ParaBrahman, Stage 2

ParaBrahman, Stage 2

I’ve talked previously about the ParaBrahman stage and how pure Divinity can only be known by itself. It is beyond the dynamics of consciousness so cannot be experienced in the old sense of it. But as we live it, it can very much be known.

In the first stage, we could say Divinity moves into the physiology to support this unfolding. This happens as a rising up through the body, somewhat akin to the rise of kundalini to support awakening. Only in this case it is more total. Like being filled up with flowing white light but more subtle and potent.

As Divinity rises, it changes how we see everything as it changes who we are and how we see creation. As it first begins, it can crank alertness levels way up, disrupting our usual sleep routines. When it reaches the 2nd, we recognize the profoundly networked nature of Divinity. Our body is made of these Shakti’s or networked threads. Hand mudras turn out to be different ways of interconnecting them, each a different flavour of bliss.

In More on Further Stages, I outlined the rise through the 7 regions of the physiology associated with the primary chakras. Anything that impedes this process will be recognized and processed.

Also, somewhere in here the distinction between the local body, the cosmic body, and body-as-Divinity dissolves. There is just one thing here.

Once “our body” can embody this first stage to a sufficient degree, a new process begins. In Stage 2, a greater value of Divinity descends into the physiology.

The first step of stage 2 is somewhat akin to another awakening. It is a deeper step back out of consciousness. As usual, at first there will be no names for this nor much clarity on what has changed. It may be a challenge to be in the physical body for a few days as we’re so abstracted from it.

The observer that has been present throughout the stages in consciousness is replaced by Divinity. In Brahman stage, there was still a quality of it being conscious. Now that’s supplanted entirely.

In further steps, Divinity descends more into the physiology and we can better embody this process. I’m sure there will be more to say as the process continues and I speak with more living examples of this. Even having words seems to be challenging.ย 

But it is notable the process is somewhat like the process in consciousness. A rise to the crown and awakening, followed by a greater descent through the higher stages. As above, so below.

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  1. Michael

    Sounds like the everyday normal ordinary human experience………ahhh just kidding!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing David, even if words are coming slowly!!!!

    I would be interested how the physical body itself reacts to this pure divinity process? You wrote about disrubted sleep cycles in the beginning…..i mean has pure divinity some of the “perfection of the body” effects? Like improving eyesight, softer skin, less need for food and water…things like that?

    1. (laughs) Actually, it does become normal very quickly. Normal just gets a series of upgrades.

      I may a poor person to ask this of though as I’m not very somatic.

      There is less and less a sense of a separate physical body. The body has been wanting more rest recently, although “rest” isn’t quite the right word. Being in the zone?

      Can’t say there is new signs of “perfection” except in how the body feels. There appears to still be karmic dynamics in play, although a friend dismisses this as old habits of thinking.

      There is certainly the sense of boundaries being dissolved. But it’s still a work in progress. We’ll see what this looks like when it’s more complete and integrated.

    2. Jim

      It is a natural progression to whatever it is that is best served by the Divine. Differs for each of us. As David said, it is neither contrived or denied. Letting it follow its natural channel is the key. Then the treasures unfold. You may find when you have gone deeply into a particular experience, the mechanics of associated experiences are also available. Having a clear and pure heart is a prerequisite that allows us to pursue desires like this without expectation, and then life itself becomes a miracle. Once we begin to dance to the universal tune, it plays us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Blanche

    “There is certainly the sense of boundaries being dissolved.”

    Would you say that it is a recognition that there have never been any boundaries? Pure unending perfection.

    1. Hi Blanche

      No – that came some time ago. “boundaries” here is a broad reference to subtle places that still have some resistance or shadow. While those places had seemed clear, when higher values came along, a new standard was needed.

      Here, its all in one specific area. Have no idea yet if this is typical or it varies. (like heart and GC or gut and Unity)

      Keep in mind this is a profound level of abstraction, beyond the dynamics of consciousness and beyond Brahman. Words about it are the broadest of approximation. Concepts will necessarily fall short.

      The point of writing is to give words for those for whom its unfolding and fill out the model better. One of the reasons its been rarely talked about is there are no words that meet it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      It is at one time the ultimate source and yet nothing is that is not it.

  3. Grant

    I don’t have any experience with this but it’s certainly interesting. It’s probably best for me not to concern myself with it, for now.

