Curving Back

Curving Back

I’ve talked regularly of how consciousness curves back on itself, becomes self-aware, and expresses.

Awareness becomes self-awareIn my talk at this years Science and Nonduality Conference, I spoke of how the layers of expression unfold from that self-interacting consciousness. But there’s another detail I also (awkwardly) touched on there. 

Consciousness folds back on itself over and over. That flow of consciousness curving back on itself continues, and it folds back on itself over and over.

Each folding creates a smaller and smaller infinity and density until qualities of consciousness manifest.

– On the level of the bliss body, Space manifests and vibration and the three gunas.
– On the level of Buddhi, the intellect, Air manifests with flows, relationship, structure and sacred geometry arise.
– On the level of Mind, Fire manifests and is predominant along with field effects and subtle forms. The primary senses also express.
– On the level of energy and emotions, we have Water, the 5 pranas, breath, and pre-physicality.
– On the level of the physical we get Earth and solidity. The curving back has become so dense as to appear as form.

mind spiral
Adapted from a photo by imago

Some experience this curving back as like a progressive spiral of manifesting or we may experience it like moving through a rainbow of progressive changes.

We contain all of this within ourselves. This becomes clear even in the God Consciousness stage.

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  1. Pete

    I have been watching fractal zooms lately on YouTube, thinking how they are created by feeding the output of one formula into the input of the next with infinite iterations. Thinking that it also refers to the saying, ” curving back within myself, I create again and again,” seems to relate to what you are saying here and have been seeing many metaphors in my current experience of life.
    So cool

    1. Hi Pete
      Yes, I’ve watched some remarkable fractal zooms and mandelbulbs too. That’s a good example. Social patterns also follow this kind of cyclic recursion. And I’ve recently become much more aware of how the vibrations of becoming also do, a short “phrase” having layers and layers of overtones that express out as detail. I’m working on a related article.

      Just keep in mind these are all layers of expression of a deeper movement in consciousness itself. That is what is being reflected in our life and the metaphors. 🙂

  2. Pete

    I thought of this today, wanted to see if it makes any sense to you lol. I was thinking that when I meditate and rest in stillness there are few qualities to describe it, when I get distracted and forget about the silence, there are many qualities to describe and you can get infinitely lost.

    1. Yes, Pete, I’d say fractals are very much part of the natural world. A very simple formula, curving back on itself into ever greater detail.

      Only in the case of the graphic, both the inside and the outside are unmanifest source. The world is only the leading edge, the surface, the event horizon.

      Yes, there is the saying that we created the world to know ourselves in more detail then got lost in the creation, forgetting who we really are.

  3. Bartosz

    Well said David 🙂 i love sentences full of paradox and think they are closer to truth (laugh)
    Lets look upside down.
    What about concept: that creation it self manifested 3 factors of consciousness.

    It remind me saying (question) of my grandmother
    “Whar was first? Chicken or egg” (laugh)

    1. Well, first off, the egg. (laughs) The first form is known as Hiranya Garbha or the golden egg. You can think of it like our universe from the outside. Later comes the form of the chicken which can lay eggs. 🙂

      There is a perspective that creation creates consciousness, if that’s what you mean. But it’s a higher perspective that creation arises out of consciousness. And then still higher that consciousness has a source beyond both.

      The way i use the term “creation” is as the subtle space into which the universes, including ours, arise. The first space into which all others are nested we might say.

  4. Bartosz

    what can i say. My grandmother would be amazed (laugh)
    by the way i have been reading your blog from the beginning. did you write anything about sounds related to chacras? i mention about this because really often i hear ohm ham or flute … even now. its not direct but attached to sounds like backgroud ( in music,tv,washingmachine)

    1. (laughs)
      You’ll see how the thinking has evolved over time.

      On the chakras, no. There is standard sounds and planets associated with the chakras (with some variation by tradition) but I hear them more as a song. This is like the ideas of a chakra being a certain colour. They’re usually multicolored and changing all the time.

      Ham is associated with space and the throat chakra. Its also associated with an Ajna chakra petal. But don’t let concepts get in the way of what is arising. There is no supposed to.

      The chakras also have petals with associated sounds but some of that seems to be philosophical and not based on experience as it’s too linear. The chakras also have databanks that are expressed by the devata. This is mainly what gives us talents and gifts. Those have sounds but they’re complex by then.

  5. Bartosz

    Yep concepts can be really limiting 😉 i was curious because i never heard about sounds in the past and honestly chakras were not the subject of my interest but…. Somehow people hear similar things regardless of their belief system.

    1. You can think of it like everything has a subtle nature that can be experienced, so its going to have a sound value or “name”, visual qualities, a feel, and so forth.

      There will be commonality in that experience. But more subtle levels are more influenced by expectations and variations in clarity so there will be variety as well.

  6. Bartosz

    You just remind me,… lets say “vision” in the period of time i was telling you in email. I feel asleep then i woke up (body sleep) “consciousness” in dark place “no-thingness” then twit of bird emerged from nothing full of colors. When i woke up i was crying it was like miracle 😉 but sometimes visions were devastating, anyway they were milestone in wider understanding, crashing belief system sometimes.

    1. Yes, Jake. We could say it’s the container of creation and suffuses it too. Some use the analogy of it being like an ocean. This becomes the direct experience with a clear awakening. We are that container of all experiences.

      An example from a recent retreat. A participant who had an opening joked about what it will be like to fly home in a plane. Lorne joked back that he won’t be in the plane, the plane with be in him. 🙂

      Consciousness is experienced as infinite but there are infinities within infinities.

  7. Uli

    Hi David….thoughts…?:

    “What is the meaning of life? We need to learn to perceive the Divine through its own matrix, as it truly is… a moving, rotating, dynamic toroidal form. And in so doing we ourselves will be drawn up into that Divine flow.”
    – Joel David Bakst

    1. Hi Uli
      I’d agree we want to learn to perceive the Divine but this isn’t a single vision. There are many layers to see and many perspectives of those.

      A toroid is one way. Another is the space created by self-aware consciousness containing a double-toroid, 2 donuts, each rotating in the opposite way. Haramein explores this extensively.

      Another is as a golden egg. Another is as infinity collapsing to a point, then expanding out again to infinity – a little like an hourglass. Another is combining the hourglass with the toroid(s).

      Quite a few secondary perspectives can be tied into ways of seeing these dynamics.

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