

    1. Hi Julian
      Agreed. The process of initiation itself can be said to plant the seed more deeply. I’ve seen evidence it will even lead to resuming practice in a later incarnation.

      And yes, I know what you mean about popular teachers.

      Agreed – initiated and practiced. We want to bring the seed to sprout.

      And yes, I’ve mentioned Frawleys book in a prior article. It’s also on my Books tab. That kind of information was once taught only in small circles.

      I’ve also found it useful to work with teachers rooted in a tradition. Then they have more than their own experience to go by. With an established Realization, they’re less likely to be bound by its constraints too.

  2. Davidya, it’s so vital that a practice and a teacher be chosen well.

    During the years when I taught TM, I often found spiritual seekers who were very confused about meditation practices. They were more savvier about purchasing clothes than a tool for the mind, or how to use it! Thank you for every word that you’ve written here.

    1. Hi Rose
      Agreed. And even today, most researchers see all “meditation” as more or less equivalent. It was only a few years ago that a researcher proposed they be divided into 2-3 camps because the effect types had on the brain where quite distinct.

      And then there’s forms of hypnosis that many confuse with meditation.

      And then all kinds of things people read on web pages, etc.

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