    The one thing which caught my attention is the hand mudras you mentioned. I’ve had that occur spontaneously, once, while deeply relaxed. Spooked me a little. Curiously, also other spontaneous movements with the tongue and mouth. Possibly, in my case, something energetic.

    I have no idea what that was about so I left it alone.

    1. Hi Grant

      Right – ParaBrahman is 2 stages past “experience” so no one has experience of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      The point of articles like this is to support those making such transitions and to give a larger perspective of human potential.

      On mudras, yes thats called flow. An episode of the deeper movement of energy or awareness through us results in spontaneous movements. They can also be related to kriyas, arising as symptoms of purification and release.

      A person who is identified with the body and mind claims actions, emotions, and thoughts as “mine.” But as that falls away with Self Realization, we recognize such things are happening of their own accord.

      As we clear the physiology, nature awakens more and can move through us with less resistance and such movements become more common. Not randomly, but when resting as described.

      As perception refines, the deeper mechanics of action becomes apparent.

      As consciousness deepens, we recognize the deeper aspects of our own being and the origins of action within the larger Self. Then it’s not spooky but has deeper origins than we once thought.

      The reference in the article is deeper still, when the network of Shaktis in Divinity become conscious and we see ways the body is a reflection of that.

      When stuff arises spontaneously like that, it’s a good thing. But allow it to be spontaneous. There is no need to resist or contrive anything. Understanding will come in time. Largely it is a symptom of opening and/or release.

      Some techniques floating around out there are based on mimicking someone having such experiences. it’s often a meaningless gesture when it doesn’t arise spontaneously.

  4. To Jim and Grants comments, an example comes to mind.

    In the practice of the yoga siddhis, particularly yogic flying, you get very familiar with the difference between:
    a) having an intention* and allowing it to express however it will.
    b) having an intention, then trying to manipulate the experience.

    In yogic flying in particular, there is quite an overt expression. In early stages, they compare it to a leaping frog. The body can wiggle in all sorts of ways and how it lifts varies a lot to. This can lead to quite spectacular crashes, like hitting the ceiling or going headlong into a cement wall. But if one is staying clean, there is no injury. (see article on the kavach) If any manipulation creeps in, it becomes more problematic.

    One learns to keep it simple and clean. That becomes a good habit for life.

    Of course, there are various other life experiences that can train us this way. But experiences like that makes us very familiar with kriyas, openings and flows.

    Over time, it shifts more and more to the flow until it dominates life. We shift in stages from a person trying to control their life to an expression of the divine, enjoying the unfolding joy.

    * intention in this case is Samyama, the technique of flowing attention to a specific intention while sustaining expanded awareness. ie: a thought in undisturbed silence/ samadhi. Most any spiritual bookstore will have a copy of the Yoga Sutra (even dozens of versions) that describe this directly. But few understand how to develop samadhi so that it works.

    An intention in the surface of the mind steers the mind for a few minutes. An intention in the silence is how nature creates.

    1. Grant

      Thank you, this really helps.

      After your previous comment, I watched some videos online about spontaneous Kriyas that happen to people after yoga. It looks exactly like what happens to me sometimes. Nice to know it’s nothing to be afraid of and it’s common enough to have a name! ๐Ÿ™‚ They also advise not chasing it but not resisting it either.

      Strangely, I’ve been receiving plenty of subtle suggestions towards being in flow with life recently. So your comment resonates. It almost feels like embracing a paradox, in a sense. Living – letting go.

      I’m going to take a look at Samyama.

      1. Yes, I remember early experiences of this. It seemed pretty weird. Even experienced seekers think something is wrong if they see this.

        But as dormant laws of nature wake up and flow begins, it’s like they’re having a waking stretch.

        Samyama (sometimes transliterated as sanyama) is not well understood as common techniques don’t produce reliable-enough samadhi for the intention to be from a deep enough place.

        I touch on it here and there but it’s explored a bit in this article:

      2. It’s also worth noting how this has evolved. When I was first exposed to this around ’78, the expressions were much more overt. Louder, more frenetic, etc. Little flow was seen.

        As group stress has been cleared, this has settled out substantially. While there can still be some overt stuff as it arises, it settles much more quickly.

        Now, it’s much more about flow, with occasional punctuation.

