The Home of Knowledge

The Home of Knowledge

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A lot of what we call knowledge today is information. Information can be very useful data but it describes details rather than reality itself.

True knowledge is embedded in the layers of reality, be it the subtle structures that underlay all forms and phenomena, the field of becoming that accepts only truth (ritam and resolute intellect), the dynamics of consciousness, or the intelligence of Divinity.

In many spiritual circles, there is an emphasis on alertness, on the quality of consciousness that makes us aware. This is the Purusha value, the witness. This wakes up to itself as consciousness so there is great value in that. However, it is only one aspect of the equation. If we want to awaken fully, we want to unfold all of it.

Another aspect of consciousness is liveliness. It is liveliness that stirs alertness to become aware. Without liveliness, consciousness is dormant. It doesn’t flow and it doesn’t express. There is no Prakriti or nature.

And yet, even liveliness is not the full story. Liveliness doesn’t just agitate alertness. It brings it forth with intelligence. It takes a direction and flows, becoming self-aware

That is the subtle quality of intelligence within liveliness. And that tells us that liveliness is the home of pure knowledge. It is pure memory of Divinity in a way we can directly experience.

The vibrations that create all forms and phenomena originate in this lively intelligence. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi called this Creative Intelligence and developed a science of it.

As Lorne Hoff observes, these flows of lively intelligence are very fine but are right on the surface of life. We know them subjectively as bliss. Specific flows are the laws of nature themselves. They live in that cosmic aliveness. This surrounds and immerses us in an ocean of lively intelligence.

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  1. Jim

    Well said, David. Thank you. Yes, this is the environment, of clarity and depth, that situates us to do the work of the Divine here on earth, through action.

    It doesn’t feel any different to do such work, than any other work done by anyone. it simply feels natural, satisfying clean and infinite objectives. This then is human life without any lack or suffering, as it is originally envisioned by the Divine Mother, Source of All.

  2. Guru

    is it not wonderful that we are openly discussing such subtle finer subjective things objectively? Dynamics of consciousness is challenging, more challenging than rocket science. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Guru

        You make it so simple. I am wondering even after knowing directly, mind remains confused. Is direct knowing intuition? and intellect that remains clouded? or when mind is satvik it knows directly. I think this happens when mind is trapped in its own web Your clarity always clears my cob webs. Thank you again.

        1. Hi Guru
          When the experience is clear, then the mind can digest it and bring words, if its so inclined (not everyone cares). Direct knowing translates into intuition and intellect, then mind.

          Mind doesn’t actually know anything. It simply digests experiences (senses) and organizes what is already known.

          This article is about knowing – where is the home of knowing? Within the structure of consciousness itself. Intuition, intellect, mind, and heart are all just expressions of that, different ways of knowing knowing. (laughs)

  3. Bartosz

    I just have finished reading your book and is mind blowing 😉 and must be read again and again to have “theoretical” concept. i found two subjects little bit confusing, gods consciousness and brahman part.i know there is subtle difference between concept of “nothingness or no-thingness” and when i watch non dual teachers like Karl renz or Tony parsons i ask my self what stage they are.

    1. Thanks, Bartosz
      The contents do go well beyond what many people have experienced. However, some are now experiencing such things. Some of them need some context for what is unfolding as there are few resources like this. This is the main reason for the book. Secondarily to support researchers and to expand understanding that there is more.

      Think of God Consciousness as enhanced Self Realization. Recognition of the Self with growing refined perception thats revealing how the world comes to be. How consciousness works. Basically, the topic of my SAND talk this year. Those layers unfold in perception. It’s not theoretical.

      Brahman is a step outside the dynamics of experiencing. Even someone in advanced Unity can’t comprehend it. It’s a big change, hence being called the Supreme awakening.

      Judging others is folly. It’s more useful to use the model to understand what they’re speaking to. Advanced teachers will speak to all the stages at different times. Some, like Gangaji and others in the Papaji lineage, avoid talking about stages. Others will use different language or use terms differently.

      This is why it can seem some teachers appear to contradict themselves sometimes- they’re speaking to different stages. Buddha for example.

      One flag is if they deny there are any stages past Self Realization. Some do get stuck there. This can be due to concepts that one has arrived or an investment in the sense of being complete, an unwillingness to surrender further, lack of techniques to culture flow, and so forth.

      I’ve seen dozen of people wake up. Those with a history of practices like I recommend are more likely to move further. Those without are less likely, although there are certainly exceptions and other rich paths.

  4. Bartosz

    Thank you David.
    As i said you share amazing knowledge giving deeper understanding of process. There is lot of variations but it gives reference point. Sry to flood you with the questions but you seems to be relevant person to talk with about this subject, i have not contact with people shifting so only i can base on internet. My question is do you know someone who experienced expanded state of consciousness. When you look closer people describe it as wholeness, connectedness with all “mini consciousnesses but its dominated and centered from point of person who expierence it with no direct experience of others as multiconsiousness . I am mentioning about this because i had … Neither out of body experience nor dream where i woke up in my room and at the same time i was outside of house looking through the window from outside. Consiouss from three perspectives at the same time. Similiar thing was described by friend of Robert Monroe “out of body experience”. Robert looked at him smiling told him that now he is talking to few people at the same time. Im just courious if you know who was able to be in that expanded ( more refined? ) state. By the way english is not my primary language so sry for some confusing sentences 🙂

    1. Hi Bartosz
      Many people who know keep a low profile, or they become teachers and have to pull back from personal availability.

      The Internet is a treasure trove but there’s also lots of fool’s gold. 🙂

      I know many people who are living advanced stages. Partly because I write and speak on the topic but also because the awake connect with the awake. Birds of a feather and all that.

      When you step back into consciousness itself, you are unbounded, limitless. There is a default to experience from here but attention can be moved across the field. After the Unity shift, you can experience something of what it is to be any point – be it a tree, bird or other human. You are them also, so you can experience consciousness though them. I’ve written about this in various places here.

      The human experience is what Buckminster Fuller called “special case.” That is, we experience one thing at a time. It can be a very big thing, but one at a time.

      If you step back into a broader conscious space, you can shift rapidly between multiple perspectives. Moving within consciousness is different from “out of body” because you don’t move out, you move within. Moving out can reduce mind-body integration. Moving in consciousness doesn’t.

      I’d be careful about Monroe Institute stuff. They’re more of the first and can encourage astral entanglements.

      If an experience happens spontaneously, fine. But I wouldn’t encourage anything the divides you from any aspect of yourself.

      Not to worry. Your English is vastly better than my skill at any other language. 🙂

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