Developing Intuition

Developing Intuition

This is a response to a question about intuition in another forum. I explore how it develops.  It’s edited slightly for context.

Firstly, claiming to get messages from God or preaching your beliefs or concepts is not intuition. (although they may be described as such) Intuition functions from a subtle level below the mind and intellect. The finest feeling level of our being. This is not the same as the senses nor empathic skills. Intuition comes by direct knowing. I mention 4 intuitive modes that vary by person over on Aura Reading.

After we receive an intuition, we may explore it with other skills, but we don’t want to confuse them.

For most people, between fine feeling or intuition and gross thinking is a lot of noise. What some call the monkey mind, various repressed unresolved emotions, and conceptual baggage all get in the way of clear intuition. Ego protection can further serve to interfere. If we do some  self-healing work, some of that fog lifts and we can begin to get much clearer signals. But if the ego is strong, we may still have a big filter that edits.

Somewhere along the way, you get a much more reliable but still pretty personal intuition. It brings good advice and signals for you but it may not be universal advice. It will also often feel quite intimate and personal, as another suggested.

You’ll run into people who may mistakenly consider their personal intuitions universal. You’ll also run into people who get information from subtle beings. Again, this is not intuition but subtle sensing. In that case, the quality will depend on the source. Some have abdicated their self-authority to other beings. That’s a slippery slope into co-dependencies. If the being is encouraging that, there’s a problem with the relationship and the quality of the source.

If we have a practice that connects us to source or what is called pure consciousness or samadhi, we become familiar with the finest levels of our being. This also helps clear  baggage.

At a certain point, we begin to develop a stable “observer” or witness. Consciousness becomes a background to all experiences. The first lively expression of consciousness is a field known in Vedic studies as Ritam Bhara Pragya. It has a number of fascinating properties but key is the meaning of the term itself – “that consciousness which accepts only truth”. Existing before all our personal filters, we can know anything in its seed form, at its point of origin.

This is the level of universal intuition but as may be obvious, few people are that consistently clear or established in that pure awareness. But it is exponentially more potent than what you may discover from the senses. It is also key to understanding the Vedas themselves as they are said to be “cognized” from this level. Further, those cognitions are codified in such a way (Sanskrit) that they can be played back by listening to them on that level in the future.

In other words, the Vedas are not just obscure texts describing some strange past but are what we would today call a codec or file format that can be played back in a full 3D surround-sound movie. This process is described in the opening of some of the better known epics, like the Mahabharata. This is also how they were written down.

There is also an even deeper value that goes beyond this. It is not intuition but rather knowingness itself. It is becoming so intimate with the divine that we are one with the intelligence that underlies all things. However, we still remain human and thus constrained by the capacity of our awareness. As Buckminster Fuller said, we are “special case” – we can know any one thing at a time. It can be a very big and vast thing. But…

The main point is that intuition grows on a spectrum and can actually become quite reliable. But we have to clear the ground some to make it so.

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