  5. Jim

    Thanks David – well said. Interesting that the expression of Samyama can also lead to its own evolving desires. In other words the direct expression of the divine widens and deepens such that even the boldest desires are eventually eclipsed. Really quite remarkable, in that we apparently have nothing to do with the unfolding except to watch it occur, take advantage of the tsunamis of knowledge revealed, and enjoy the results.

    1. Hi Jim
      Right – when the needs are met within by stable bliss and peace, we stop seeking fulfillment outside of ourselves. Many old desires fall away.

      When Divinity unfolds, it eclipses anything prior.

      And yet, this doesn’t preclude day-to-day activities. All of life is a joy, so even taking out the trash, or as I did yesterday, washing the car can be a great joy.

      See the bug splats washed away. See the car shine. Oh look, a new chip in the paint. But even that is just an observation. Life is accepted as it comes. Enjoyment is not diminished. Time to pick up something for the potluck…

  6. Jim

    Hi David, Good points – it sounds odd to say, but the very creation begins to form itself around our desires in very profound ways.

    It is no longer us surmounting the various obstacles, rather opportunities cropping up in a profound display of richness and ability. Similar to what you had mentioned about the flying sutra earlier, the experience of even our deepest desires, say for world peace, or health, longevity, and well-being for all begin to take hold, first with smaller field effects, and then those open up too.

    This is not to be confused with magical thinking, as there is no attachment to outcome, save a persistent, subtle, quiet and vibrating desire for such – more like a mantra, as the entire desire can be subvocalized as a few clear images, directions or sounds, a silent intention within silence itself. A wonderful place to go to work every day!

    1. Right – but who’s desires are they? When grasping and repulsion fall away, desires that arise are those of creation itself, so are fully supported.

      So yes, no obstacles. And yes, more subtle so less overt but more powerful.

      The words are similar but the experience is so different of the same life.

      1. Jim

        Yes, exactly, acting on behalf of creation’s desires. This is a question I have been asking myself for decades – ‘If enlightened desires are always fulfilled, why cannot the desire of one enlightened person for world peace bring it about?’

        Seems like the answer is, ‘First become the world, then we’ll talk…’ ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Jim
          Yes, it comes down to there being no such thing as “one enlightened person.” As we move deeper into it, it’s more and more about the whole.

          While we may have a desire for peace, there are many others desiring other things. The deeper flows are fortunately much more powerful.

          There is the option of an avatar or similar washing away the opposite. In the Bhagavad Gita, this meant a major purge. Or there is the modern option of simply enough enlightened attention and the tide begins to change.

          Some people don’t believe it’s changing but I see a great deal of evidence it is. There’s a big difference between darkness getting darker and darkness coming to light, for example.

  7. Jim

    “While we may have a desire for peace, there are many others desiring other things. The deeper flows are fortunately much more powerful.”

    Well said. If the times (Yugas) weren’t changing in a positive direction, I doubt we would enjoy this opening of capabilities for peace, and the relative ease of achievement towards it.

    There is always going to be an opposing universal force, and that is to be expected. Much of that same energy though can be transmuted through Rajas (action) into Sattva (purity), at least creating a fabric of peace suffused through the apparent chaos.

    This simple change in the strategically globalized expression of Sattva guna makes all the difference in the global quality of life for all; a slight uptick in the direction of momentary peace, a fragment of acceptance at a time.

    1. Agreed, Jim. It’s fascinating to watch this unfold.

      Not so long ago, it was a very exceptional person that woke up. Even rarer to go very far with it. Now it just takes the right circumstances for the popcorn to pop. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Priya

    Hi Davidya
    Firstly, I love how you are constantly exploring and discovering, not fixing on something that was seen before. This is how things present for me as well.
    Could youi speak to the descent and the physical difficulties as the cells of the body are purified to allow full expression of life? I’ve been through a he’ll of a purification fire and now it’s clear the body is in healing mode but this is long and challenging. My humanity presents deeply.
    What has your experience been?
    With love, and namaste,

    1. Hi Priya
      The process itself has taught me not to hold on to any one perspective. ๐Ÿ™‚
      The purification happens in all the bodies but the physical is most dense and often requires the most work. Understanding the process and cooperating with it is very important as it reduces resistance and smooths the process. Having clear awareness to fall back into helps not getting caught in any dramas arising too.
      An effortless meditation is very useful to polish the edges and reduce contrast.
      For the physical body in particular, some basic understanding of Ayurveda is useful. If our physiology has excess fire, then fire will be both what is purifying and what is being purified. There are simple ways to balance the fire and smooth some of that.
      It may also be useful to understand the trends of time. We’ve been in a period that has been extra-challenging for some people. That should ease some by January but it depends a lot on your specific pattern. That’s where jyotish can be valuable.
      I’ve had occasional bumpier periods but know it’s temporary so just allow it to work through. The greater challenges here have been in work and outer things. Everyone’s process is a bit different.

