Fierce Light, the film

Fierce Light, the film

This evening I saw Fierce Light, the second in a trilogy by Canadian filmmaker Velcrow Ripper. The film is about spiritual activism, subtitled “When Spirit Meets Action“. Fierce light is what Gandhi called soul force and Martin Luther King called love in action.

It touches on the movement of political activists into spirituality and on quiet spirituality into activism. Several stories are told and documented in person by Ripper. Some history is shared and a number of secondary stories are touched on, such as Thich Nhat Hanh’s return to Vietnam – also documented by Ripper.

“When your process is one that’s founded on compassion and openheartedness and community and sustainability and unity, free from racism and sexism—all those things that are part of a society that many people are trying to work towards—you’re already living the change. So if you don’t succeed in a particular goal, if in your process you are living those truths, you’ve already won.”

But it is equally important, he says, that spirituality not become “overly transcendent”, that it be balanced by a concern for the outside world.

This is the passion I just touched on, without excuse.

The first of the trilogy was Ripper’s film Scared Sacred, about spirituality found even in the worlds hell holes, the “ground zeros”. Now on DVD.

The coming third film is called Evolve Dissolve: Another World Is Here. It’s about “evolutionary communities” that are already living change. Interesting as I know a number of people who are working to build “spiritual community“.

He’s also working on a film called Redvolution. “it’s about becoming your own spiritual superhero…becoming your own spiritual authority, about discovering truth for yourself, and it’s about being a spiritual rebel in a way.” “…the New Age is middle-aged. We need something new.

Thanks to the Georgia Straight for the interview.

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  1. Davidya

    One of the unexpected people in the film was Sera Beak. She is the one behind Redvolution. She describes herself as a ‘Spiritual Cowgirl’ and has a book, ‘The Red Book’, “A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark.” She also describes herself as a “Harvard-trained scholar of comparative religion”, a little of which was in Fierce Light.

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  3. Carla

    I was privileged to view Fierce Light at the Festival of the Spirit in Camden, Maine last winter, and attend a workshop with Velcrow the next day. It’s a life changing film, and I am glad you are referencing it in your passion talk. It needs wide screening, in public, with people gathered together. Passion works harder in a Circle.

  4. Davidya

    Hi Carla
    Thanks for the feedback. This area is a hotbed of activism. It would be great for a lot of activists to see it. Equally, it would be great for a lot of the quietly spiritual to. A local author describes Cascadia as a place with the most spiritually independent people in the world. A lot smaller circles relative to the number active.

    I agree – passion is about relationship. With another person, with art, with nature, and with community. We are not solo beings but rather fine wholeness in togetherness.

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