Messages of Passion

Messages of Passion

In the move to quiet the mind and release ourselves from the grip of emotion, there is the tendency for spirituality to turn off our passion. To see it as somehow unspiritual. This can be a step to come out from under our drama, but should we stay aside, disconnected from our raison d’etra?

As passion arises from the same energy as our attachments and drama, it’s easy to see why there might be a tendency to repress it. 2nd chakra energy is the root of addictions, dependencies and attachments. (the grip is 3rd)  But pushing it down can lead to pleasure avoidance, a fear of sexuality, emotional numbness, boredom and depression. It also shuts down passion, the full expression of our purpose.

When 2nd chakra energy is balanced, we find our passion enlivened, a comfort with change, emotional intelligence, and sexual satisfaction. Clearly, this has a lot to do with being comfortable with our humanity. Like 1st chakra is about grounding, 2nd brings spiritual maturity. The expression of spirit and our soul’s gifts in our life.

From that perspective, it’s no surprise to hear messages of passion using words we might associate with our sexuality. In researching the background of Fierce Light, I ran into a couple of web sites around the coming film Redvolution.

Redvolution comes from a young woman named Sera Beak who is briefly seen in a couple of guises in Fierce Light. She describes herself as a Harvard-trained scholar of world religions and a spiritual cowgirl. Her message is all about passion. Being Red.

For example, some excerpts from her blog post on “New Year’s Redsolutions

To do something each week that makes absolutely no sense, but reawakens every one of my senses

To laugh as much as possible at impossibility

To claim ecstasy as my birthright

To dance the way a star explodes, a baby yawns, an angel groans, a wave crashes, a Universe fucks, a Sera moves

To spread eagle my convictions

To claim my wants, needs, desires, shadows, issues, quirks, fears, freckles as Holy

To give without abandoning myself

To allow abundance to attack my life

To have a tawdry, passionate, intensely authentic threesome with Me, My Self, and I

On her web site, Sera asks about Sustenance:

What turns you on creatively? What makes you feel your inner red, even if it looks/feels/tastes purple or blue or gold rainbow glitter mauve? It’s time to create your self anew. Show your wack. Wave your freak flag. Bless us with your honest beauty and ugly glory. We’re not here for fakes. We’re here for the real you. So, let ‘er rip. Wide open. Wider still. Because if you never let your self fly free, messy and raw and real, you’re withholding sustenance for the universe. Yes, sustenance. You. Believe it or not, the universe gets off on you. No matter what you’re doing or not doing.  If you’re holding tight, not being you, keeping your self stiff and contained and proper and “normal” (which by the way does not mean “natural”), the universe is sucking on dry air and preservatives and other toxic blehs and will reflect that right back to you. The universe can’t run on empty. So wouldn’t you rather give the gods and goddesses a juicy fortifying show they won’t forget? A show so bold and true and nourishingly yum that the universe can’t help but give your life a standing ovation? Then share your inner bounty in the ways that feel appropriate for you and watch the abundance come right back atcha. Acknowledge your worth, your gifts (even if they don’t look like stereotypical “gifts”), your piece in the divine whole and get creative. Dance, sing, write, paint, swear, rip, slice, snap, type, draw your self together.

One of the people they’ve interviewed for the film is Jennifer Posada. Jennifer describes herself as an oracle and sound healer. Here are a few excerpts from some “Oracle Messages“.

We may think we are not ready to claim power.  We fear that we will misuse it and reap the results of that. But we will never know if we are ready until we try.  Then we will discover we may even have been ready for some time.  We will find that our hearts were pure long before the last of the clearing campaign launched and got us scouring corners and cracks in the floors.

We stand at the edge of a passing world, asked to leap into what looks like a sea of possibilities, but which is actually a new world long ago arranged from a dream in the depths of the universe’s heart.  It is a perfect pearl, born of the irritation of ages.

I have seen much of the future, from a long time ago, and I can tell you it is incredibly beautiful.  But we can only claim the beauty of this new dream, if we have first found its roots in our very Soul.

Remember that now is the time for deciding. Deciding who you are, and who you want to be. Deciding what you want to become, and what you want the new world…your new world…to look like. Remember to decide by your own heart and its sacred desires and wisdom. If you try to decide for others or the world at large, you will dilute the power of your own divine knowingness, but if you trust your ability to create a new inner world for yourself, it will benefit all.

Passion is a choice. Do you allow it to flower or do you remain unattached in the desert? What value is an awakening if you don’t bring it into the world?

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