Resistance in the Geometry

Resistance in the Geometry

How are past life charges passed forward when we die? I’ve mentioned that our baggage is stored in the mental and emotional (energy) bodies. These fall away after we die so how are these residues retained?

They are sustained as impressions in patterns. The charge itself isn’t stored so much as the pattern that generates it. When we purify at these deep levels, we are most effective because we are clearing the source. This also points to why the light of awakening can roast so much of the past.

I’ve talked before about how the Vijnanamaya Kosha is the level of relationship and structure or subtle geometry; intellect and intuition.

That structure is organized by the devata of the cosmic, layered into local forms. But that structure remains clear and clean. They work with light and sound. They do not structure our shadow. That gets layered into the structure later. Noise in the pattern created by unresolved experiences leads to fog. Or put another way, it is the grasping and aversion that lead to suffering.

When we resolve the charge of those unfinished experiences, we clear the fog from the structure and are able to express the divine intention.

Put another way, we heal the storehouse of impressions. This is related to why healing can change the past.

Some of the epic stories like the Bhagavad Gita, Star Wars, or battles of angels and demons exemplify this process. How fear and anger lead to the dark side. How light overcomes.

When we are rooted in the source, consciousness is pure light. It illumines all. Thus we work for clarity of consciousness so the light can pierce the shadows and resolve their distortion.

What is called “subconscious” is in shadow and fog, yet to see the light.

It’s also useful to mention the gunas. The shadow has the quality of inertia, tamas. What is smooth, clear and bright is sattva. However, we can become attached to sattva as well. The light of consciousness is beyond all of this.

The shadow cannot reach into the bliss body as it is pure light. But the shadow does serve as a veil to the layers beyond it. Thus we experience ourselves as separate beings with personal thoughts and emotions, divorced from bliss, love and the Divine. That’s not a true expression of who we are.

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    1. Hi Rob
      I talk about the layers in other articles like this:

      Basically, it relates to the mechanics of how consciousness expresses as the world and subjective experience.

      In brief, the layers are vibration, geometry, fields, and forms. Geometry sets the pattern for the fields and thus form.

      This is an article discussing how the “energetic debris” of unprocessed experiences ends up being stored in the geometry (pattern), adding noise to the experience.

      The tricky part is the language. We’re talking quite a bit more subtle than electromagnetism.

      The way I’m using “charge” is a reference to the subjective experience of energetic reactivity. We talk sometimes of people “pushing our buttons”, for example.

      When the charge releases, it’s more like it’s resolved than discharged. A discharge is more like acting it out. Resolution is more like counting to 10 before acting. We have a chance to cool down. In that case, ideally the anger is being processed rather than repressed.

      Not sure if that brings clarity. In many ways, words are all analogous, symbols that represent meaning that represent experiences.

      Abstract ideas that are less-commonly discussed take more to translate.

      Thanks for commenting.

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