  9. Priya

    Thanks for responding so quickly! The underlying condition that all is well despite surface difficulties is there as well as the practice to simply welcome the moment. I understand all is temporary and actually embrace this phase as it is clear that it’s needed, but sometimes the humanity pierces me deeply: “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” in those moments. Luckily I’ve also been practicing Ayurveda for about ten years and the purvakarma and panchkarma each year.

    But I’m curious as to your comment on the trends of time. I’ve tried hard but been unsuccessful in obtaining my time of birth – is there anything I can do still? I am deeply attuned to lunar energy and lunar cycles which works well at the moment.

    My sense is the path is moving extremely quickly and is very trying because there is just no break or pause.

    Does is just come back to the moment, what wants to move, integrating openings and not over exerting?

    What changes in January? It’s weird because my sense has been that too and that by March things could look very different…?

    1. Hi Priya
      It may be that something has not yet been seen that needs release, leading to a rough area. Or that the heart needs to open so it can take the weight of humanity without being overshadowed. (the infinite heart can carry all suffering)
      Ah wonderful. On birth time, certainly. I had an official birth time but it turned out to be way off. Firstly, your general characteristics typically point to an ascendant, bringing your time within a couple of hours. Then, major life events like births, deaths, marriage, etc. usually time to the change of the subdashas. There is a process called rectification that can be done. Not all jyotishis offer it because its a bit of a grunt job (although higher-end software can help). But you only need it once.
      Your attunement with lunar cycles can also help with the ascendant.
      But yes, the current period has been grueling for many. That may ease up soon, as mentioned. Yes, it does come back to settling. Until the next cycle of growth begins.
      Saturn has been with Ketu and Pluto for awhile. Saturn and Ketu are moving apart and Saturn changes signs in January, into one it rules. But before that, Saturn conjuncts Pluto one more time. And the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury all join Ketu for a short time too. Conjunctions of opposites, basically.
      This is in Sag, so it depends what area of life this is influencing for you and if you have birth planets there. For a friend, it’s their ascendant and they’re having Saturn return too. So quite intense.
      I mainly just look at the larger trends so I know when certain kinds of major activities are more supported. There are some big ones in play now, so I’ve been paying more attention. After the sabbatical started, for example I looked at trends to see when it might end.
      I plan to post an article on another alternative in a few days. This one gave me my rising sign and birth time from a thumb print. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Priya

    I think you are right about the heart. The indivisible heart is there but I sense more needs to break open to match the deep awakening in truth. It seems to oscillate so I suspect more is coming.

    I have sun in Taurus and v strongly suspect Libra ascendant. At birth I had Uranus in Sag and currently I believe Uranus is in Taurus? At birth I also had Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio… which is the current season? I don’t know if I’m interpreting things correctly though… Do you offer jyotish? Or I could wait for your future post?

    1. Yes, the intuition suggested the heart.
      I’m referring to the sidereal zodiac. It matchs the actual sky whereas western astrology uses the tropical which was fixed some 2,000 years ago and no longer reflects actuality.
      Uranus is currently retrograde in Aries. Pluto is in late Sag, Saturn is also until January. Then it will be in Cap.
      I’ve studied a bit of jyotish but certainly don’t offer anything. I link to a few professionals on the Recommended tab.

      1. Priya

        I understand. I guess it’s coming back to letting life live and really welcoming that moment. I suspect as the heart continues to break open things will change.

        Thanks re the jyotish info. I’ve been looking at your recommended tab as you suggested. I’ll also look out for your new post re the thumb print!!

        Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Yes, it’s all about surrender. Using a chart isn’t for better control, it’s for getting more in tune with the flows of life. Trusting more deeply, we can let go more…
          The Nadi leaf post is written – it just has to be recorded. I’m planning to post it next.
          Good luck with the heart. There are some astonishingly magnificent qualities that arise when it opens.

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